Pavitra Rishta 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir telling Kinsukh and Shalini, it hurt me a lot when doing this drama because I was hurting Purvi again and again. He continues his story how he purposely made Purvi feel that he doesn’t care about her mother at all. He then says, and when I went to airport to drop Kinsukh (so she can get Shalini to Mumbai), I saw Arjun there, and I continued acting. I wanted to make him feel that I am having an affair with someone. I knew he would go and tell everything to Purvi and that is why I kept an eye on him (and then he purposely went in front of Arjun’s car when Purvi was with Arjun). He contines, and when I reached home, Purvi was very angry at me.

Shalini says, and then I came into this plan and fell unconscious purposely in front of Purvi so she brings me home. Onir continues, and once you came here, we started to show her that we are having an affair. And that day in the market, I purposely hugged you and said loudly that you’re my wife so Purvi can hear it.

Onir is hugging Shalini and Purvi is hiding and watching them. Onir quietly tells Shalini, I have to hug you because Purvi is looking at us. Shalini says, what do you think she can hear us? Onir says, maybe, but I can’t see behind otherwise she might doubt.
Flashback ends.

Onir continues, and my final step was to confess that Shalini is my wife when we had an argument. She finally believed it then.

Shalini says, but because of me you had to hear so much from her family. I am ashamed that I had to do all this drama in front of Archanaji. Kinsukh says, it’s okay.. don’t forget whatever we did.. we did for Arjun and Purvi’s good. Onir says, I felt after finding out the truth, Purvi will go and telling everything to her family, but she didn’t.. so that is why I had to change my plan (and do drama in the party). Kinsukh says, but I don’t think you deserve to lose your respect in front of her family. Onir says, if I don’t become bad in front of her family, then they won’t hate me and Arjun and Purvi will never come together. Kinsukh asks, what if Arjun and Purvi still don’t come together despite you doing all this? We all know that Purvi still wants to live with you. Then why did you do this to Purvi? Onir says, I don’t know if Arjun and Purvi can come together. All I know is that Pari’s parents are Purvi and Arjun. They can come together for Pari at least. Purvi never loved me and I always felt that I am coming between them. So I decided to move away from her way. Kinsukh says, and what about Ovi? We don’t even know if she gave divorce to him. Onir says, she is my patient. I can understand her very well. Her and Arjun can never stay together. Ovi was broken same day when she found out Pari is Arjun-Purvi’s daughter. Purvi also sacrificed, but truth is no one is happy today. Purvi loved Arjun since beginning, so it’s better she hates me. I pray to God that Arjun and Purvi come together. He then thanks Shalini and Kinsukh for helping him in his plan. He requests them not to tell this to anyone else. Very emotional Onir (and seems like that could be his exit from the show.. hats off).

Teju and Soham are at Sulo’s house. She tells them, I liked that you two came here to live with me. Keep coming like this. She leaves. Teju and Soham then go to sleep. Soham tells Teju, I really like staying with my family. They then hear lauri and get up. Archu is singing lauri for Pari. Purvi is sitting beside Archu and watching her. In room, Soham says, aai must be singing this. Varsha mai used to tell me that Archu aai used to sing lauri like this when I wasn’t sleeping. I am feeling like a kid again. Teju says, I am listening this first time as well. They both sleep now listening to lauri.

Purvi tells Archu that she will take Pari to a different room, but Archu asks her to leave her there. She says, today we all three will sleep together for the first time. Purvi says, don’t know what would happen if you weren’t here. I can’t forget what Onir did. Archu says, you don’t need to think about Onir.. forget whatever happened and take care of yourself and Pari. She then says, I worry a lot for Ovi. She is alone in Canada.. I should be there with her, but I am not. I know she must be thinking about Arjun and all. Purvi says in her mind, I wish I could tell you that Ovi already sent divorce papers to Arjun. Right then Archu receives a call from Ovi.

Ovi says, I was missing you so thought to call you. Archu says, if you’re really missing me, then come here. Everyone is missing you. Ovi says in her mind, seems like Arjun didn’t tell you all about divorce and I don’t have guts to tell you. She then tells Archu, I have lots of work here so can’t come. Purvi says in her mind, seems like Ovi didn’t tell aai about divorce yet. Pari starts crying and Ovi hears it. Purvi takes Pari outside. Ovi asks what was that noise? Archu tells Ovi, I am sitting beside a window so some noise coming. She tells Ovi, you can call any time you wish and they hang.

After the call, Archu seems tensed. Purvi asks her what happened. Archu says, I felt like she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. She then apologizes Purvi for asking her to go on a side with Pari. She says, you know her, right? Purvi says, I understand and you don’t need to apologize. It’s good that you didn’t tell her that I am here. Purvi says in her mind, I am worrying a lot for you. Don’t know how you will react after finding about their divorce.

DK returns home and sees Arjun sleeping on a sofa. He asks him, why are you sleeping like this? Arjun says, I was waiting for you and fell asleep. Looking at Arjun’s tensed face, Dk asks him if everything is alright? He then sees divorce papers. Arjun says, Ovi sent them. I don’t know what to do. I have been trying to call her, but she is not answering. Dk sees Ovi’s signature and asks Arjun won’t you sign them? Arjun says, I won’t sign. I will go to Canada and talk to her. Dk says, you will go again? And what will happen by that? Arjun says, I don’t know.. she may come back and everything will be fine. Dk says, she might accept you and return, but she will never accept Pari. And relationships that are based on adjustments don’t last for too long. When she went to Canada last time, I felt she will send divorce papers and here we go. Arjun says, then you want me to sign divorce papers? DK says, no.. I wouldn’t give such advise, but I learned from your mother that relationships become stronger with acceptance, not with adjustments. Maybe Ovi realized that before you and that is why she left you and went to Canada. He gives him divorce papers and puts his hand on his head and leaves.

Episode ends on Arjun’s face.

No precap.. Onir is promoting DID Super Mum show.

Update Credit to: DesiTvBox

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