Pavitra Rishta 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Prashant tries to reason with Ankita about her decision to marry someone else rather than Shashank. He says Shashank called him and said you have refused to marry him. Mansi asks, why you are sacrificing your love for me? Ankita says she is not sacrificing for her and she is marry the person she loves. He is her boss. Prashant asks, are you talking about Arjun sir but he is old. Ankita says she is talking about Shirish’s son Naren Karmakar. Mansi says she read about him and says he is handsome and any girl can fall for him. Ankita says she loves him and says Shashank is just her friend. She never had any feelings which she felt for Naren. Prashant says but you loved him. Ankita says no and says she likes him but don’t loves him. She says she wanted to talk to Shashank about Naren but she couldn’t. when she came to know about Mansi loving Shashank then she was relieved. She continues Shashank’s family doesn’t like her and she don’t want to mess with them. She says her life changed after she met Naren. Mansi and Prashant looks unconvinced. Ankita says she is feeling hungry. Mansi asks her to tell everything. Ankita says she just love him. One day he proposed me and asked me for marriage.

I told him that there is a huge difference in our status. He talked to his mom and she agreed. Prashant says he still couldn’t believe that she don’t love Shashank. She says, tomorrow is her engagement. Prashant asks, are you happy? Ankita nods in a yes. Mansi says, we are happy if you are happy. Soham overhears it and gets happy. He says my daughter have fallen for a rich guy. I knew one day you will make me proud. He says you will become a millionaire and shouts aloud. He says you make me happy and took my blessings. Soham tells her that he will not come in her function. You be happy with them, I drinks wine but I know your position and blesses her. Ankita looks at Shashank’s photo and cries silently in her room. Soham sees a dream to become rich and dances in rain happily. His neighbour’s thinks he has gone mad or drank too much.

At the engagement party, Journalist’s asks Shirish about his feelings for Naren’s engagement. He says he is happy. They asks, big tycoon marriage to a common girl. Shirish says Naren likes Ankita and they agreed to his choice. They says, it is rumoured that Naren is not mentally well. Shirish says Naren is a genius and tells them that Naren loves Ankita madly. He requests the journalist not to use the flash photography in the party as some people may have problem with it. Raunaq sees and smirks. He recalls Naren getting an attack and his urges to meet Ahana. Doctor asks them to keep him away from any kind of flash as they gets hyper. Raunaq thinks of a plan. Ankita and family gets ready to go to the party. Rushaali sends the car to pick up Ankita and family. Mansi tells her that Rushaali maam sent car to take us. Driver greets her and asks her to sit. Ankita is still sad, Prashant asks her to sit. Ankita obliges.

They come to the engagement party. Sonu and Pranav looks at the house and says it is big. Ankita asks them not to touch anything. Rushaali welcomes them and compliments Sonu. Ankita introduces her family to Rushaali. Rushaali compliments her. People starts gossipying and says she is pretty but looking poor. Rushaali asks her to sit and gives chocolates to Sonu and Pranav. Sonu says she don’t eat, Rushaali asks her to eat and says she is Ankita’s mother in law.

Shirish comes and tells Rushaali that the mahurat for the engagement have come. Bring Naren here. Rushaali comes to Naren and says you are looking handsome. Naren asks for Ahana. Rushaali says she came and asks him to come and see. Mansi tells her siblings he is Naren sir. They praises him. Mansi tells Ankita that she is very lucky. Naren looks at Ankita and signs hi. He says he didn’t recognise her as she wore saree. He greets the kids and Ankita greets him. Rushaali asks her to call him Naren. Arjun comes and congratulates them. He says sorry for being late as he is unwell. Rushaali says you should have taken rest. Arjun congratulates and thanks Ankita for agreeing to marriage after knowing everything, as Arjun is not aware that Rushaali hided about Naren’s illness to Ankita. Rushaali says lets start the engagement. Panditji do the tilak and showers flowers petal on them. He asks Rushaali to give the gifts to the bride. Ankita takes her blessings. Panditji asks for Ankita’s parents. Rushaali says her father couldn’t come and asks Prashant to do the ritual. Prashant gives the clothes and gifts to Naren. Naren gets restless as the flash light falls on his face. Shirish and Rushaali sees him and looks around.

Naren puts the ring in Ankita’s finger and Ankita makes him wear the ring. After exchanging the rings, Naren smiles as he flashes the engagement ring. Ankita smiles too.

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