Pavitra Rishta 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 18th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Arjun gets a call from the assistant lawyer of Sachin who is going to defend Onir in the court case. The junior lawyer requests Arjun to come in the court and tells that Onir has exchanged the kid for some good wish to fullfill. His motive was not wrong behind it. Arjun agrees to come fast in the court. On the other side, Purvi is sitting in the front row of the cour when Soham comes to support her. The opponent lawyer gives that CD to the judge and accuses Onir for not only the kid exchange also tells that Onir is the main leader of the human organ trafficking gang behind his doctor image. Sachin tells that this is the family matter where Onir wants to do someone’s good. But Arjun stuck into Traffic and can not reach court on time. So, judge gives his verdict and cancels the doctor’s license of Onir forever. Purvi starts crying and Onir becomes shattered.

Arjun comes into court when he sees Purvi crying at the door of the court room. He comes to ask if the case is still going or not. Purvi says that judge has cancelled Onir’ license. Purvi says that she has told him not to marry her, but Onir always supported her and Purvi keeps her head on the shoulder of Arjun while crying. Manav sees this scene when walking out with another police man.

Ruchi goes back her house after completing the vegetable shopping and thinking about Punni’s intention of taking the K House. At the mean time Sunny collides with her. Sunny wants to asks the reason of Ruchi’s sadness and gives his handkerchef when Ruchi starts crying. Sunny says that Ruchi is soft hearted girl who feels sad when her family is in trouble and she also loves her family so much. Ruchi says that it hurts when some near one gives trouble to the family member. After that Sunny drops Ruchi at home.

Damo, Savita and Manav are discussing about ArOvi’s future when Damo says that Arjun has tried many times to bring back Ovi home, but she does not want to go. Damo is also worrying if this leads to their permanent separation. Savita says that Arjun has done the big mistake. Manav thinks how to tell Ovi to go back to Arjun, but still he agrees to talk about it as Damo said.

Mittal and Punni celebrates the win over their enemies. TV News channel also shows how renowned doctor’s licensed has been cancelled for the accusing of human trafficking. Punni asks if he still wants to give her divorce as she didn’t get the signature of Sulo. But Mittal says that he won’t as Punni has helped her to get win over Onir.Sulo and Manju sees the news as well and Manju starts blaming Onir. But Sulo still says for Onir.

Precap – Onir and Purvi are leaving the chwal while Sulo sees this and starts crying.

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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