Pavitra Rishta 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st August 2013 Written Update

Soham is furious and sad. He tries to call Archu, but it gives an error. He throws his phone away in anger. He is getting a call from Teju and he sees it, but then kicks his phone. He remembers Archu telling him that mothers are emotional so they can show how much they love their children, but fathers cant do that.. and Manav loves him a lot. He now remembers Manav scolding him. He slaps himself and says, Soham can never change.. only aai loves him… no one came to stop him when he leaving. Nothing in this world can change him. It starts raining. Soham falls down and then he sleeps on the road and cries.

Gauri is at Soham’s shop. She looks around for Soham and then says, must have gone for delivery, but why am I thinking about him? Purvi comes there and asks the shop guy if Soham

came. The shop guy says no. Gauri asks her if everything is fine. Purvi says nothing is fine and tells her everything. Gauri says, don’t worry.. Soham must be fine wherever he is. Purvi says, I don’t know where to go to search him… he didn’t even call. Gauri says, I said na.. he must be fine. Don’t worry. Gauri leaves. Purvi tells the shop guy to tell Soham to call her if he comes..
Varsha is telling Sulo, Soham got mixed with everyone and I am sure Manav will accept him soon as well. Sulo says, don’t worry.. he must have accepted him by now. Gauri comes there to ask about Soham. She says, I shouldn’t be interfering in your personal matters, but Purvi told me what happened in that house. Sulo and Varsha get worried and ask what happened. Gauri turns her face. Varsha says, I know something happened.. tell me what happened. Gauri tells them about the fight between Soham and Manav and Soham leaving the house. She says, I thought Soham must have come here. Varsha is getting hyper. Sulo calms her down.

Arjun is getting ready. He sees Purvi bringing juice for him, but it turns out be his imagination. It’s his servant and says, you asked to bring juice, right? Arjun says, I don’t want. He is working on his laptop now and sees Purvi again. Chugliyaan song from Once Upton a Time in Mumbai Dobara in background. They are dancing and Arjun realizes it is his imagination again. He smiles. He is now in his car, going to office and sees Purvi sitting beside him, on the road. He enters the office and sees Purvi there again. He smiles everytime he realizes it’s his imagination. He says, I am so used to Purvi that I am seeing her everywhere. What has happened to me. Why do I miss her so much? He comes to his cabin and looks at Pari’s photo. Now Purvi comes in for real and he thinks it’s his imagination. He smiles looking at her. Purvi asks him, what are you doing here? You should be in your meeting. Arjun is lost in thoughts and just smiles looking at her. Purvi asks him what are you thinking? Arjun comes out of his thoughts. He asks, you’re here? I mean when did you come? Weren’t you going to take a day off? Purvi says, I was thinking about Soham dada again and again at home so thought to come to the office. Arjun smiles and says, oh ok. Purvi receives a call from Teju. Purvi right away asks if they found Soham. Teju says, no and now his phone is not working either. We will have to find him before aai comes. Purvi says, I will talk to baba when I come home.

Purvi is worried. Arjun tells her to relax and everything will be fine. He leaves for the meeting.

Purvi has returned home. Purvi is serving food to everyone. Teju says, this is Soham dada’s favorite dish, right? Everyone gets quiet. Manav asks Purvi to have dinner as well. Varsha and Sulo enter. Varsha says, Soham left the house and you all are eating here? And why wouldn’t you? no one cares about him. Purvi tries to calm Varsha down. Varsha says, we wouldn’t have even found out about it if Gauri didn’t tell us. Sulo tells Manav, Soham is young.. he must have left in anger, but we should be finding him. Manav says, I want to make it clear.. I didn’t tell him to leave. He left on his own and he is not a kid. He left on his own so he will return on his own as well. If he wants to stay here, then he will have to follow rules of this house. Do you even know what he did? He raised his hand against his elder brother. I scolded him a little and he left this house. Anyways, when he realizes his mistake, he will return. Varsha says, I gave Soham to you with lots of confidence.. thinking you and Archu tai will make him a good person.. but you proved me wrong. Now where will I search him? And now it’s enough.. I won’t let him stay here. I won’t let him suffer more. As soon as he returns, I will take him with me. Varsha leaves in anger. Sulo too leaves. Manav seems to be disappointed. Purvi looks at him.

Manav is talking with Archu and tells her everything is fine here. You just come back fast. Purvi comes there with a file to take Manav’s signature. Manav signs the papers. Purvi is still looking at him. Manav asks if she wants to say anything. Purvi says, I want to talk about Soham dada. Manav says, I don’t want to talk about that anymore. Purvi says, you weren’t here when Soham dada and Sachin dada fought. Manav says, I am not taking anyone’s side.. all I am saying younger brother shouldn’t have raised his hand against elder brother. And all I asked him to apologize for his mistake. But instead he left the house. Purvi says, I am not saying that Soham dada is right.. but he’s son of this house.. and we can’t give him punishment of staying away from this house. manav says, we didn’t give him any punishment.. no one asked him to leave. He wants to come back, then no one will stop.. but yes.. I can’t pamper him.. and that is my final decision. He leaves.

Arjun is in the office. He receives a call from Purvi. Purvi says, I talked with baba, but he is still upset with him. Now only we will have to do something. We will have to find Soham dada. Will you come? Arjun says, I am leaving right now… will come there in an hour.

Gauri comes to the shop and tells the shop guy, you still didn’t deliver? The shop guy says, there are less guys today, and Soham too left the work so we didn’t get time. Gauri says, what? He came here? The shop guy says, he came.. took his money and left. Gauri asks him, did he say anything where he’s going? The shop guy says, he was saying something about Patna. Gauri leaves from there in rush.

Arjun and Purvi are in car, searching for Soham. Purvi is worried. Arjun tells her to relax and says, we will find him. They stop on a place. Arjun tells Purvi to stay in the car and he will check as the place is not safe. He comes back and says, they said Soham meaning Vishnu Lala came here many days ago. They continue searching.. Arjun tells Purvi not to take tension.

Gauri doesn’t know where to search Soham and says, his family is so worried because of him. She remembers some place and goes there.

Manav is recalling memories with Soham, both good and bad memories.

Episode ends.

Precap: Purvi comes to the shop. The shop guy tells her Soham came in the morning to take his money. Purvi asks if he said anything. The shop guy says, he left to go to Patna.


Update Credit to: DesiTvbox

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