Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 1st April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Savita and Manav are talking with each other. Savita tells that Manav is matured from his childhood whereas Sachin always wanted to get the things by crying or anything. But, she does not like Manav’s silence. Savita says that she only can pray for Archana’s good health to God. Manav apologies to her as he can not mingle with the happiness of the family, so it gives pain to his family members. Manav then promises that he will try to divert his mood and will celebrate happiness with family membbers. Damo says that Manav should also celebrate with chwal members also as they are also the part of the family. Savita says how they have prayed for Archana’s good health in Sivaratri. Manav agrees to celebrate holi like Archana had celebrated early as he knows that Archana still lives with him in heart.

Punni goes to bail her husband Mr Mittal and wants to tell her aaji about the release of him. Mr Mittal gets angry as he does not like them. Because of him, he is in the jail. He also tells that he will not leave Onir and he will take the revenge soon. Punni thinks that for her prior foolishness, Mr Mittal has gone behind the bars, but now she has got a new CD which can not only prove Mr Mittal as criminal of exchanging kids, it will also prove that Pari is Purvi and Arjun’s daughter. But, she will not reveal the truth now, because if Mr Mittal gets free, then he can make Punni’s life hell. She has already send the copy to Arjun, so he will now do the rest of the thing. Punni tells him to forget everything and celebrate holi with her family. Mr Mittal instruct to get the signature on the paper and Punni says that she will get it soon. Mr Mittal irritates as no right time is coming for her.

Arjun is sitting on his bed and thinking about his and Purvi’s old days talk where Purvi wished to give her baby name as Paari. Now, Paari starts crying and he tries to keep her calm. Ovi comes and says that Pari always becomes quiet when Purvi takes her. Arjun says that he has seen Purvi likewise. Ovi says that Purvi has done wrong without any wrong intention as she has just lost her own kid. Ovi says that she is happy to get the DNA test done as at least she can know that Pari is their daughter. Arjun thinks that he has done wrong with Purvi, but he can not also reveal the truth to Ovi now.

Varsha goes to the balcony where she sees her aaji’s chwal. Varsha starts recapitulate her childhood days where she and her bro and sis used to play holi. Soham comes to wish her holi. She regrets that for her, Soham is not able to celebrate this festival with his family. Soham says that his father is not a good man, he always threatens him to put behind the bar. Soham asks if she wants to go to her family or not. So, he put loads of color in her face so that no one can recognize easily and thus both of them can go.

Teju comes from the back and puts color on Jignesh’s face. Jignesh tells her to go to her house to celebrate holi with her family members. Whereas, Sunny also comes from market and Savita asks him if he has already played holi or not. After that, she asks Sunny to go to his house to celebrate the festival with his family members. Sunny comes to put color on Savita. In the mean time, Teju comes and Savita tells him to play with the family too. Sulo’s family comes to Savita’s house to play holi together

The entire family starts celebrating holi at the chwal. Manav is standing in the balcony with Pari while he feels happy by seeing them playing holi. One man asks Onir if he will take thandai or not. Purvi shows her eyes, so that Onir can not take it. Arjun looks at this from a distance.

Pre cap -Arjun is asking Purvi if Pari is their kid or not and Purvi says yes.

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