Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren asking Pari to stop troubling Ankita and says if she starts taking her revenge, we would be no where. Pari says she did not purposefully make that accident. Naren asks her to talk slowly, else someone will hear it. He asks her to promise not to trouble Ankita as she is not a bad girl and part ways with him easily. Pari agrees. Neena hears their whole conversation and thinks they both wrongly alleged Ankita for their mistake and says she can tell their truth to everyone, but she will wait for the right time.

Kinnari searches for Neena, and once she comes, she asks where was she and why is she smiling. She says she got some secret, so she is smiling. Kinnari asks what secret. Neena says she has to safeguard the real secret and says Naren and Pari were fighting over Ankita’s issue. Kinnari says Ankita has troubled even her, says she will force her to go away from here. She shows Vaishnavi and sways we have to trouble her to get Ankita out, asks Neena to send Vaishnavi to play with other children. Neena does same.

A kid asks Vaishnavi here name in English and starts laughing on her. Ashi gets angry on the kid and asks her not to trouble her daughter. Kid asks how can she be your sister. She says she is my Ankita’s mamma’s daughter, so she is my sister. Vaishnavi hugs her. Kinnari thinks Ankita is using Ashi to protect Vaishnavi.

Guest asks Naren and Pari what is the secret behind their increasing love day by day. Pari says Naren accepts whatever she says. Rushali tells her version and asks couples to dance. Naren and Pari dance on Tere haath me mera haath ho… song. Ankita hears the song and starts feeling sad thinking her intimate momements with Naren on this song. Prashanth says Shashank that he is feeling sad for Ankita. Shashank says we will teach them a lesson soon. Naren gets a flashback of dancing with Ankita on this song.

Ankita reminisces police inspector asking money from Naren to forgo the accident case against him and starts crying. Naren comes there. She asks what is he doing here and asks him to go. He sees mangalsutra on the floor and picks it, he gets a flashback of marrying her. She snatches it from him and asks him to go as Pari is waiting for her. She hears a thunder and hugs him tightly, then gets conscious and part ways. He walks away from there.

Pari is in the office. Office staff asks if she did not go to take her salary cheque. She says she will. She calls cashier and asks him to give her cheque. Cashier says her cheque is not ready on Ankita’s order, even Naren’s cheque is not ready. Pari gets irked and angrily walks out.

Manav and Teju enjoy chess. Manav asks if she did not go to collect her cheque. Teju says she does not work for salary and for her own satisfaction. Pari comes and says Manav that he made a wrong decision by making Ankita company’s MD and says she stopped her and Naren’s cheque and says she will ruin the company now. Teju says it may be technical error. Pari says she confirmed with cashier and says Ankita hates me and she is suffering because of her, even had to sell her house, asks him to do something. Manav says if Ankita has done wrong, she will pay for it.

Prashanth gets his salary cheque and says Ankita that he will spend it for his family. She asks if he will spend it same day. He says he promised her that he will not let her work after he gets a job, but at least can give her a treat. She agrees. Manav reaches Ankita’s cabin. Prashanth says he got a salary today and will give treat to Ankita. Man says she has to be responsible and should have respected his decision, etc. She asks she does not understand what he is telling.

He says she hurt him by not giving Pari and Naren’s salary and came to ask if she did it. She says yes. He asks why did she do it and starts scolding her for breaking his trust, thought she is like Archana and has her qualities, but she proved him wrong, he did not mix his business and personal life till now and she mixed it. Ankita asks if he feels she proved him wrong. He says he checked accounts department. Ankita says she is just following his rules and regulations and shows him allowances given to employees and Pari has taken more than she owes, so she had to cut her salary. She says she does not have any grudge on Pari and is surprised that Pari told about salary cut but not her mistake. She says Pari even enjoyed party on company’s expenses and asks him to check file.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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