Pavitra Rishta 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 21st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Neena and Kinnari going to the kitchen and seeing unwashed utensils. Savita asks them to clean the plates and bring poori/food for her. Kinnari asks Neena to wash the plates, but Neena says she has hand sprain and asks Kinnari to wash plates and she will prepare pooris. Kinnari thinks what kind of lady she is who is asking her guest to wash plates.

Ankita and Naren start food with Manav’s family. Pushti says Archana prepared all the food today and she prepares tasty food. Naren says Ahana/Ankita prepares best food. Naren taste food and says double role Aaji/Archana has prepared tasty food just like her. Manav says it is all about the ubringing. Sunanda praises that food is authentic Maharastrian food. Pushti asks Naren to have more food. Damodar jokes with Naren that he has so many saali’s/sister-in-laws. Naren asks him how many he has. He says he doesn not have such a good fate. Savita gets angry hearing him. Archana asks about Pia and Archana. Teju says she will check and calls Pari who says she has reached the chawl. Teju says Archana that Pari has come and is parking the vehicle.

Pari and Shekhar park their car and enter the chawl. Savita says she needs 2 more pooris. Mansi says she will bring pooris and goes insides. Archana comes and asks her if her father came. Mansi says Shashank has gone to bring him, but she does not know when will he come and says her father is a drunkard. Archana asks her not to worry and to go and take care of Naren and Ankita. Shashank comes with inebriated and unconscious Soham. Archana sees that. Mansi says Archana it is the daily routine of Soham and they are fed up of this. Mansi says she will bring pooris and goes to kitchen. She sees Naren and asks what is he doing inside. Naren says he is searching for Soham. Mansi says he is drunk. Naren says he wants to have food with Soham and goes inside. Pari and Shekhar come, but Pari does not see Naren’s face. Pari goes to kitchen and gives pooris to beggar. Shekhar praises her that she has a big heart. Shekhar and Pari both go and meet Manav. Ankita asks Shekhar why is he here. He says Pari informed that she is here for dinner, so he came with Pari. Manav says Shekhar that he should have food first and takes him to the dinner pendal.

Naren tries to awaken Soham, but he is too inebriated to get up. Naren then removes his shoes and makes Soham smell it, but Soham does not get up and takes shoes as his pillow.

Shekhar likes the food and praises that it is very tasty. Pari thanks Manav for finding such a good lawyer for her and praises Ankita also. Ankita praises Pari and says it is her first independent project. Archana sees Prashant and asks him to bring Shashank for food.

Naren gets sad that Soham did not get up. Shashank asks him to leave him and go to dinner party. Naren takes his shoes and goes from there.

Sulochana and Savita see Shekhar and Pari talking. Sulochana says they make a good pair. Savita says even she is thinking of the same and says she will get Pari and Shekhar married. They both go and asks Pari and Shekhar to go inside and talk peacefully and drag Pari inside.

Sunanda says Manav and Archana that they are more cultural than she thought and praises them. She says Ankita is like her daughter. Archana asks Ankita not to worry about her siblings as she is there to take care of them now and asks her to take care of her husband and family.

Precap: Archana says Savita that Pari wants to go back to Canada. Savita says she will convince Pari to marry Shekhar and stay here.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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