Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with evidences giving evidence in favour of Naren and saying they did not see Naren driving car. Ankita says all evidences are fake and bought by Naren and asks judge to check CCTV footage recorded by police. Policeman says due to rain, he could not capture anything. Judge gives hearing in favour of Naren and warns Ankita and her lawyer to refrain from alleging any innocent hencefort. Neelima gets sad that Naren bought evidences and won cases. Ankita asks Naren howmuch money did he give and says Ranvijay’s whole family is in trauma and Ranvijay in coma. She says he is so greedy and selfish to ruin somany people’s lives. She says Rushali that it is her old habit of buying people and evidences in her favour and says this time she will not keep quiet as it is Ranvijay and his family’s matter and promises that she will win the case as she is right. Rushali asks her to cut the crap and says they have won the case and asks her not to do her drama next. Naren thinks he is culprit of Ankit and Ranvijay’s family and he is doing it to save Pari.

Naren comes out of the court and informs Rushali that Ankita was right, he bought eye witnesses as Pari was driving the car and rammed Ranvijay. She asks why did not he inform her before. He says someone would have recorded his statement, so he did not. He asks her not to bad mouth about Ankita again. Pari says let us pick Ashi and go home. Naren says he sold house to save her.

Ankita thinks Naren can buy anything from his money but not law, she will win the case some day.

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Naren comes back to his home and starts packing his bags. He remembers his happy times with Ashi. A man comes and says he can take his important things and to leave rest as he sold his house with all its goods. Naren picks his and Pari’s pic frame and reminisces time spent with her.

Rushali gets annoyed with Naren’s decision and scolds Pari for making an accident. Pari says she did not sell the house and Naren did not even consult her before selling it. Rushali says he did it for you. Pari says she would have taken help from her Azoba, but Naren’s ego did not let him inform her. Rushali asks her to seek help from Azoba now. Naren asks her not to take help and he will do something. Pari says Naren wants us to stay on foothpath. Sirish asks her to calm and says Naren will do something. Kinnari thinks even she has to leave this house because of Naren.

Ashi looks at her toys and feels bad. She sees Naren and asks if he is feeling bad. Naren says no and takes her from toy room.

Ankita sadly comes to Ranvijay’s hospital room and reminisces her time spent with Ranvijay and their engagement, etc. She says him that she lost the case and Naren won it with his money. She says she loved Naren as he was a nice man, but now she hates him as he is greedy and selfish now. She says she will take Ranvijay to mumbai for his treatment and says she will also fight his case and will win it. She says she will take care of Vaishnavi and will be with him always.

Precap: Shashank gets a call from someone and say he will come there. He informs Mansi that both of them got an attack again and they have to reach hospital now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. rushali is the only devil and shiri is her toy a hubby who doesn’t have brains,going back to mumbai will help ankita unite with her daughter and the truth about the accident will unfoldas naren wont allow anyone bad mouth ankita,it might be the point of coming back to her love

  2. Are you serious? Who would want to be with Naren after the decietful lies that he just told???

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