Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Onir is bringing some groceries when he hears all the Chawl people gossiping about him .These guys are very angry that despite of doing the shameful act of baby swaping , he is still living in their area and their kids are not safe with him around them . A couple of guys confront Onir directly and tell him that they know about his crime and he should leave their chawl .Onir tries to defend himself but they push him hard and he falls down

Ovi is trying to sleep but is unable to . The sound of Pari’s crying keeps haunting her .She gets up and sees the little gold anklets that Manav had gifted to Pari saying that daughters are a blessing to their families .Ovi says to herself that Pari is not a blessing but a curse to this family and then she throws away the anklets ..
Her mobile is ringing . Ovi checks the caller ID, it is Romil …

When Onir comes home ,Purvi is shocked to see that his hand is wonded ( because he was pushed so hard ) . After hearing about how the neighbours are treating Onir , Purvi feels very guilty that Onir is facing so much humiliation because of her ..At one time Onir was treated with so much respect but he lost all that because of her . Onir tells herthat she should not blame herself .Purvi suggests that they should go back to Kolkota .Onir says that people are very angry with him in Kolkota and they even threw stones at their home so right now it wil lnto be the right thing to do if they go back to Kolkota .
Purvi then says that they should leave this house and go somewhere else as Varsha and Soham too are struggling in their lives .Onir agrees with her .
Purvi says to Onir that she wil lalways be with him and even if it means to sleep on the street , she is ready to do so ..She hugs him and Onir feels much better .

Soham is not happy with their decision of leaving home but Varsha tells Soham to let Purvi and Onir go and start a new life for themselves .Varsha can understand that they are going away because they do not wish to face humiliation . Varsha tells Onir , Purvi and Soham that Onir and Purvi are reminding her of Manav and Archana . There was a time when Manav and Archana were thrown out by their families but they faced all the problems together and never left each other . Varsha prays that Onir and Purvi also always stay together and support each other .

Manav talks to Ovi about Pari and Arjun .He tells her that she has to try and forgive Arjun for Pari’s sake .Ovi does not agree with Manav at all .She tells her dad that she wants to start a new life . When Manav says that as a mother she should act in a responsible way, Ovi says that Purvi is Pari’s mother and she can go and live in Arjun’s home for all she cares . Ovi is ver ysure about starting a new life and does not even wish to take permission from DK and Arjun about starting modelling again . Sh says that Arjun took so many decisions without consulting her or his dad so wh yshould she be taking permissions ..She says to Manav that if Manav does not agree with her then she will live elsewhere .Manav says that she need not go anywhere .
Manav is sad by the thought that today Ovi hates Pari so much .

Ovi goes to the Kirloskar mansion .She hears Pari’s crying and rishes to the room .She tells the servant off for leaving the baby on her own and tries to calm the baby down . Meanwhile Arjun comes in the house and is informed that Ovi is here and she is with Pari .Arjun is so relieved and goes i nthe room .
Ovi who was trying to calm down the baby, has had a change of heart .She was holding the baby and the baby smiles at her .Suddenly all Ovi can remember is how she saw Arjun and Purvi together at the restaurant .
Arjun comes i nthe room and thanks Ovi for coming back but Ovi tells him that she is starting her modelling career again and is in his home to pick up some documents and not for Pari . Arjun objects that Pari is so young and Ovi should let her get a little older then she can do what she wants .Ovi tells Arjun that he is being selfish if he expects Ovi to wait till Pari gets a little older .She says that Arjun just wants a nanny for his daughter nad that is wh yhe is stopping Ovi .
She calls Pari , illegitimate child of Arjun and Purvi and tells him to either employ a nany for Pari or bring Purvi i nhsi home .Arjun screams at Ovi in anger but Ovi is still adamant about leaving , she sarcastially says that she was wrong , what is illegitimate in Arjun’s life is his marriage and Pari is the memeory of the mahaan love he shares with Purvi …

Precap : Varsha is talking to Sulochna about Purvi .She is trying to explain to Sulochna how Purvi sacrificed her happiness for her sister and moved away fro mher family for Ovi’s sake .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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