Pavitra Rishta 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita asking Rushali why did not she inform Naren that she is his wife. Rushali asks if she should tell him that he married a girl wh married him for money. Ankita says she married him for money, but they both love each other now. Rushali says Naren’s brain is so sensitive, he will be mad again it is pressurized. Ankita says she does not want Naren to become mad again and will wait for the day when he will remember everything and come back to her.

Naren gets flashback about Ahana/Pari and then remembers Rushali telling him that Ahana is Arjun Kirloskar’s daughter and is living in Manav’s house now. Naren thinks of meeting Ahana. Pari thinks she will leave her past and move forward. She gets a door knock and opens the door. She finds Naren standing outside.

She opens the door and looks at Naren. They have an eye lock. Naren gets emotional. Pari calls him Aman. Naren hugs her. Tum Ho Pass Mere Saath Mere plays…………………..They recall their past moments. Naren tells her that he won’t let her go. And says he will get married to her. It was just imagination. Naren tells Pari that he won’t let her go and is coming near her, but Pari closes the door and asks him to leave. Pia watches them. Naren asks her to let him talk. Some neighbours gather outside and asks him what he is doing. Naren asks Pari to open the door. She doesn’t open the door. Naren leaves.

Pia asks Pari, why you didn’t talk to him. Pari says, what will happen if we talk. I have decided to throw him out of my life. It was a misunderstanding and now it is our destiny. We are not meant for each other. Pia says, you should have listen to me once. Pari says, He is Ankita’s husband, my friends’ husband. I can’t cheat her. She deserve her husband’s love which I will make sure that she gets. Naren comes back home and cries miserably. Rushaali takes him to his room. Ankita cries and looks at Naren.

Rushaali makes him sit on the bed. Naren asks, what wrong I have done. Ahana is not talking to me. Ankita is listening to them. Rushaali asks him to calm down. Ankita cries. Rushaali assures Naren that she will make everything fine. She asks him not to go without informing her. She says, Ahana is yours and will be yours only. Naren says, I just love her and if I don’t get her then….I will……….Rushaali says, I will think how to bring Ahana. Ankita cries hearing their conversation..

Sad music plays. Rushaali tells Ankita not to disturb Naren. She asks her to bring Ahana here if she wants Naren to get well. Ankita is shocked. She emotionally blackmails her to get Ahana in Naren’s life. She asks her to prove her love for Naren. She says, Naren’s betterment is Ahana and he will be happy. He will lead a happy normal life, which you want to give him.

Naren is sitting in the dark. Rushaali comes and asks are you missing Ahana. Naren nods. Rushaali assures him that Ahana will be back in his life. She says, I have full faith on your love. No girl can keep herself away from true love. Ankita recalls Naren’s words that she is not his wife and can’t sleep with him. She thinks, I have to bring Pari in Naren’s house, but what if she stays permanently in Naren’s life. She thinks what to do.

Mansi gets vomiting. Shashank’s mom thinks she might have eaten something. She prepares salt and sugar water and asks her to drink it. Mansi drinks it. Shashank’s mom says, it is like a medicine. Mansi says, it is good.

Naren gets hyper and says I want to tell Ahana that……..Doctor comes and gives him injection. Rushaali asks Ankita to be away from Naren and holds her responsible for Naren’s condition. Ankita promises that she will bring Pari and nothing can happen to Naren.

Naren tells Ankita that Ahana can’t be away from him for so long as they love each other. He says, I believe when two people are in love then they tend to fight too.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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