Pavitra Rishta 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with servant asking Ankita breakfast menu to Naren. Ankita informs him about the menu. Naren comes down, sees Ankita and asks her about her parents and where is she from. Door bell rings and Ankita opens the door. Pari comes. Naren sees Pari/Ahana and they both emotionally come towards each other. Tum ho paas mere…. song plays in the background. Naren kisses Ahana’s forhead and then hugs her emotionally crying. Ankita silently watches them from a corner. Naren says Ahana that he missed her and thanks her for coming back in his life. Naren then introduces Pari as his Ahana to Ankita and says she came back to him. He introduces Ankita as his caretaker and asks her to call Rushali. Ankita goes. Naren apologizes Ahana for his mistakes and asks her what will she eat. Ahana says she is not hungry. Naren insists and asks Ankita to order 2 pizzas. Ankita goes. Rushali comes down and thanks Ankita for bringing Ahana. She says it is temporary until Naren remembers her.
Naren introduces Ahana to Rushali. Rushali says she is really lovely. Ankita orders pizza and coke. Naren and Ahana enjoy pizza and coke. Naren says he does not feel that 2 years have passed and feels they were in London yesterday and today they are here. He says he loves her very much. Ahana says world is very wierd, within 1 day everything changes, the whole life. She says there are some things which have not changed. Naren says our love has not changed. Ahana says a lot has changed and she wants to talk about it. She says she wants to move forward in life. Naren says we will of course move forward together. He feeds pizza to Ahana and then Ahana feeds her. Naren suprisingly asks Ankita how does she know about his taste. Rushali says she is his caretaker and knows everything.

Soham’s boss start following him thinking where does he go daily. Soham meets his kids and gives them chocolates. Boss thinks these must be Soham’s kids and he must be married. He thinks these kids will help him in controlling Soham.

Rushali thinks Pari is perfect for Naren, not Ankita. Naren drops coke on his T-shirt in excitement and goes to change. Rushali thanks Ahana seeing Naren happy and goes from there. Ahana/Pari asks Ankita she does not know how she is managing seeing her husband with another woman. Ankita says once Naren gets well, everything will be fine. Pari asks Ankita if she is thinking that she wants Naren back, then she is thinking wrong. Ankita says she is thinking wrong.

Prashanth and Shashank come there and say Ankita that they came to meet Naren. Ankita says Naren is fine and has gone out, will let them meet Naren once he comes back. Naren comes down and asks Ahana to come up to his room. Prashanth and Shashank see Naren and thinks why did Ankita tell lie to them. Ankita sits in a corner and cries.

Shashank comes home and sees Mansi resting. He asks her how is she. Mansi says she is fine. Shashank asks if she spoke to Ankita. Mansi says Ankita did not pick her call from 2-3 days. Shashank says he and Prashanth went to Ankita’s home to meet Naren and she lied. He tells her the incident happened. Mansi says Ankita does not lie, something must be wrong.
Naren comes down for breakfast after getting ready. He asks about their company’s progress and asks about their last product launch. Rushali says it is 1-1/2 years. Naren gets surprised and says he will go to office and will look at the company’s progress. Rushali asks him not to go to office, she will call his staff home. Naren agrees and asks her to call them there. Rsuahli scolds Sirish for encouraging Naren to work and says she does not want things go wrong this time.

Precap: Pari informs Shekhar that Naren wants to marry her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh its becoming really boring.Just waiting when Shaleen Malhotra will make his entry.

    1. is shaleen malhotra really coming into this show? @usha

    2. Yes he is making his entry as Dharmesh son

  2. Usha I agree with you 100% but seems like same crap will continue. How crap is Ankita acting cant she just also say she is pregnant bakwaas

  3. Usha and Padma pinto it doesnt matter who enter or who is out when the show is full of shit will always be full of crap and track which do not make sence to me it still look rubbish

  4. is shaleen malhotra really entering in the show?

  5. Its time for ankta to leave naren coz naren actually loves pari n ankita knew dis frm d very beginning n now she wants naren wat d hell. D ending sud b d naren gettin married to pari n throw ankita out of deir lovely life. How ankita can act like dus now wen evrythings fine now .she is pregnant coz c didnt maintain d limits coz c knew d fact dat dis love was temporary. Hindi serials akways hv to win by d lead heroine.

  6. Yeh shaleen manhotra kon hai…

  7. sab bakwaas grandmother[Archna] and and grand doughter[Ankita] are really playing dirty game with Pari by telling her to go to Narren why not Ankita to just say I was married to you[Narren] and I am pregnant instead to streatch the show with more crap twist and turn so irritating

  8. Shaleen malhotra is the one n only Arjun from serial Arjuna on starplus

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