Pavitra Rishta 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts at the engagement party. Some journalist takes the photo using flash. Naren gets restless. Rushaali asks them to stay away from flash photography. Prashant feels happy for Ankita. Pandit asks Rushaali to get the couple ready for ring ceremony. Rushaali takes them. Mansi helps Ankita to get ready. Sonu praises her beauty. Rushaali asks Ankita, are you ready. Ankita says yes. She asks her to come and takes her to the party hall. Naren looks at her and smiles. Shirish and Rushaali gives the ring to the Naren and Ankita. Naren keeps the ring on her finger and then Ankita puts the ring on Naren’s finger. Rushaali asks the photographers not to use the flash. Raunaq signs the waiter to switch off the light. He asks the photographers to click some pictures using flash.

Everyone wonders why the light went suddenly. Shirish says he will get it check. Naren gets hyper as the photographers taking his pictures using the flash light. Rushaali asks someone to call the doctor. Arjun calls the doctor. Ankita is shocked to see his real side. Rushaali tells that ahana is here and Naren hugs her. Arjun asks the doctor to come fast. Shirish asks the journalist to get out. Naren tells her that thank God she is here. Doctor comes and says gives the sedatives. He tells Rushaali that he is mentally ill and I asked you to stay him from the party flash light. He asks, you said me that you found the treatment? Rushaali says she will explain. Ankita is even more shocked.

Rushaali comes to Ankita and says she didn’t have any option as she hides the truth. She asks her to ask question to her. She says she didn’t have courage to tell the truth. What I might say that my son is mad and marry him. She tells everything and says he was extremely brilliant before. She praises him and says he got many awards. Life was bright for him but six months back he went to UK. When he came back he wasn’t well. We don’t know what happened to him there. Doctor’s told us that Naren loves someone by the name Ahana. We don’t know about her. We just know that she had an accident and it had an impact on Naren. Doctor asks us to get Naren involved with some other girl. I searched for many girls. When he called you Ahana, I took a breath. you came as a hope that’s why I talked about your marriage with naren. She says she is a mother and how she could see him in this condition. she says she wants him to get fine. She says sorry and asks her to decide. She says your decision will not affect us and I will help you to secure your siblings future. Ankita says she wants to go home.

Prashant, Mansi, Sonu and Pranav are sitting in the other room, Ankita comes there and asks them to come home. Rushaali tells them that she kept the gifts for them in the car. Mansi asks about Naren. rushaali says he is tired and tells Ankita that she will be waiting for her answer. Ankita is on the way to home and gets sad looking at the ring.

Archana calls Purvi and asks about her. Purvi says she is fine and couldn’t call her after coming back from party. Archana asks about Pia. Purvi says they didn’t come to the party. She says I got those papers with me. She says, last year they added Ovi’s name on the property papers and thinking to give her tomorrow. Purvi says, Ovi did bad with me but we can’t take back her rights. she says I will go tomorrow to Arjun’s house and will give paper to Ovi. Archana says she disowned Ovi as Manav also disowned her. But she agrees with Purvi. Purvi says she will come back later. They disconnects the call.

Arjun asks the servants, why the light went off suddenly. They stays quiet. Arjun says I will call the police. One of the servant spills the beans that he did it on Raunaq’s saying. rushaali slaps Raunaq and says Naren is your brother. She says servant told us everything. Raunaq says you trust on the servant. Arjun says that he has the capability to mess with anyone and tells about his doings with Ankita and purvi. Shirish and Rushaali are shocked. Arjun says he is sorry but he couldn’t help it. He says we would have happened if the media gets to know that our boss is mad. Raunaq asks Rushaali to throw him out and asks Arjun to stay out of it. Shirish says, you did wrong. Raunaq says you can’t hide it long. Rushaali says Naren is her priority and threaten her to stay away. Arjun tells Rushaali that you should have told Naren’s truth to Ankita else I would have tell her already.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s house and asks about Tina. Servant replies she is her grand daughter and Arjun asked her to call him Dad. Purvi asks about Arjun’s wife. Servant replies he lives alone here. Purvi asks about his wife. Servant says she is in Canada. Purvi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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