Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren talking with Ankita and says I miss you. Ankita wakes up from sleep and says he needs me. Naren says I miss you and sleeps. Kal toh beeta re…suni chaukat pe aaj baitha re…plays…Ankita comes to their room and cries while sitting outside the door. Naren is sitting inside and cries. Shekhar asks Sunanda not to worry as it is open and shut case and you will win. Ankita serves breakfast. Sunanda asks her not to do anything as she is only Naren’s wife but they refused to accept her as their bahu. Naren comes and says good morning. Ankita tells Naren that she made Lauki ki sabzi for him. Naren tells Attu that he is not mad to eat Lauki ki sabzi in breakfast. Shekhar asks Ankita to stay there. Sunanda says, we can’t discuss infront of her. Shekhar says, she should know about the case.

Shekhar asks Ankita to give her phone as he wants to talk to Mansi. He says, I will cross examined her. I want to prepare her mentally. He calls Mansi. Mansi picks the call. Shekhar says, you might have felt bad but I can’t delay it. I am sure Raunaq is innocent and I have to prove him innocent. He has been victimised of your tricks. Shashank takes the phone and puts it on loud speaker. Shekhar says, your reputation will be spoiled and Raunaq will be freed. You prepare yourself as you will come to know why girls feel uncomfortable in rape case. He tells Ankita that your sister is mislead. Raunaq can’t do that.

Court hearing starts, Shekhar says, I want to do a demonstration in the court. Judge gives him permission. He asks Mansi to come to the witness box. He says, you believed that you was raped on the sangeet day. He asks her to say what happened that night. Mansi tells that she got message from Ankita’s call and tells everything. He asks the authority to switch off the lights. Some men comes. He asks Mansi to come out of the witness box. He asks Mansi to identify the rapist in darkness. Mansi says no no….Mansi gets scared and identifies the wrong guy as Raunaq. Light is switched on..Shekhar tells her that Raunaq is standing there in the witness box. Raunaq smiles. Evil Sunanda smiles victoriously.

Shekhar says, Mansi didn’t identify the accused on that night. Mamta says, he is trying to divert the case. Shekhar asks Mansi, do you have eye number. Mansi says, yes but it was very low. Shekhar says, her eyes are weak too. He says, I will proof now that Raunaq was in the hotel room. He shows the CCTV footage of the hotel where Raunaq went with Kinnari for their honeymoon. He says, Raunaq didn’t go out in the night. Shekhar asks, why she didn’t complain immediately if my client raped her. He says, it is her conspiracy. He asks the judge to grant Raunaq’s bail. Naren tells Ankita that he was right. Judge grants bail of Raunaq and says final hearing will be after 2 days. Mansi cries.

Mansi says, we don’t have any proofs. They proved us wrong. What we will do now. Ankita says we will win the case. Shekhar comes and asks, how you will win the case? I proved everything in court. Prepare you sister mentally to lose the case. He says, your ordinary lawyer can’t stand infront of me and you can’t afford a good lawyer like me. He asks her to accept the defeat.

Sunanda tells the servants to prepare food of Raunaq’s choice. Raunaq comes with Shirish and Naren. Sunanda says, I will do her aarti. She asks Ankita to do the aarti being his vahini. Ram stands shamelessly. She says, it is your responsibility to do the aarti. Ankita looks on shocked.


Ankita wishes Happy Birthday to Raunaq. He says thank you. Naren tells his family that Ankita accepted that Raunaq is innocent. She is not bad.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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