Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Pari telling Pia that Aman didn’t come back, she lost hope in love. She does not know why he came and went from her life as if Ahana was not in his life. He did the same as his dad did to her mom. Aaji came and brought her back to Canada. She was suffering every day. She started hating everybody and every relationship. She searched for Aman everywhere, but she could not find him.

Pari says Aman told his fake name, so she could not find him. She thinks he didn’t love him. He ruined his happiness and her life. Pia thinks she will find Aman and get back her sister’s love back. Ankita asks Naren to stop the alarm and asks him to set it for tomorrow morning. Naren says there is difference between alarm. He was switching off alarm and signalling her something. She reminds him that he wanted to be intimate with her and she asked for 6 months. He says she has accepted him now and asks her to give him a gift and kiss him, else he will inform Sunanda and Rushali. Ankita kisses him on his cheek.

Servant comes and informs Naren and Ahana that Sunanda has called them downstairs. They go downstairs and see the whole family there. Sunanda informs Ankita to perform the pooja as she is the elder bahu of this house. She gives Ankita their family attire to wear it on pooja. She says with this pooja for peace/Aman and happiness of this house. Naren asks Sunanda to repeat her words. She says she wants Ankita to perform pooja. Naren says she told something else. Sunanda repeats Aman word. He asks who is Aman. Sunanda says Aman is not a name, it means peace. Naren says he heard this name somewhere. Rushali asks Ankita to take Naren to their room and rest. Naren says he thought Aman is someone’s name also.

Archana says Pia she does not think they can perform Gudi Parva pooja. Pia says being a marathi they should perform it. Archana says she used to perform it before with the whole family, but here nobody is there with whom they can enjoy the festival. She says she cannot think they will perform pooja this time, they will pray god this year also like other years. Pia thinks she will celebrate it with her whole family. Pia calls Ovi and says she wants to celebrate Gudi Parva festival and needs her help. She asks her to tell about the festival. Ovi tells her how she used to perform it with her family. Pia thanks her and says she will enjoy the festival this time. Pia thinks mission Gudi Parva starts now.

Savita asks Pia what was she doing near her room. Pia says she was preparing list for Gudi Parva to celebrate it according to Marathi custom. Savita asks what she knows about it. Pia tells her the rituals. Savita praises her and asks how does she know this. She says her family celebrate the festival and her Aaji dances very well.

Savita says even she dances well and when she dances, the whole world watches. Pia says she does not believe her and asks her to dance on the song she will play. She plays the song. Savita listens to it. Pia goes into flashback where Ovi informs Savita likes this song. She thinks she told Ovi that she will make Aaji dance on this song. Savita asks her what is she thinking. Pia says she was thinking about her Aaji. Savita asks her Aaji’s name. Pia says her name is Rukmini. Savita says she does not know Rukmini, but she used to enjoy the dance a lot.

She then gets sad and says she cannot celebrate this time as her family will not like it. Pia says she has some plan and tells her about it. Savita likes it. Savita sees Neena coming there and loudly tells Pia that clients are coming on Gudi Parva’s day and asks her to prepare special food. She says her other kids does not like traditional food and asks not to prepare food for them. Neena asks Pia what was Savita telling. Pia says investors are coming for a big deal and Manav invited them on the festival day. Neena thinks they want Sachin to be out of business and she will not let that happen.

Neena asks Sachin to attend the festival party. He says he will not attend it. Neena says big clients are coming and he has to attend it. Sachin says he has to attend his friend’s party. She says he has to attend it as he will earn a lot of money with this business. Neena says Sachin he has to be in good books of his father and insists to attend the party. Gaurav agrees. She asks him to wear traditinal attire. He does not like the idea, but agrees on her insistence.

Precap: Sulochana informs about the time slot chance from 15th April to 6.30 p.m.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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