Pavitra Rishta 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the sangeet function. Naren and Ankita walk down the stairs, everyone looks at them. Sunanda greets Naren. She asks Ankita, did you talk to your family? Ankita asks, about what? Sunanda says, so many guests are coming. I don’t want any drama to happen here. Ankita says, they are not going to come. Sunanda says, why you are lying. Naren welcomes Ankita’s family. Sunanda says, I have to tolerate you as Naren married you. Ankita goes to them and hugs Mansi. She asks, you didn’t want to come here. Naren says, I emotionally blackmail them to come. He asks, are you happy? Ankita smiles.

Teju tells Archana that we will finalised clothes and jewellery today. She says I booked a musical troupe for Arjun and Purvi’s sangeet. Manav comes to Archana and says Ovi is in Australia. Archana says we will go there. Manav says, I came to know that Ovi left from there. She left with her husband. Manav says, we shall call Arjun. Archana calls Arjun. Ovi gives the call to Arjun. Arjun picks the call, Manav says Ovi lives in Australia. But now came to know that Ovi is not there and Pia lives in Aukland. Arjun says, from where you got this news? Manav asks, did you talk to Pia. Arjun says, I didn’t talk with her as I am busy. Archana says, we will reach Ovi soon, don’t take any tension. You concentrate on your marriage. Purvi told us about the marriage date 12th. Arjun is shocked. Archana prays for their happiness. Manav says, we will reach there before 2 or 3 days. Archana asks him to take care of them both. Arjun tells Ovi that Manav and Archana are thinking that they are getting married on 12th. Ovi blames Arjun for the complicated situation. Arjun says, something is strange. Purvi and RK’s marriage, Purvi is definitely hiding something. I needs to find out.

Kinnari is talking on phone and says my sangeet function is very lavish but I am getting bored. Raunaq looks at her. Kinnari says, I am dressed like a doll. She tells her friend that her husband is a loser. Soham enters the function hall. Sunanda tells the manager not to serve any drinks to Soham. Soham asks for a international drink from a waiter. Naren comes and greets him. He asks the waiter to serve him water. Rushaali asks Raunaq and Kinnari to sit for sometime. Raunaq thanks her. Kinnari says I can’t sit. Naren comes and calls her chuchundari. Kinnari says, its Kinnari. Naren asks Raunaq to stand as well. Naren looks at Kinnari and asks, are you okay now? Raunaq smiles.

Purvi sees Arjun…sad music plays..She asks, what are you doing here? Arjun says, what did you say to aayi and baba about our marriage. I didn’t know. Purvi says, I am getting married to RK on 12th. Arjun says, why they think that you are getting married to me. Why you are hiding the truth with them. He asks her to reply. Purvi asks him to tell her parents. She says, I am getting married and moving on. Do you have any problem. I will make my family understand it. RK comes and stands beside Purvi. RK says, what a pleasant surprise. Arjun says, I came to ask some questions to Purvi. RK says, I don’t want to be rude. You don’t want any right to ask her anything. Purvi is committed to me now. She is thinking about her present and future and that’s me. Arjun says, I am sorry. RK says, I hope you got all the answers. Arjun says, it doesn’t matter and thanks him. RK says, he is very interesting. RK asks Purvi to forget Arjun.

Naren gives a gift to Kinnari. Kinnari asks, what is in the box? Naren says, it is a little gift for my little sister. Kinnari thinks he is a nice man. Naren says, it is only for my little sister. Kinnari thanks him. Naren requests her not to trouble Ankita. Raunaq says, mad man. Manager takes the drink which Soham was about to drink. Soham thinks to do something. He looks at the champagne at the table. Ankita requests him not to drink alcohol today. She says, after you are drunk you don’t know what happens. She asks him not to drink for Naren.

Naren and Ankita dancing on the rang gulabi song. Mansi tells everyone that she is going to expose someone..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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