Pavitra Rishta 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari crying seeing Naren unconscious on bed and touches him. Naren responds and shakes his hand. Doctor asks Pari to speak about her and Naren’s past days. Pari gets emotional and runs from the room. Ankita tries to convince her, but Pari says Ankita that Naren is her husband, so to handle the situation herself. Ankita asks her to help for her friendship sake. Shekhar comes there and asks them what happened. Ankita says Naren responded when Pari touched him and asks Shekhar to convince Pari to help her in getting Naren back to consciousness. Shekhar says Pari will not agree and says they have to try some other remedy.

Doctor says nurse that Naren is under heavy sedatives and will not get up. Naren just then gets up and calls Ahana. Doctor gets happy seeing Naren waking up and says it is a miracle that he woke up early. Naren asks him why is she so excited and tell him who he is. Doctor goes out and sees Ankita and Rushali/Sirish. He tells them that Naren has woken up but he is behaving strangely. They all go to Naren’s room and sees him getting ready. Ankita helps him wear his blazer and hugs him saying he was waiting for him to get conscious. Naren pushes him and asks who is she, he does not recognize her. Ankita worriedly informs doctor that Naren is not recognizing her and takes him into Naren’s room. Naren sees his parents and asks why is he here. He sees Ankita and says why did she come back to his room again. Rushali asks Naren if she does not recognize Ankita and says Ankita was taking care of him since many days. Naren asks where is he. Doctor says he is in Mumbai and gives him today’s newspaper. Naren is surprised to see it is 2014 and says it is 2012 and he last saw Ahana’s car burning in London. Doctor informs Naren that he lost his memory in 2012 and got it back now. Rushali and Sirish console Naren and says they will explain him everything.

Soham’s boss asks him why is he still sleep instead of going to work. Soham says he does not want to go out and says Archana says he is her son, but she did not give him his rights and even did not let him marry his lady love.

Naren is still confused that he is in 2014 and had lost his memory for 2 years. Sirish asks doctor how can Naren behave like this. Doctor says Naren has lost total memory of 2 years and will take time to remember it. Ankita asks doctor again why is Naren not identifying her. Doctor says he will take time to get back his memory. Naren tries to get ready and get out of the room. Doctor says he cannot discharge him. Naren says his mom will sign the papers and goes from there. Ankita remembers her marriage with Naren and he helping her and then today not recognizing her.

Precap: Rushali asks Ankita why did Naren get afraid of fire. Ankita says he reacted seeing Pari and not fire. .

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. opz!!!a copy of ‘jab tak hai jaan’

    1. And “Sanjog Se Bani Sangini” when Iqbal Khan lost his memory and was supposed to remmary his ex girl friend although he was married….but he did not recognise his wife. She was pregnant too !!
      this is a BIG copy !!!
      At the end Naren will recover memory on his wedding day with Paris ! just like in SSBS !
      Same old stories……………

  2. Argh same old stories
    b unique ths sucks now

  3. Argh same older stories
    b unique ths sucks now

  4. i m fine…u r from whr?

    1. HEllo Trini 🙂

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      how are you ?

  5. please fast…..
    OH GOD this the begginning…….

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