Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th April 2013 Written Update

Arjun and Pari are in the park.Arjun picks up Pari from the strawler .The little doll is playing with her daddy’s face .A young boy who is cycling falls down and Arjun rushes to pick him up , it only takes about a few seconds to do this but when Arjun goes back to Pari’s strawler , he is shocked to see that his daughter is not there .. Arjun is in a bad shape .He is asking everyone if they have seen someone take Pari, he is checking all prams and little babies in the park. He calls his dad to tell him about Pari missing..

Arjun is in a police station. The inspector is asking him many questions related with Pari like what she was wearing etc etc … Arjun gets angry with the inspector for wasting time and asking such questions . Thankfully DK and Manav come to the police station. They calm down the inspector who is getting irritated with Arjun.Manav tells the inspector that he is baby’s grand dad and is ready to fully cooperate with the police in finding her .
Inspector asks him if there is any business rival or problems in his family that could have caused this but Manav says No .So it looks like Pari was kidnapped for a big ransom as she comes from a rich family . Manav says that he can understand Arjun’s pain as he too went through a similar situation when Soham was lost .

At the Deshmukh home , everyone is disturbed and crying . Sunny, Damodar, savita are at home .Sulochna comes with Ruchi . Ovi still does not know as she is oit .Teju and Ovi come back and Savita gives them the bad news about Pari getting kidnapped .For a second, Ovi looks shocked as shopping bags slip from her hand but then she collects herself and says that she hopes that her parents will find her …she goes i nthe room and starts crying there .
Savita and Sulochna can clearly see how Ovi is trying to hide her pain ..

The police wants a picture of Pari, Teju gives her a picture from an album. Arjun sees a picture of Purvi and Pari in the album .He wants Purvi to know about Pri as she is Pari’s mother .

Purvi is at her home with Onir .She is missing Pari and for some reason feeling disturbed as if something wrong has happened to her daughter . Onir says that it is only natural for her to feel this way as so much has been happening in their lives . Purvi wants Onir to call Arjun and asks about Pari . Onir calls Arjun . Arjun tells him about pri’s kidnapping . Onir tells Purvi that her daughter has gone missing .Purvi is so disturbed that she is about to fall down .

Purvi and Onir rush tothe Deshmukh house . Purvi is very very angry with Arjun for losing her daughter .She accuses him of being careless and not taking care of a little child .She tells him to find her pari at any cost as she cannot live without her .
The whole family is watching this and Ovi too is watching this from her room and getting very angry . Onir tries to calm Purvi down .

Soham comes home with his first salary and gives it to Varsha .Varsha is very happy because this salary has come from a good honest job . Soham is worried about how Onir and Purvi are doing and if they have found a place for themselves ,he calls Onir . Onir tells Soham that Pari has been kidnapped . He puts the phone down as he is too disturbed to talk.

Soham is shocked , he gives this bad news Varsha who starts crying . Soham knows exactly who could be behind this crime , he tells varsha that Balan must have done this .Varsha agrees with him and tells him that Balan is a devil and can do anything to that poor little child . Soham tells Varsha that he is going to get Pari back and will not let anything happen to her ..

Soham was right . It was Balan who had kidnapped th child .Balan is in somesort of a warehouse with his goons and little Pari. Pari is crying a lot and every one is trying to make her stop crying .Balan picks up Pari , she stops crying but does pee on him
Balan tells Pri to stop crying as her Mama ( Uncle ) is going to come soon to get her .
A ver yangry Soham enters this place .He tells balan that he is disgusted to see that he has kidnapped Pri and wants to take her back to her home .balan says that he only kidnapped the baby so that Soham will come back to him. Soham refuses to do this so Balan threatens to kill the child . Soham wants to take Pari from Balan so Balan orders his goons to attack Soham .
Soham alone fights all 6 of them and beats the living day light out of them .
Balan throws little Pari in the air but Soham jumps and catches the baby midair . He tells Balan tha the wil lnot spare him for doing this to his niece and he has not come alone but has told Police also and they will be coming here soon.
The police enters the warehouse and arrests balan . Soham also has been very hurt in this fight and is bleeding but he holds on to Pari who looks very calm despite of all that is happening around her .

Soham bring Pari to the Deshmukh house . Everyone is shocked . Purvi kisses the child and she is very happy and keeps saying that Pari should never be away from her now …and that she is Pari’s Aie . Ovi is happy that Pari is back but not happy to see Purvi so close to the child .

Precap : Soham is telling his family that Pari was kidnapped by Balan .A very angry Manav grabs Soham’s collar .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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