Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with..soham at the jail… cop tells him, some1 has brot him tiffin.. soham thinks it is archu n runs out to see, but its varsha, soham tells her, how archu would bring food for him.. he also tells her that he never wanted to hurt archu. varsha says, she will see that he will get to live with his ‘asli’ maa soon.. varsha says, its her goal to unite the mother n son n needs his help. soham is very happy.. varsha says she has rented a house nearby n will come to meet him often. soham is happy that varsha is finally doing d right thing.

at the D house, savita questioning sunny, he tells her he has practically done all the chores n asks for more! savita leaves frustrated. sunny n damodar share a lighter moment, he tells sunny to meet teju,but sunny declines, says they are not allowed to meet, and once both the ladies agree they will be together happy.

purvi ironing a shirt n lost in thot, recalling what manju was saying on d phone to punni abt the new proof! she almost burns the shirt, onir comes there, she then tells him abt what she heard. onir says he destoyed the only proof that was there, but purvi says looks like mittal has something up his sleeve.. both are worried.
varsha is giving job interview.. the interviewee says she is very impressed with her CV. The lady says she will be glad to have her, n offers a high post. the lady then questions why she such a long break in her career. varsha tells her that she was jailed for kidnapping her sister’s child, she goes on to say she wants to start her life afresh n is being truthful abt her past. the officer then says she would have given her d job before hearing this. but varsha says she doesn’t want to lie anymore n wants to do everything sincerely. she walks out but buy then the lady gives the job impressed by her attitude n sincerity.!!

Punni comes to meet ovi, n tells her she wants to talk, but ovi doesnt want to listen. punni then says Onir has destroyed the CD which had proof against him, and it clearly means he is guilty of some foul play.. ovi is shocked..punni tells Ovi that Pari is not her child, Ovi is furious n asks Punni why she repeatedly says such lies! maybe because she always had probs with purvi n that is why she is trying such dirty tricks. but punni insists before she could go on, arjun enters n tells her to leave n points her towards the door. he tells ovi not to give a second thought to punni.

onir n purvi n in a ric heading towards the court, the ric stops abrubtly n both of them hold on for support n their hands touch! awkward! then onir asks why she is behaving differently, purvi deflects saying its just the tension regarding d case. she then thinks to herself abt onir tells his ‘dil ki baat’. some dirt enetrs onir’s eyes n purvi offers to blow it off.. onir n purvi look at each other!

at the court.. sachin, states in the court of law, that the CD that mittal claimed to have incriminating evidence was still not produced, n to close this case as there is nothing substantial.
but the opp lawyer says there is still some proof that can prove he is guilty n that is the DNA test.

sachin objects, that this is yet another cheap trick to elongate the case. but the judge says that they have to go ahead with the DNA test n after that they will have the final decision.
court is adjourned. ovi meets punni n tells its sad how once she failed to insult purvi that she got her husband along. she also says she has total trust on onir. and after this case is closed she will file a case against her husband mittal on the whole organ trafficking racket.

PRECAP: Onir tells purvi, the DNA tells will be between him n Arjun n the reports will show that pari is arjun;s child coz, truly she is, n tells purvi not ton worry.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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