Pavitra Rishta 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren giving his wedding invitation card to him and asks her to attend meeting in his absence. Ankita says she cannot go as she has other important work. Naren asks her to inform other colleague to attend the meeting and says it will be difficult for gun to work without her. He further says she must be going on a long leave soon. Ankita asks how does he know. Naren says with her symptoms, anybody can guess that she is pregnant.

Pari remembers Naren taking care of Ankita and gets disturbed. Neena asks why is she looking upset. Pari says there is nothing like that. Neena insists saying she is like her mother. Pari says Ankita has shifted in Naren’s cabin and she does not like that, it looks like Ankita is trying to be near Naren. Neena says it is obcious as Ankita had married him for 6 months and Ankita would try to encash money from him. She says it is chawl dwellers cheap mentality, etc. Teju hears her conversation and says in her words then Manav, Archana and their family have also cheap mentality as they live in a chawl. She asks Neena not to brainwash Pari with her hate talks and to keep away from her. Neena angrily goes from there. Teju asks Pari not to think negative, else she won’t be able to live with Naren.

Shashank comes home and goes for a bath. Mansi takes his phone and notes down numbers in a diary while he bathes.

Soham gets money after a day’s hard work and thinks of buying gift for his son. His friend sees money in his hand and demands to clear his debt. Soham gets angry on him and asks him not to force him to become Raghav lala again. His friends runs from there. Soham then sees Naren there enquiring about an address and hugs him calling damadji. Naren pushes him, says he does not know who he is and goes from there. Soham thinks he has changed.

Ankita and Shashank reach a hospital for a checkup. Nurse asks Ankita’s child’s father’s name. Shashank says his name. Nurse gives them a form to fill. Ankita asks why did he give his name. Shashank says nobody will know who child’s father is as she is away from her city. Mansi reaches hospital in a cab.

Archana asks Manav if he got any information about Soham. Manav says no. Archana says we have to find him as she wants Pari’s chudi rasm/premarriage ritual to be done by Soham. Neena says Sachin is also Pari’s uncle, so he should do it. She signals Sachin to come to their room. Once he goes in, she starts brainwashing him and says since childhood Pari called him as mama and he took care of Archana and Manav all these years, she cannot see him getting second=hand care by Archana and Manav.

Pari informs Naren that Shashank is Ankita’s child’s father and Ankita is ruining her sister’s life. She asks Naren to convince Ankita to abort the child.

Sachin asks Manav and Archana when will they divide the property, for which they came from India. Manav gets angry on him for asking property share, Archana tries to console him. Manav angrily goes out. Archana asks Sachin to wait till Soham comes back. Sachin says when will he come back and says he always got a second priority, but now he has a family and has to look after them also. He says even today she was thinking about Soham for Pari’s chudi rasam. Archana says she thinks both children as same and it was her mistake. Sachin asks her to execute the will first and goes from there. Manav hears their conversation standing near the door.

Mansi comes to the hospital and says nurse that she wants to register her sister’s name and says her name is Ankita from Mumbai. Nurse says she is already registered and her husband’s name is Shashank. Mansi says her doubt was right, they both came here for the same.

Ankita comes home and asks Mansi why didn’t she sleep till now. Mansi asks her to stop her fake concern and slaps her asking if she got only her husband in whole world.

Precap: Ankita says she helped her when nobody helped her after her rape and says her child is Ranakh’s and not Shashank’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. update fast pls.

  2. Getting worst day by day where is the story line goi. Yaar please end up this concept

  3. Plzz tell dat pari to remove her nose out of others bussiness…….i hate dat pari(arrogant freak)

  4. I can’t understand how Purvi’s daughter can be so ugly in all the sense of the word!

  5. Please end this drama.Let Ankita be happy with Naren. It’s like the repeat of Purvi and her Sister whom hated each other for years with without knowledge of the truth.

  6. These ppl confuse Keith witglh thr drama

  7. Phirse vahi bath.pari ko remove kardo yar.she is a b*t*h
    Pls naren ko yad dilado vo ankitaka saath thi
    Sunanda tai ko vapas lay aav.vo hi ek hey ankita ka life teeq karsakte hey
    Phirsre ovi,purvi tarah story repeat mat karna.aise math karna jaise arjun ko un dono ka beech may divide ki thi.naren aisa math karna

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