Pavitra Rishta 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shashank’s aayi asking Mansi to get ready for the puja as the panditji will come soon. Mansi says ok. Teju compliments Mansi. Baby starts crying. Shashank’s aayi tells them that baby doesn’t want her mom to work. She asks Mansi to call Shashank. Mansi calls Shashank. Shashank says, he can’t come as he went to cover some important coverage and will be back at 10 pm. Shashank’s aayi asks him to come soon. Mansi says, he can’t and asks Shashank to have food. They will start the puja. Mansi tells his Aayi that she doesn’t want to force him as he is working so hard for them. Shashank aayi smiles. Manav comes and says Mansi is a dutiful wife and her husband is very lucky. He tells that a woman is behind every successful man and says you will be behind Shashank’s success. She asks about Neena and Sachin. Manav asks her not to worry and take care of her baby. Puja gets completed. Manav prays for his children’s happiness.

Manav tells Naren that he doesn’t expect this from Sachin. Archana loved him more than her own children. Naren asks him not to think much and says sometimes we can’t figure out how to react in such circumstances. Manav asks, is he hiding something? Naren says nothing. Manav says, I know you and Pari are having some differences and says everything will be fine soon. He tells that they was separated for long then got back together and leading a good life. He says, I have seen our story in Pari and your story. We too have lost our first child and asks them to be each other’s strength. Naren says he will try.

Manav thinks Ankita sacrificed for Naren and he can’t see her sacrifice go in vain. He gets an attack. Naren and Teju takes him to the hospital. Doctor informs them that he is fine now. He takes Naren to talk to him. Doctor tells him that he wants to do some test on Manav as he suspects heart problem. He asks Naren to keep Manav away from stress. Naren says ok and thanks him. Teju asks Manav to take care. Pari says, why you takes so much tension. Naren will take care of your business. Shashank says, he was worried about him and rushes to the hospital. Manav says he is very lucky as his loved ones are with him. He asks them to promise and says don’t tell anything to Archana. Naren agrees.

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Manav tells Naren that he already hand over the project to him and asks if the tenders are ready. Naren gets tensed. Pari replies that tenders are ready. Teju asks him not to talk about work. Pari asks him not to worry.

Naren asks Pari, why she lied to Manav. Pari says it was needed as he will give you further projects. She asks, did you bring him here. Naren says says. Pari says good, you will be in his good books and will be profitable. Naren gets shocked at her selfish words and says how can she be so insensitive. Pari says, she don’t want to explain and asks him to complete the tenders. She goes for the meeting. Naren thinks he is not his Ahana. He thinks he will make her realize that money is not everything. He thinks to change her thinking. He promises to set everything right and says we will become parents with God’s blessings.

Naren works on the project and thinks to make Pizza to make her happy. Pari comes and helps him in cutting the veggies. Naren says, he knows how to cut the mushroom and asks for 10 mins. Pari says, she can’t help but can distract him. She gets naughty and applies Jam on his nose. It was only his dream. Naren smiles.

Pari is in the meeting. The client asks her to get a drink. She asks the waiter to get a drink for her. She gets Naren’s call. She disconnects the call.

Shashank comes home and tells Mansi that Manav is fine. Mansi says, she was worried about him. Shashank gets romantic with her. Mansi says, you have become a father now. He says, he brought something for them. He shows toys, bathtub and cradle for baby. Mansi tells him that he is a good husband. Shashank promises to keep his daughter happy. He says he is tired. Baby cries.

Naren tells Pari that he made her favourite pizza. He asks, are you drunk. Pari says, she has a new glasses. She says, you are acting as a typically husband. She says, you knows that I drink before. She says, she had a meeting with her rival company employee. Naren says it was cheating. Pari says, she doesn’t know ethical and unethical. What matters is success. She met him to know the tender amount. Naren asks her to work ethically. He tells her that she went far from him. He says, we will do everything together and will be each other strength. Pari says, there is a huge difference between them and us. I won’t become a mother again like Archana and asks him not to argue. She asks him not to make Pizza again for her.

You know that I am responsible for our child’s death. I am living in guilt and trying to give you every happiness. I joined your Azooba company for your happiness. Pari asks, what do you want me to do? Shall I sit at home and enjoy the parties.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. !!!!! NAren will regret Ankita for sure !!! “Naren thinks she is not his Ahana”

    1. can you tell me who is Ahana !! actully for a while i did not read the update so i had no idea what is happening in this

      1. does it matter

        Pari is Ahana ( its Pari’s nick name)

  2. pari sooooo selfish

  3. @samairaa ahana is pari

  4. Naina 202 you are right

  5. naren will automatically miss ankitaaaa and he will realise his love 4 her i hope he divorces pari coz shi is soo selfish

  6. Ya but Guys what. Will happen to ranvijay

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