Pavitra Rishta 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kinnari leaving Vaishnavi at the park. Vaishnavi tries to stop her but in vain. She starts crying saying mummy where are you? Some stranger comes to her and asks what happened? Vaishnavi tells her that aunty left her in the park. The man takes her to have icecream and assures to drop her home. He says your family will come and take you. He gets icecream for her and calls Ramesh to come to the park.

Kinnari comes to her mom and asks what are you doing? Her mom says she is having massage relaxer at the cheapest rate. Kinnari asks, what you will do by saving money. Her mom asks her to tell whether she was successful at her work. Kinnari says, she left Kinnari at the park and brought other kids home. Her mom says, didn’t they ask you about Vaishnavi. Kinnari says no. She says, Naren met me but didn’t ask anything. Kinnari says, Vaishnavi will get lost in the big city like Mumbai. Manav come and asks who is lost? Sonu tells him that Vaishnavi was lost in the garden. Kinnari’s mom asks Manav to search for Vaishnavi. Manav asks, which garden? Kinnari says public garden.

The goon asks Vaishnavi to have one more icecream. Vaishnavi refuses. The goon tells her that he will drop her home. Ramesh comes and threatens her to come with them silently else they will take her forcibly. The goon asks Ramesh to handle her patiently and goes to talk to her. He takes her in his lap and leaves.

Manav and Shashank come to the garden. Manav enquires with the watchman about Vaishnavi. Watchman says, kids left long ago. Manav tells Shashank that we will go to the police station. Watchman asks him not to go to the Police station and asks the description of girl. Manav gives the description. Watchman says, that girl was sitting there having icecream, but when I returned after having pan she was not there. Manav gets worried and asks him to work sincerely.

Mansi shouts at kids for being careless. Teju says they are kids and scolds Kinnari for being careless and leaving her there. Kinnari says, she didn’t think of Vaishnavi and forgot about her. Teju says, it is your responsibility when you took her there. Kinnari’s mom says, Manav ji will get her. Mansi and Teju get worried about her. Teju says, she is new in the city and don’t know anything about our address. Teju gets Manav’s call. She informs Mansi that Manav went to the Police station. Kinnari says it was my fault.

Naren comes home and takes Ashi in his arms. Ashi asks her will you leave me alone, Dada. Naren asks, why you are asking this. Teju says because you brought kids home leaving Vaishnavi.

Kinari’s mom gets scared thinking Manav will get her arrested. Kinnari gets scared too. Her mom says, they won’t do anything with you as you are Karmarkar’s bahu. Kinnari asks her to think something. Kinnari thinks please bappa help me. Kinnari’s mom is leaving silently. Teju wakes up and asks where are you going? Kinnari’s mom tells her that she is going to Nagpur. Teju says, you can go in the morning. Kinnari’s mom lies to her saying Kinnari’s dad is not well and asks her to forgive Kinnari. Teju asks, is Kinnari’s dad really ill or you are lying. She doubts her.

Naren comes to the place where Vaishnavi is being held captive. The goons ask what you wants? Naren says, I came to take kids. He asks them to show the kids. They agree to sell the kids. Naren looks at the kids and asks about the handicapped kids. The goons bring Vaishnavi with other kids. Vaishnavi recognizes him and calls him uncle. The goons start fighting with Naren. Naren beats them. Police comes and arrests the goons. Manav and Shashank come there. Naren saves Vaishnavi. Manav asks them to come.

Ankita sees Vaishnavi and gets worried for her. She says she was scared. Vaishnavi tells her that Naren uncle saved her. MAnav tells her that Naren saved Vaishnavi and puts his life in danger for that. Ankita thanks Naren. Naren says, he did wrong with her and if he does something for her then he feels good and leaves. Vaishnavi asks Ankita to take her to Ranvijay. Naren stops and hears them. He feels guilty. He hopes Ranvijay gets well soon.

Ankita checks Ashi and says she is having high fever. Rushaali says she called the Doctor but. Ankita takes her and says she will take her to the hospital. Rushaali asks her to stop. Ankita says, nobody can stop me from taking her to the hospital.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Excuse me but I have disconnected from pavitra rishta….but When i watched friday’s episode… I saw a little girl named Vaishnavi….Ravijay ki bethi ! But i don’t understand because there was an other girl who was ravijay ‘s daughter too,older and named vaishnavi too

  2. Excuse me but I have disconnected from pavitra rishta….but When i watched friday’s episode… I saw a little girl named Vaishnavi….Ravijay ki bethi ! But i don’t understand because there was an other girl who was ravijay ‘s daughter too,older and named vaishnavi too. Im SO CONFUSED !! Help me understand please….

    1. I agree this is shit they should have left her as the big daughter its just shit that they make a change like this thinking viewers stupid

  3. yeah the girl has changed

  4. again she has changed what do they think we are idiots or something shitnessss 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. !!! So Im not crazy They changed the girl……!! For a seconde i was thinking that ravijay has 2 daughters!
    blo*dy serial…

  6. Thanks doston

  7. no vaishnavi was changed into sumone smaller cause the other gurl was 2 big so don’t be confuse ranvijay only have 1 daughter ok naina202

  8. Pls when is pavitra.rishta ending.

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