Pavitra Rishta 25th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 25th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren keeping their ancient family necklace in the box and recalls Ankita’s harsh words. He gets sad and keeps the necklace in the cupboard. Arjun thanks Ovi for coming with him. Ovi says it is a small gesture. Ovi sees Purvi and says it is a lovely weather, how can anyone work? She signs him to see Purvi. Arjun sees Purvi and tells Ovi, shall we skip the party. Ovi says,it is not possible but I guess party will not start early and thinks to go late. Purvi tells them that Rishabh kapoor is coming to the party for an hour and asks them to reach on time. Ovi says, we will reach on time and they leaves. Purvi is sad.

Sunanda asks the servants to get the flower arrangements done. She asks Shirish that guests will come and says, you should welcome them,

it is your responsibility. She goes to check on Rushaali. Arjun is driving car fast. Ovi asks him to drive slow. Arjun says no, Purvi is alone at the party. Ovi says I know but slow down. Arjun says she is alone and I can’t trust Chadda. Ovi says, there must be many guests there. Arjun says I can’t trust anyone. Ovi asks him, why don’t you tell her when you love her immensely. Arjun says, I can’t let her know. After sometime, Arjun gets pain in his head and starts sweating. Ovi asks, what is happening? Arjun says headache. Ovi offers to drive but Arjun says I will drive. Ovi insists, Arjun says, Purvi is alone there, try to understand. Ovi asks him to stop the car. She says we will go to the doctor now.

Rushaali comes to Naren’s room and calls Ankita and Naren. She wonders where they went. She checks the suit and says, he didn’t get ready until now. She thinks, he went with Ankita or alone. She wonders what to tell to Sunanda tai.

Shirish greets the guest. Some gifts comes from girl’s side. Sunanda tells Shirish that they are doing all the rituals. And asks him to greet them well. She asks, where is Rushaali? She goes to check on her. Ankita comes, Rushaali asks her about Naren. Ankita says, he might be here. I will see. Rushaali asks, what happened? did he talked to you anything. She asks, did you said anything to him. Ankita tells everything and cries. Rushaali is taken aback and asks, you are Ahana for him and you said him that. Ahana means a lot to him. Ankita says sorry. Sunanda asks, where is Naren? Is he ready or not? Rushaali says he is getting ready. Sunanda scolds Ankita and asks her to wear clothes according to their standards.

Sunanda scolds them. Rushaali asks Ankita to search for Naren and says I want Naren before the girl’s parents come. She says I will send Shirish too. While it is raining, Ankita searches for him and shows his photograph to the passerby…….sunraha haina tu…….kyun roorahi hun main…….plays.

Ankita sees someone lying on the road and the passerby talks about him to be a mad person who was crying miserably. Ankita sees his face and take a sigh of relief. Naren is sitting somewhere, fully drenced in rain water. He says, I won’t show my face to anyone if Ahana don’t want to see me. One man asks him to go away. One lady gives him a cover. naren thinks this lady is good. Someone gives him vada pav.

Shirish tells Rushaali that I am in constant touch with the commissioner and he send a search team and I also send Raunaq and hopes to get Naren before the engagement party. Kinnari and Nadkarnis come with the gifts for Naren. Shirish and Rushaali get tensed. Rushaali says, we shall inform tai that Naren went somewhere. Shirish says, she will kill us. Sunanda asks them to welcome the daughter in law. Shirish says yes. Rushaali tells Sunanda that we have to cancel the engagement. Sunanda asks, what are you saying? Are you in your senses? Guests have come. Rushaali breaks the ice and says Naren run away from home.

Sunanda asks, what do you mean? Do you understand what you are saying? Rushaali says he is unexpected, he was in his room but…..Sunanda says, you both were busy but where was that nurse? Didn’t she know where he went? Kinnari’s mom asks Sunanda to start with the engagement. Sunanda tells Shirish that I gave my tongue to Nadkarnis and I won’t tolerate if my self respect is hurt. She says I accepts that you and your sons have contributed to the success of the company but the bottomline is this business is because of my money. I control this business even now and this house is also in my name. She says I name everything on Naren but if he doesn’t turn up and don’t do this engagement then. I am absolutely clearing myself. She asks Rushaali to get Naren anyhow. Rushaali and Shirish are shocked.

Ankita comes to Naren. Naren hides his face and says I won’t show you my face. If you see my face then you will cry. I don’t want that. I will go very far from here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. sunanda should come out of the series because she is spoiling naren and ankita love story

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