Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Misti and Sulochana comes to the Kanjikar’s house where Manju opens the door and welcome Purvi. Purvi is sitting at her bed room and Ruchi comes to say to change her clothes.Purvi crying while watching toys at her bed room. Suddenly, she hears some baby voice and she sees one little baby is crying on her bed. She tries to keep her quiet by showing her toys, but at the moment she vanishes. Purvi realises that it was her dream and she starts crying again.
Arjun and Onir are sitting at the nursing home where Arjun is consulting with Onir regarding Ovi’s health. Onir says that some more tests should be done and she will be fine after that.Onir says that the baby is responding positively, but facing some problem due to heat. One sister comes to call Dr Onir while he forgets to bring his cell phone with him. Misti calls Onir, but the mobile phone was left on the table. Arjun tries to call Dr Onir, but he does not able to listen Arjun’s voice. Arjun sees it’s Misti’s phone call and he picks it up. Misti starts saying her story without verifying if the call is picked up by Onir or not. She says that she is so worried as Onir is not answering her call for a while. Misthi wants to know the condition of the health of the baby – if she still has the problems etc. Arjun can not talk anything for a moment, after that he says that it is him. Arjun assures Puurvi that the baby is perfectly okay and they are taking care of her. Purvi wants to be informed about the kid from Dr Onir time to time.
At Kanjikar house, Punni and Mr Mittal comes to the house for the first time after marriage. Majusha serves them Kandi Poha with tea. Ruchi tells as they have not informed beforehand, they have done very less for them. Manjusha tells that as he is “Jamaibabu” of the house and has come for the first time, he deserves more better of this.Mittal informs that he is on diet now, so he can’t take any fried items. Sulo asks Vinod to remove table, so Vinod leaves the dinning room. Ruchi also leaves to serve tea to Sulo. Mr Mittal gives the gift of gold necklace to Manju which he has brought exclusively for her. Punni says that is nothing but a small gift. Manju hestitates and then after gladly receives it. Manjusha does not actually want to take it, but after all she does not want to hurt her son in law. Mr Mittal instruct Punni not to make faces and go inside to take signature on paper from Sulo.
Punni enters in bedroom where Manjusha went to keep that valuable gift in the locker. She says to Punni that she is so lucky to get a son in law like Mr Mittal who is so caring about his mother in law. It’s very rare to find a son-in-law like him.Now a days, sons do not take care of their own mothers. Punni asks if Sulo is tired or not as she has just come from Pune today itself. Manjusha gets angry as she has to do lot of household activity. Doctor has not given permission to do anything for Purvi. Punni gets surprise why Purvi does not leave for Kolkata with Onir. manju tells that Sulo is busy with Purvi only. Punni empathises with her mom. Manju tells that only Ruchi helps her a lot, otherwise she is treated as “made” at her own house.
Punni tells Mr Mittal that she can’t get signature as Sulo is busy with Purvi. Mr Mittal gets angry on her as she can’t do anything rightly. Punni tells that Purvi has come here with Sulo only and Dr Onir still stays at Pune nursing home. Mr Mittal surprises why he is still there though his wife has come here. He tells Punni that he needs to do an urgent call and rings Dr Kundan to discuss about Dr Onir. Mr Mittal tells him that Onir must have got some evidences so that he has stayed back over there. Dr Kundan says that already all evidences are cleared up by Mr Mittal, then it is not possible. However, he wants to go there to check if everything is okay or not. Mr Mittal gets afraid and says him not to go as it may disclose his entire racket if Dr Onit recognises him.
At Nursing home, Onir says that all report are perfectly okay for Ovi and she can now go home. Ovi surprises by seeing Purvi’s behavior as she is so much curious about the kid. Arjun tells that it is not easy for her to forget everything so quickly.Ovi tells that baby’s features (like ears, lips, eyes etc) are so much similar with Arjun. Onir says that she must be so lucky as she resembles her father more. Dr Onir sees suddenly Dr Kundan Gupta at the corridor and starts following him. Dr Gupta managed to hide from him somehow.
Dr Gupta goes to one of the other doctor and asks for Dr Oni Dutta’s past activity for the last few days and after that he asks for the CCTV footage for the past three days. Dr Gupta sees that Dr Onir is doing something with the new born babies. He suspected something.

Precap: Vinod finds a file naming BT Builders on it at his house and surprises.

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