Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita helping Pari shopping sarees for today’s pooja function. Ankita gets a call from Naren who asks where is she. She says she came with Pari for her shopping. Naren asks her to buy saree for her also. He SMSes her to send saree pic. She SMSes back that she cannot send the pic. He SMSes that he will come there. She SMSes not to come and she will send saree pic. Ankita asks Pari to take her pic with saree to send it to Naren. Naren checks saree pic and SMSes back colour is not good, but saree is good, to try different colour. Ankita asks Pari to take her pic with another saree. Naren checks the pics and finds Pari in the background. He SMSes that Pari is looking in the background but her face is covered, her figure and height is good, she will make a good pair with Shekhar. Ankita SMSes to concentrate on his work and stop thinking about her friend. He SMSes she is jealous of Pari. Ankita SMSes back that she is not jealous of anyone as she has a best husband, Naren.

Archana and Pia are making snacks. Archana asks Teju to clean the house. Teju says Neena is cleaning house today. Just then, they hear Neena shouting. Teju goes and checks. Neena is shouting looking at a lizard. Teju says it is Pushti’s toy. She then praises Neena for cleaning house so well. Neena says Pari is her niece, so she is also excited about her marriage. Gaurav sees Neena working and thinks if she is also thinking about settling in India. He asks Neena why is she working. Neena says if Pari gets married, her 10% share will come in their kitty. Gaurav says he does not understand her plans and goes from there.

Pari looks at a blue saree and remembers Aman/Naren giving her gift. She tries the dress and asks how is she looking. Naren says she is looking beautiful and says it is also his favourite clour from now and asks her to take blue dresses henceforth. Naren calls Ankita and asks her to come at Maha laxmi temple. She says she will come. She asks Pari to come to Maha laxmi temple as she can meet Naren. Pari says she does not believe in good. Ankita says even she used to not believe in god, now she believes. Shne insists Pari to come there and goes.

Soham disguises as a Rajasthani and comes to alcohol shop. Damodar also comes there. Soham gets tensed seeing him. Damodar gets friendly with him and they both start drinking.

Naren comes to temple and tries to buy prasad, but is confused what prasad to buy. He sees a lady carrying prasad and asks her what is he carrying. She says about the prasad and its preference. Naren asks shopkeeper to give him the same prasad. Ankita comes in her car there and asks Naren where is he. He says he is buying prasad, goes and meets her. Ankita asks to wait for some time before entering the temple as Pari is also coming. Naren says we wil go and pray, let Pari come and join us. They both go inside the temple. Pari comes in her car and gets into the temple. She stands beside Ankita and Naren to pray. Naren gets a call and goes from there. Pandit applies sindhoor on Pari instead of Ankita. Ankita says it was her sindhoor. Pandit says it is okay. Ankita asks Pari not to wipe sindhoor from her face.

Shekhar calls Pari and asks where is she. She says she is in temple as she is starting a new life. Shekhar asks if she is happy. Pari says she is happy. Naren speaks to Sunanda and tells her not to worry as he knows the clients and will make a deal with them. Pari hears his voice and identifies him as Aman. Aman goes away from there. Pari searches Aman, but does not find him. She then goes back and stands beside Ankita. Naren also comes back and stands beside Ankita.

Precap: Pari scolds Ankita for taking a decision of her marriage without informing her and says she does not want to marry.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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