Pavitra Rishta 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita and family coming back home after the engagement party. Soham asks, you all came. He gets surprised looking at Ankita’s outfit and jewellery. He asks them to stop and brings the thali. He does the aarti and tilak and sings Jai Lakshmi mata. Ankita and her siblings are shocked. He breaks the coconut and welcomes them. He gets happy. Driver comes and asks him, where to keep the shagun stuff. Soham gets happy looking at the shagun. He opens the boxes and finds jewellery and chocolates. He gets even more happier and thinks he has become rich. Ankita is crying and recalling about Naren mental health and Rushaali words that her son is mad. She tries to remove the engagement ring.

Prashant says to Mansi, that Tai seems to be unhappy and tensed. Mansi says she is happy and every girl go through it. She thinks of us only and that’s why she is tensed. Prashant says that their home will be lonely. Mansi says she will tell Jiju to send Ankita to their house. Prashant says he loves her a lot. Naren calls Ankita and says I am upset with you.You didn’t have food and left. He says this time your mistaken is forgiven. He asks her to make bottlegourd dish and bring for him. Ankita hesitanly says yes. Naren says he will talk to her later. Ankita cries.

Tina wakes up Arjun and says you have a important meeting today. Arjun says his head is paining today also. Tina asks him to get the check up done. Arjun says it is a headache and he will be fine. Tina insists, Arjun obliges and asks her to make tea. He sees Tina making tea and recalls Purvi saying that you must be having someone preparing tea for you at home. Tina gives tea and asks him to get ready soon to go to office. Arjun leaves for office.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s home. Servant says he went outside. Purvi asks him to call Ovi. He asks her to sit inside. He tells the lady servant about Purvi coming and asking for Ovi. She says ok, I will talk to her. Purvi says I want to meet Ovi madam, this house owner. Tina comes and asks for juice. Purvi asks, she is Arjun’s daughter. Servant says Arjun loves her as his daughter and he asked her to call her Dad but she is my grand daughter Tina. Purvi is shocked. Purvi says she wants to meet Arjun’s wife. Servant says she didn’t see his wife since she came here. Arjun lives alone here. She says Arjun’s wife is in Canada. Servant asks about her. Purvi says she knows Arjun and his wife. Servant offers her tea. Servant says he is good man but lonely. Nobody comes here to visit him. Purvi tells her name. Tina recognises her and says she picked her call. Servant says Arjun used to talk about her. Purvi is shocked.

Purvi comes out of the house and looks sad. She cries recalling the past happenings while the song benaam rishta ho… darmiyaan..plays in the background. She cries as she walks on the road. She comes to the park, someone asks her, whether she needs anything. Purvi replies nothing. She looks at the parents and kid playing in the garden. She thinks Arjun was not the way I thought to be. My one misunderstanding ruined everything. My life, my love and my daughter’s right. I kept my daughter away from her dad. She didn’t get his love because I misunderstood him. May be Ovi’s daughter is his but he is lonely since then. He didn’t give my place to anyone. But why he kept quiet all along. Why he didn’t come back to us. And where is Ovi and her daughter. She says, her aayi is right. She thinks to talk to Arjun once. She recalls Archana’s words.

Precap: Purvi tells Arjun that you took away the hatred with which I am living. Arjun says what else I could do. When I tried talking to talking to you, you gave the call to Manav baba. When I came to meet you, you didn’t meet me because you have believed that I betrayed you. You loves me naa, then where it went when you saw me with a girl and thought I betrayed you.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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