Pavitra Rishta 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pia seeing Pari sad and asking why she is sad. Pari says Naren is angry on her. Pia asks her to console Naren then and says she must be knowing how to console him from her london days. Pari says ok and smiles.

Naren comes to a restaurant and orders food. He is suprised that Pari is taking the order and asks why is she doing that. Pari says she is trying to apologize. Naren forgives her and asks her to come and have food with him. She says she will be back in 15 minutes and says there is a suprise awaiting for him.

Mansi on the bed remembers Pari’s words that Ankita’s child’s father is Shashank and he will choose Ankita between them. Shashank comes home and apologizes for coming late. He says he finished dinner. He gets a call from Ankita and goes out to meet her. He asks why is she standing out. Ankita says she has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and requests him to accompany her. Shashank agrees. She thanks him and then says she loves Naren a lot and wants this child to give both mother and father’s love and will protect it. She says the child is only hers, but she will miss Naren a lot. Shashank tries to console her, holds her and takes her in.

Soham is inebriated and mischievously walks on the road. He sees Bala’s posters on wall and thinks he must have done something wrong. He tears the posters and thinks of kicking him out. He comes home and asks Bala to get out of his house. Bala asks what has he done. Soham shows his poster and says police is searching him. He kicks him out of house.

Shashank comes back to his room. Mansi asks whose phone was it. Shashank lies and says it was from office regarding work and asks her to sleep. Mansi thinks Sashank is lying her and starts crying.

Ankita addresses her child and says she loves it a lot. Mansi on the other side thinks why both Shashank and Ankita are telling her lie, she has to find out the truth.

Mansi gets up in the morning and does not find Shashank at home. She asks Shashank’s mom about it. She says Shashank and Ankita left for their offices early today. Mansi thinks Ankita has told lie and thinks of following them to find out if Pari’s words are true.

Mansi reaches hospital and sees Ankita and Shashank there. She hears Shashank asking her not to feel bad. Ankita says she wants to give birth to this child and knows she cannot take baby’s father’s name as 3 lives will be destroyed. Shashank says he is with her and asks her again to rethink. Ankita says this child is hers and she will not abort it. Mansi calls Shashank and asks where is he. He says he came out on some work and will call her back.

Mansi starts crying and walks on the road remembering Shashank and Ankita’s words and thinks Pari was right. She burts into tears on the road. Pari sees her crying and asks Mansi why is she crying. Mansi hugs her and says she was right, Ankita and Shashank are having an affair. Pari says she told her to keep away. Mansi says how can she keep away when her own sister is betraying her.

Precap: Naren scolds Ankita for coming office late and says when she takes leaves and salary on time, why can’t she be competent.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. these spoil our culture it is not acceptable

  2. ………… what is this ?????? they are making the same as Purvi Arjun and Ovi ??????
    Stop this show…..otherwise they will put an other Leap !! Where Ankita Lokhande will play 3 roles ! Archana, Ankita and her daughter (Naren’s) !!
    this show has become horrible and hideous !!!!!

    1. Ya ri8…they r making the show horrible day by day…i jst hate pari before this epi bt now i also hate that stupid mansi who is belivng that witch pari..!!!!

    2. Yes from the beggining I hate Pari when she was behaving with Purvi about her father….
      But Now??? Oh God !! I can’t stand her !!

  3. Dis soap z a wastage of tym all da pple actng in ds episode r fools tym wasters nktttt nonsense

    1. I hate this is boring and dom let ankita tell naren that it is his or just stop this serie it dom

  4. so sad ! am disappointed wit todays series

  5. This is ridiculous……now Pari is behaving like ovi……Ekta Kapoor pls change the story now we r hating it..or else end the show….faltu serial..

  6. all these love triangles and this person having someone elses baby what is this?? Just annoying now

  7. This serial’s biggest problem “Galat Faimie”

  8. Stupid and bakwaas serial.ekta’s mind is not working. Stop this idiotic show.senseless one.along with director even actors became senseless too.WASTE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I hope actress ankita reads all these comments. For god sake, please stop making all these stupid, low mentality n demeaning womanhood drama. Ankita your stupid selfish love for useless naren , you ruin your own sister to think that you got her married n now you going to ruin it. At least archana role nevrr behave with such weakness n stupidity. Whoever who wrote this story is Must be a confirmed idiot. This not sacrifice or love. Its simply plain stupidity weakling woman.

  10. PLEASE END THIS SERIAL. Its waste of time nvery

  11. Oh god I hate pari. Dis show is repeating the same story only difference is the person playing the role. 1st ovi n purvi now ankita n pari

  12. My goodness is this how Indian culture and Indians are?What a disgrace am highly disappointed i feel dis is how they live I use to like and adore your culture but not any more ewwwww

  13. tru up same story over n o er agen man wat da hel cumon itz getin borin agen maybe ekta nidz mo of naren n ankita scenes atlst dat’ll makeup

  14. chnge da series coz its in a borin track

  15. This is getting so ridiculous, seriously why does ankita have to take shashank to da hospital with her its just plain down stupidity. Marriage is a sacred relationship even if naren ws mad she still loved him so why make such a huge sacrifice ankita Cs u just creating mre probs she should do a dna test n prove dumb pari wrong

  16. Wtf seriously same bullshit over and over they should just end it if they don’t have a proper enticing story line smh…

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