Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 19th August 2013 Written Update

At the airport, Onir is shocked seeing Purvi in front of him. Purvi looks at him emotionally and asks, why did you do this? Onir says, what are you doing here? Today it’s your marriage, right? Purvi says, why did you lie to me that Shalini is your wife? What did you get by doing this? Purvi continues, maybe now it’s not possible. Onir says, I know we got married, but it was just a compromise. Purvi says, it was just a compromise? Nothing more than that? Onir says, there is more than that.. I am your friend.. but I am not your soul mate. He smiles and says, it’s Arjun. Your friend made a mistake. I fell in love with you. And you never loved me, it was just sympathy and what’s the point living compromised life? Purvi says, Onir why are you (saying this?).. Onir says, Purvi please,

understand meaning of a marriage. When someone gets married, there is love between two.. there is understanding.. strength to die for each other.. which is in you two. What you two didn’t do for you love. You even left each other. That is what I am doing today… for my love, I am going away. I have no doubt on your honesty.. I know you would stay with me your entire life, but still there would be Arjun somewhere there. It wouldn’t be justice to me.. and nor to you. Purvi says, I would never do such thing that would hurt you. Onir says, I know you can’t do anything wrong, but when making decisions like marriage.. you have to see what your heart says as well.. and your heart takes you in one direction only.. to Arjun… where you deserve to be.. I am leaving this country and moving on in my life for better future of all of us. Purvi asks why are you doing this? Onir says, I am a doctor.. and your medicine is not me.. your medicine is Arjun. I can just pray for you.

Onir goes to Arjun and says, I am giving you my life.. if she gets a tear because of you, then I will break your legs. With doctor, I am a street fighter too. If Purvi calls me and ever complains about you, then I will come here right away. And while doing the pheres, don’t make promises for next 7 life.. because in next life, there is no chance for you. Purvi smiles. Arjun says, I don’t know about next life.. but I don’t think Purvi will be mine even in this life………… Everyone gets shocked. Arjun continues, if you don’t attend our wedding. Arjun and Onir hug. Purvi smiles.

At the wedding venue, Ovi says, I didn’t want to hurt anyone, nor create any problem in this wedding. I found Onir’s truth in Canada and that is why I came to India to find out more about it.. and when I found out about it, Onir asked me to promise him that I won’t tell anyone about this, at least until Arjun-Purvi’s wedding. Manav says, it’s not your mistake.. but no matter how much we try to hide the truth, it always comes out. It’s good that truth came out before wedding.

Arjun, Purvi, Onir, Shalini enter. Everyone is surprised to see Onir. Onir tells Archu, I am sorry.. some problems came in the wedding because of me.. but I won’t let more problems come.. I came so I will get them married now. Archu says, please don’t embarrass me more. Onir says, what are you saying? You’re embarrassing me. Archu continues, I made such a huge mistake.. I am ashamed of coming in front of you. You did so much for Purvi’s happiness and I slapped you and insulted you in front of everyone. You took our family as your own family, but we never took you as our own. We made very big mistake.. Archu joins her hands and apologizes him. She says, I can’t do much, but thank you.. Onir says, your hands look good for giving blessings, not apologizing like this. Manav joins in now and apologizes Onir. Onir says, there is no need to apologizes.. I am like your son, so it’s your right to scold me. You gave me blessings already, so now give blessings to this couple. Everyone is happy. Onir takes Arjun and Purvi to the mandap.

Arjun and Purvi do the pheres, and everyone is happy. Onir thanks Ovi for helping him in bringing Arjun and Purvi together. Ovi smiles looking at Arjun-Purvi.

Arjun and Purvi arrive at Arjn’s house. A lady from Arjun’s family does their arti. Purvi does all the rituals and enters the house holding Arjun’s hand. DK welcomes Purvi to her new house. Purvi says, thank you sir. Dk says, what?? Arjun tells Purvi to call him dad now. Purvi finally says, dad. DK then takes them to Arjun’s mother’s photo. Dk looks at the photo and says, today is very special day.. our son finally married to the girl whom he loved a lot and brought her to our house. And it’s all possible because of you. Your son learned how to love from you. and I learned how to support two lovers from you. I complete another phase of my life. DK gets emotional. Arjun goes to him. Dk tells him, I am okay.. I feel very relieved today. He then says, a mother can take father’s place, but a father can never take mother’s place. Arjun says, what are you saying? You ask me.. you never let me miss mum. You gave me everything that my aai would give me. Dk says, if Aashna was with us today, then today happiness would be double. DK then tells Arjun and Purvi that they will have to leave now as Teju has planned something.
Arjun and Purvi are in a car, holding each other’s hands. Purvi has kept her head on Arjun’s shoulder. Arjun kisses her hand. Purvi tells Arjun, I heard that dreams come true, but I always felt I was unlucky in that matter. I can’t believe this is reality.. I feel it’s a dream. I hope it’s real. I don’t want any dream. Arjun pinches her hard. Purvi hits him and asks what are you doing? Arjun says, I am showing you that this is in real.. not a dream. And if God wants, then our happiness will never end. Both hug each other very tightly.

Sachu, Soham, Teju, Gauri all are desperately waiting for Arjun and Purvi to come as they have arranged a surprise for their suhagraat (first night after wedding). Teju notices Ovi is standing on a side. She goes to her and says, sorry. Ovi says, have you gone crazy? Did you ever see me sad after Arjun and Purvi marriage was decided? I am happy. Teju says, I didn’t know my sister got such a big heart.. I am proud of you. Both hug. Arjun and Purvi arrive. Arjun asks them what’s happening. And why no one was picking up my call? Teju says, leave all that.. just concentrate on your surprise. Teju asks who has the keys. Purvi and Arjun are confused. Purvi asks, keys for what? Teju says, we have booked a honeymoon package for you.. and that’s the surprise. Soham gives the keys to Teju. Sachu says, we all wanted to give you a gift separately.. but.. Soham says, but didn’t know what to give.. so we all together decided to give this. Teju says to Arjun, you have everything so we then thought to gift you this. I hope you like this. She gives him the keys and hugs both Arjun and Purvi. Arjun says, you all planned so much and all are here together.. that’s a big surprise for us. So Thank you everybody. Ovi says, surprises are not over yet.. I hope you two stay happy like this forever and no problem comes between you two. She gifts something to Purvi. Purvi opens it. Ovi asks, how is it? Purvi says, it’s very good. Purvi and Ovi hug. All leave Purvi and Arjun alone now.

Purvi and Arjun go in. Some people welcome them. Arjun throws flowers at Purvi. Rajasthani style dance is going on there. The dancers take Arjun and Purvi with them. Arjun plays the drum while Purvi dances. Then there is a puppet show going on. Both enjoy a lot there.

Precap: Tum Hi Ho song in background.. romantic sequence between Arjun and Purvi.


Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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