Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita and her family enjoying breakfast. Mansi comes and greets them good morning, says Priya wanted to meet Ashi, so she brought her here. Ankita says she is getting late for office and will have to finish breakfast soon. Naren and Pari come there, and Ankita says it is their wedding anniversary today. Neena congratulates them and asks where are they celebrating party, says she has to go to parlour also. Ankita says she has transferred 3000 in her account, and it is up to her to go to parlour or spend it her way for the whole month. Neena asks who is she to decide her pocket money. Savita says Manav has given her right, so she can take any decision. Pari invites everyone for the party. Rushali taunts that let them enjoy, some people don’t even get married. Savita says marriages are made in heaven. Savita says they can celebrate wedding anniversary by going to temple. Rushali says it does not happen in these days. She says times are same, people have changed.

Kinnari and Neena get ready for the party. Their friends praise their sarees and dressing sense. Savita and Teju think of pulling their legs, Savita says Kinnari that she is wearing outdated saree of her time and says color also has faded. She then says she must be sad as she married a criminal Raunakh and says he once again was caught in a kidnapping case. Friends feel disgusted that Kinnari has married a criminal and start bad mouthing about her. Teju and Savita smirk.

Naren asks Pari why is she spending so much money for wedding anniversary. She says she will not if he does not like. He says it is okay and gifts her a ring. She thanks him, and he hugs and wishes her happy anniversary. Kinnari comes and informs her to come out soon as guests are waiting for them. Pari asks about Ankita. Kinnari says not yet. Naren suspects Pari for being soft on Ankita.

Pari and Naren are about to cut their anniversary cake when Ankita enters. Archana also come sand says she could not come before, but somehow reached on time. She sees Ankita and asks how is she, her office, etc. Ankita asks her to enjoy the party and she will talk to her later. Naren and Pari cut cake. Ankita sadly reminisces her wedding anniversary with Naren. Neighbour gives her gift to Pari. Pari asks if she will not give her gift. Ankita says she gave a biggest gift of life to her and congratulates her anyways, walks out from there. Rushali congratulates Pari that Ankita is getting jealous.

Ankita stands sadly alone. Ashi comes, refers her as mamma and says she has to take care of herself, etc, says she will meet her dad and leaves. Ankita thinks if her child would have been alive, she/he would have been like Ashi and would have been loving Naren like her. She thinks she has to go from there as she is getting attracted to Naren again. She sees a cactus plant and thinks Naren still remembers. Police officer comes and greets Pari. Pari asks if he met Ankita. He says if it is necessary to meet her. Ankita sees him and gets tensed.

Savita asks Teju who is he that Ankita got tensed seeing him. Teju says let us see. Ankita asks officer if he is not ashamed to come here even after protecting culprits and on Pari’s invitation and says it is good he came, he reminds her of her revenge, asks Naren to keep frindship with officer as it will help her in meeting her goal. Officer says Pari that if he will continue to be friendly with her, Ankita will send him to jail and leaves. Teju says Savita that Ankita is 100% her granddaughter and has her qualities. Savita asks Ankita who was that guy and what was she talking. Ankita says nothing important and leaves from there.

Neena talks on phone to her mom and says Ankita came back and troubling everyone. She hears Naren and Pari fighting. Naren asks why did she call police officer. Pari says she wants to insult Ankita and is embarrassed working under her. Naren if Ankita starts taking her revenge they will be nowhere. Pari says she did not purposefully make that accident. Naren asks her not to shout. Neena realizes that Ranvijay’s accident was made by Pari.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Get the hell out of this episode u idot pari….such a selfish monster..

    1. it’s just a show OK so cool down

  2. Pls stop this bullshit and expose Pari about the accident. I believe it is time to return Ankitas child to her or are you waiting for another 20 yrs leap to do that. The writers of this show should stop dragging, you should know that you are irritating your viewers with all these crap so do what is right once and for all and if that means the end of the show so be it, you can always start another one instead of this crap.

  3. The show is going 2 end on 3 oct guys

    1. It needs to. The writers need to go too for they took the show downhill

    2. omg I really hope so! tired of this pari and rushalli scams I gotta see them go to jail!

  4. Need justice for Ankita already. Enough with Rushaali /Pari BS

  5. This show is becoming so annoying especially Pari – she thinks she is in a circus and has such a huge ego. I hope she is just playing a character and not like that in real life.

    1. of course it is just acting

  6. i’m sorry that i didn’t get to put any recaps

  7. As much as this show drives me crazy sometimes with the dragging, I must admit it is one I like very much. Will miss it when it goes off air. But at least I hope rushali and pari would join ranauk in jail before that final episode. lolol

  8. The show is now really time wasting. The producer is out of ideas. Just stop airing this show.pari ur a fool

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