Pavitra Rishta 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Archana coming to Mansi’s house with Pari’s wedding invitation card. Shashank’s mom sees Pari and Naren’s name in it and says she did right by marrying Pari to Naren as Ankita is a v very selfish girl, she acted as loving my son, but then when she saw Naren’s wealth, she became greedy and married him instead and let her sister marry Shashank. She says it is good that Mansi married Shashank as she is a very good girl.

Manav sadly remembers Archana crying remembering Soham. Sulochana comes from mandir and gives him prasad. He says he is worried about Archana as she is very sad remembering Soham. He says he tried his best to search Soham, but is not successful. Teju comes and asks him not to worry, she and whole family will search Soham. Sulochana says Teju is right, Soham cannot be away from us. Teju says we will get Pari’s marriage lavishly and find Soham also. Neena hears their whole conversation from behind.

Ankita and her friend are having lunch. Her friend says she has brought spicy food. Ankita says she is not in mood to have spicy food. Her friend asks her why is she keeping ill these days and asks her to have a check up by doctor.

Neena informs Sachin that his parents are still worried about Soham instead of thinking about Pari’s marriage. She says once Soham comes, they will forget Sachin.

Ankita informs Shashank that she does not want Naren to know about her pregnancy and wants to leave this town as he suggested. Shashank agrees. He comes to Mansi and says he is going out on some work. Ankita also says she is going out on Naren’s work. Shashank informs Prashanth to take care of Mansi until he comes back. He agrees.

Soham requests his boss to give him advance money as he has his son’s birthday. Boss says he cannot give him money as he has already taken a lot of advance and suggests him to work on a construction site to earn money.

Mansi remembers Shashank and Ankita talking together and starts crying. Shashank’s mother sees her crying and asks her why is she crying. She says she knows she is not her mother, but as an elder, she can help solve her issue. Mansi asks if we expect something from elders and if they don’t get it what should they do. Shashank’s mother suggests her to speak to that person directly and ask answers to her question and not to doubt without speaking as it will break the relationship. Mansi says she is right, she will try her best. Mom suggests her to allow the opponent to justify his/her answer. Mansi nods yes.

Shashank calls someone and says he has already registered the name and will come tomorrow and finish the rest of formalities. He turns and sees Mansi standing who says she will pack him food for tomorrow’s travel. Shashank says there will be hotels every 100-200 km, so he will have food at hotel. She says she feels good having serving him. Shashank says ok. Mansi asks him if he is hiding something from him. He says he is not hiding anything. Mansi insists to speak if he has any secret. Shashank says why is she insisting so much, they have been married and understand each other. Mansi says she thought all these days that she used to Shashank well, but she is wrong.

Pari and family are busy with marriage preparations. Marathi song plays and Pari asks why Marathi song is played. Ovi says the importance of this song. Pari gets Mansi’s call who asks her to meet her downstairs. Once she goes downstairs, Mansi informs her that Shashank and Ankita are going out separately, but she feels they are going together. Pari asks her to stay out of this and bad mouths about Ankita. Mansi thinks Ankita betrayed her.

Precap: Sachin asks his parents to finish the property division formalities, for which they came here from Canada.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I hate how mansi is behaving

    1. No one should hate Mansi. Pari is the one whom create mischief. Now is the time for Naren to know the truth about Ankita being pregnant for him.

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