Pavitra Rishta 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts in the hospital. Dk’s treatment is going on and Arjun is very worried. Manav and Archu come there. Manav tries to calm him down saying Dk will be fine very soon. Arjun says, it’s my punishment because I treated Ovi very bad.

Soham is leaving for the hospital. Gauri comes to give injection to Archu. Manav’s dad tells her, Archu is not at home, she went to hospital. Gauri asks which hospital, maybe I can help. Manav’s dad says, Soham is going there.. you also go with him. Soham tries to rush, but in end he has to take Gauri with him.

They arrive and Gauri asks about Dk’s condition. Doctor says, next 24 hours will be very crucial and we will have to see how he responses to our treatment. We also have to decide whether to do bypass or no. Arjun is worried. On a side, Soham asks Archu what doctor said as he didn’t understand. Archu explains to him. Purvi arrives now.

She asks Archu and Manav to go and eat something as it’s time for Archu’s medicine as well. They leave.

Arjun is standing. Purvi goes to him and asks him to sit down. Arjun asks Purvi to go home as it’s too late and Pari will be alone as well. Purvi says, don’t worry about me. There is Sulo aaji with Pari. She says, since I came, I noticed you haven’t sat down. She asks him to sit. Arjun sits and says, I want to take dad home as soon as possible. Purvi puts her hand on his head and says, he will be fine very soon.

After a while, Arjun wakes up and doesn’t find Purvi there. He searches for her and sees Purvi is sitting beside Dk and taking care of him. Nurse comes in and asks her to go and sit outside.

Purvi asks Arjun, didn’t you sleep? Arjun thanks Purvi for taking care of Dk. Purvi says, I felt someone should be beside him, so I sat there. Why thank in that? Arjun cries and Purvi tries to calm him down. Arjun says, I never saw dad in this condition. This is all because of him. Purvi holds his hand and says, don’t blame yourself. Arjun says, my dad is everything for me. There is no one else in my life. I don’t want to lose him. First my mum, then you.. I don’t want to lose my dad. Manav and Archu come and see Purvi sitting close to Arjun and taking care of him.

Manav and Archu sit elsewhere. Manav tells Archu, I always took Arjun like my own son, like Sachin, but after what he did to Ovi, I am not able to take care of him during this time. His mother gave me his responsibility, I am not sure if I did my responsibility that well. Archu says, you took very good care of him. We just have to support him now.

Dk regains consciousness. Doctor tells everyone that they can meet Dk now, but make sure not to give him any stress or shock. Purvi stays outside, Manav, Archu, and Arjun go in. Dk says, I am alright. Arjun says, you have to get up and handle the work. I can’t manage everything myself. Dk says to Manav, I think Arjun wants to cry. Tears are in his eyes, but he is not letting them come out. Manav says, we all need you, after Archana, you have supported me the most. If things were not well with you, then why didn’t you tell us? Dk says, so many things were going with Arjun Ovi. Dk blames himself for all this that he didn’t manage everything properly. Archu says, it’s not your fault. Arjun takes blame on him now. Archu asks him to rest and they go out.

Purvi asks Archu, how’s Dk now. Archu says, doctor said he needs rest. Arjun gets a call from office staff. Arjun talks furiously. Purvi takes the phone and guides him calmly. After the call, Arjun thanks Purvi. Archu asks Arjun to eat something. He gets another call from the office about some meeting. Arjun wants to stay with Dk. Manav tells him, I will see if that meeting can be postponed. Purvi interrupts and says, can I go for that meeting? I know those people very well and I have done many meetings with them before. Manav likes that idea. Purvi says, but am I authorized to attend the meeting? Manav calls the lawyer to get papers ready. Arjun again thanks Purvi. Purvi leaves for the office. Archu then quietly thanks Manav.

Precap: Gauri is with Archu and Soham. Soham cannot open medicine bottle. He uses Gauri’s dupatta and opens it. Gauri is annoyed. Archu notices all this.

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