Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren telling Pari that he was not in his senses when Ankita came in his life. I couldn’t do anything. Pari asks, then how she got pregnant. Naren is shocked. Pari says, I was mad to believe you and came back to you. She returns his ring and asks him to marry Ankita and take up the responsibility. Naren says, Ankita said that she married me for money. She is just my employee. Who told you that Ankita is pregnant with my child? Pari says, Mansi. Naren says, think about it, why Ankita will sacrifice for us. He says, I pity on Ankita as she sacrifices for her siblings. HE says, I have always been committed to you. Ankita is not my type. Naren tells her that Ankita loves her sister very much and can’t see her marriage break. He asks her, did she get his point about her child.

Shilpa tells Ankita that she asked Pari to wait in Naren’s cabin, but she didn’t listen to her and went straight to the conference hall angrily. Ankita says ok. She comes to Naren’s cabin. She asks him, are you fine? She says, clients are waiting. Naren asks her to wait. He asks her to say about love. He says, you said that you doesn’t believe in love anymore. He asks, did you try to get your love. Ankita says no. He is not with me. Naren recalls Ankita saying that she loved Shashank. Naren thinks that’s why Mansi took my name. He says, you are smart and handle your problems.

Archana tells Manav that he should have follow Balan. Manav says, I tried to get Soham’s information with him, but failed. Archana says, why he would tell us. It is his advantage if Soham lives with him. She says, I have full faith that we will get to know about Soham soon. Manav says, we will take Police’s help in this matter. Police will make Balan tell the truth. Archana is hopeful to unite with Soham.

Pari calls Mansi to meet her. While Mansi comes, Pari remembers Ankita telling that her child is Shashank’s. Once Mansi comes, she asks her to stop thinking about Ankita’s child. Mansi says Ankita’s child is Naren. Pari says she is wrong and says Ankita’s child’s father is not Naren, but someone else’s and asks her to convince Ankita to abort the child. Mansi asks her to stop rubbishing. Pari asks if the child is Naren’s, then why wants Naren to marry someone else. Mansi says it is because Ankita loves Naren and is sacrificing for his happiness. Pari says Ankita is sacrificing for her sister and she used to love someone else before Naren. Mansi is shocked to understand that Ankita’s child is Shashank’s and scolds Pari for stooping to such a low level for her benefit. She asks how can she think such cheap. Pari says she did not take Shashank’s name and asks if the child is really Shashank’s, will Ankita takes his name. Mansi says she knows Ankita from childhood and knows how she is. She used to love Shashank, but when she heard about her, she forgot Shashank and now Shashank is married to her and loves her. Pari says Ankita had a contract marriage for her family and she herself told that she loved only once and it is Shashank. Mansi says she does not believe her. Pari says it is up to her to believe or not and says Naren always loved her and to stop thinking about it right now. She says what if Shashank wants to chose between her and Ankita, he may choose Ankita. Mansi shockingly hears her words.

Neena and other family are busy selecting marriage dresses and cards. Manav asks Sachin to arrange marriage feast well and to buy sweets from their favourite sweet shop. Sachin asks him not to worry. Police come there. Manav greets them in and informs that he called police to inform about Balan to help find Soham soon. Inspector asks him Balan’s pic. Manav says he does not have. Inspector says he has brought sketch artist and asks him to describe his looks. Manav describes Balan’s looks while sketch artist draws exact Balan’s sketch. Inspector assures once he catches Balan, he will inform them.

Precap: Soham sees Balan’s pics on wall and thinks he must have done a big crime this time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Utter nonsense

  2. Finally somebody said it @Majesty

  3. I agree with the others. Complete trash.

  4. fools
    just get the heck out of his life!!!

  5. seriously if the producer or writer don’t have any more stories let them just end the whole show. your making a drama that had lots of potential at being one of the best look crappie now. please stop showing what doesn’t make sense.

  6. Pari is so damn UGLY
    Or god she mouth so broad

    1. well said pari is indeed damn ugly

    2. I also think the same but never dared saying it- that actress is not good looking and does not even act properly!

    3. Hahahahaha nice guys well said 🙂 n she don’t have a heart either 🙁

  7. Chiiiii…..

  8. Boooooring show….ankita is duh only beautiful actress…pari is so freakin ugly her lips look as if she does oral s*x all d time….stop dis foolish drama ekta!!!!! Its pur le nonsense…pari is a b*t*h :p

  9. pari need to get a life an stop affecting ppl own. Naren is a n assshole

  10. Pls bring bck naren to ankita’s life

  11. Hi Trini D! @ I am from south where the labour day parade start Avocat to Fyzo if you know south,. personal am a south.DD I was enjoing the soaps on tv that is why I took Flow on tv now I am so darn disappointed with the writers with ek mutthi and Pravitra Rishta so I am sticking to Kum Kum and etc. You are so right about parie not only her mouth also her NOSE In Canada they have OHIP that will cover her NOSE JOB ,parie is just like ovi l like Akita she such a beauty I wish she had marry to neren’s friend the Lawer but again picture like picture. I don’t like what they have don Rags and Kal they always get the raw deal also Akita.

  12. I hate pari

  13. Ekta has a wicked mind and low thinking that’s why it’s coming out in her serials

  14. Ridiculous. Nothing good to watch anymore.

  15. prateep jayresh

    pavitra ristha is a drama full with twist and nonsense logics

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