Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with..purvi asking onir abt the DNA test… he tells her it’l be between him n arjun n so nobody will get to knw the truth. but purvi says mittal is very cunning, he has seen onir exchanging the babies n will surely do something.. onir says yes true, we have to be cautious…

manju n punni talking n discussing the matter, manju concludes that pari must be purvi n onir’s child.. on the other side, arjun n ovi r confident that onir has not done anything wrong,arjun says mittal has invited trouble to himself by bringing the DNA matter.. manav also assures ovi, tells her he is proud that she is supportive of onir n not to heed to false accusations..

next day at the hospital, the samples are taken for DNA analysis.. ovi tells onir that once this case is done they will file a case against mittal on the organ trafficking issue.. onir says he will talk to sachin abt it..

punni is getting dressed at home, she opens d cupboard for some money, some files fall out n a medical report is shown in one of the files, but punni ignores it.

varsha comes to meet sulo, she says she has begun life afresh, gotten a job, she offers a box of sweets n asks for blessings, but sulo moves away n says she doesn’t entertain strangers n closes d door.. varsha leaves the box outside n goes.. sulo then opens the door n takes the sweets n keeps it in front of bappa’s idol. she then says she knows she is being very harsh on her daughter.
manju comes out of her room n sees sulo praying, she then says she saw varsha outside, and goes on talking ill abt her, says how she has spoilt their name, n now by coming to d chawl she has made their life difficult.. sulo gets annoyed, she tells manju to leave her alone, let varsha lead her life in peace and mind her own business..

manav n vandu at the hospital talking to archu, they tell her they missed her at the shivratri pooja.. vandu tells her, she has always shared everything with her, and tells her that her family life is great even ajith had come by!! she then places a flower near her pillo says she had gone to mandir.

at the court, evryone gathers outside the court, arjun enquires abt the reports, onir says the judge will disclose it, he also tells arjun being a doc he knows the importance of a DNA test n surely arjun will be declared pari’s father.. purvi keeps staring at the baby, ovi feels uneasy n moves away.. in court the DNA reports are presented to d judge.. he compares them and announces that pari’s DNA matches that of Arjun Kirloskar.. everybody is happy.. mittal is shocked,manju confused, punni not bothered!
judge goes on to sat that, this means that onir did not exchange the babies n that ovi did not give birth to a still born child.. court declares that onir is innocent n accusations false, also gives mittal a warning not to accuse a good person like onir.

mittal is furious at his lawyer, ovi comes up n tells him to be prepared for the case she will file against him.
purvi n onir talking, she says the prob is solved temporarily, mittal has seen him exchange the babies n that they are still at risk of being exposed. onir agrees n says mittal might dig deeper into the matter and find some other proof. purvi then tells onir that punni knows abt her past with arjun and might tell everything to mittal.

on the side,mittal and kundan discussing the issue, mittal says how is it possible, and that there must be some big secret behind this. he also says he just saw relief on onir’s face n not victory of winning the case.

at the chawl, varsha is standing in line for the water, sulo also comes there, varsha offers her place n tells sulo it’l be done quicker n that she needn’t stand in d line for a long time. sulo pulls her aside and tells varsha not to try to talk to her henceforth n walks away angrily. varsha thinks to herself that she will win her ayee’s heart even if it means that she has to face her anger for some time.

PRECAP: Punni is yelling at purvi, mittal has been taken away by the cops, punni tells purvi she should have kept her husband out of this, and all this is onir’s doing. purvi says she has no idea n that onir would have told her if he would take such a step.. manju interves n also scolds purvi..

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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