Pavitra Rishta 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali meeting Ankita and telling that Naren is behaving normally and is he back. He asks her how did it happen, why did Naren react seeing fire on Pari’s marriage. Ankita says Naren reacted seeing Pari and she is Naren’s Ahana. She informs Rushali the recent incident. Rushali says Ahana is dead. Ankita says Ahana did not die in fire accident. Rushali says she searched Ahana everywhere. Ankita says she Ahana and not Pari. She informs that Pari is Manav’s granddaughter. Rushali says she will speak and inform Naren everything and then will call her home. Ankita says Naren is not recognizing her at all. Rushali says she will handle the situation and goes from there.

Shekhar calls Pari and says he can understand her situation and how her reaction was when she saw Naren suddenly in front of her. Pari says Naren is Ankita’s husband now and she does not want to break her marriage. Shekhar says he will wait for her until she gets back to normal.

Naren meets Sunanda and asks her why is she on wheelchair. Sirish says Sunanda’s arthritis problem has resurfaced again. He asks him to go and rest as he has come from hospital. Sunanda asks Sirish that she felt like Naren is back to normal like 2 years back. Rushali comes and says Naren has forgotten 2 years memory. Sundanda asks about Ankita. Rushali says she will come after finishing hospital formalities.

Rushali thinks now that Naren is back to normal and has forgotten Ankita, she will not let Ankita back in Naren’s life and let him marry Ahana/Pari.
Naren is working on his laptop. He opens a drawer and sees Ankita’s photo there. He calls Rushali and asks who is this. Rushali says she is Ankita. Ankita is on the other side praying god to make Naren remember her and her unborn child. Naren asks Rushali that he is fine now and does not need Ankita’s service now. Rushali says until he gets well, Ankita needs to take care of him and asks him to allow her take care of him for her sake. Naren then says he wants her to meet Ahana and says he does not know where is she now. Rushali says she knows where is Ahana and knows whose daughter she is. She then says Ahana is Arjun Kirloskar’s daughter and her real name is Pari.

Ankita comes home and asks Rushali about Naren. Rushali says she told Naren everything about her. Ankita asks if Naren recognizes her now. Rushali says yes. Ankita thanks Rushali and says she will meet Naren. Rushali asks Ankita to sign some hospital documents. Ankita signs them without reading and hurriedly runs towards Naren’s room.

Naren is busy working on his laptop. Ankita comes to his room. Naren says he wanted to call her and asks her sorry for behaving rudely, he thanks. Ankita says it was her duty. He asks her to bring juice and says mom told him everything. Ankita tries to touch his hair. He asks her not to touch him and asks her to bring juice for him. Ankita brings juice and sees him already slept. She remembers his words that he does not get sleep without her. She leans over him. Naren wakes up and asks her what is she doing. He asks is she hugging her. He asks her if he told her to hug him any time. She says yes. He says he does not remember what happened in 2 years and says is just a nurse and has not married him. He asks her to be in her limit and asks her to go from there. Ankita sadly goes from there remembering her days spent with Naren. She remembers Rushali lying her.

Ankita asks Rushali why did not she inform Naren that she is Naren’s husband. Rushali says she will speak to her in the morning. Ankita says she wants answer. Rushali says she will inform Naren, but he will be mad again and end up in hospital.

Precap: Naren comes to Pari’s house and hugs her.

Update Credit to: J Jasan

  1. very sad episode !! Rushali is a witch !!

  2. Update fst

  3. This is just not right. Y do couples keep gettn seperated. Is there no longer a thing such as a happy ending. Poor ankita 🙁

  4. In all your Serials and Episodes , women are suffering and crying only. They do not know how to respond the situations and find justice for them. Stpid Turns of stories..Unbelievable incidents. Only sentimental Indian Women can suffer such things. You make Indians fool and increasing your TRP.

    Navin Banker

  5. this is a f**king stupid soap it should be off air who does forget their wife or any close relative this is nonsense

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