Pavitra Rishta 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th June 2013 Written Update

Archana is surprised to see Shalini at Onir’s house .Onir and Shalini do not know what to say and how to introduce Shalini to Archana .Before they can say anything , Purvi comes with Pari .She introduces Shalini as her friend , to Archana .
Archana looks relived now , she takes Pari from Purvi and kisses her . She then invites Onir to the party that Manav is giving to celebrate Archana’s home coming .
Purvi is quietly watching as she can sense that her mother is still angry with her .Purvi tells Archana that they would love to come for this celebration .
Archana then thanks Onir and tells him that he has done a very big favour to her ( meaning him marrying Purvi when she was pregnant ) .
Archana also invites Shalini because she is Purvi’s friend .After this she kisses Pari again and gives her to Onir and then leaves …she looks emotional as she tries to avoid any eye contact with Purvi .

After Archana leaves, Purvi apologises to Onir and Shalini for disturbing them .Onir still calls her mishit and tells her not to talk like this .Shalini tries to say something but Onir tells her not to interfere when he is talking to Purvi .
Purvi tells Onir that she had found out about Archana’s coming and that is why she had to come to this house .
Purvi tells Onir that the world sees them as husband and wife though they are no more together .Onir wants to talk to her but she refuses to talk to him .She telsl him that for her mother’s sake she wants their truth to be hidden from the world and she expects Onir and Shalini to keep this as a secret .

Manav , Archana , Savita , Teju, sachin and Soham ( all dressed up for the party ) are leaving for the venue ..They are outside their chawl when suddenly they hear these drums beating …The cast of Ekta Kapoor ‘ latest show ‘ Jodha Akbar ‘ are there in their costumes .
Savita thinks that Manav is giving some sort of a royal gala event but Manav does not know anything …

The main person in this Mughlai group announces an invitation ( in a very proper Mughlai manner ) to everyone that on 18th June 2013 there is going to be a show called Jodha Akbar on TV …
Teju tells her family that they all must watch this new show .
Manav explains to Teju that this story is a an epic love story between the Emperor Akbar and Maharani Jodha Bai .Archana also tells Teju that Jodha ‘s love changed Akbar to a better person as there is so much strength in love .Soham is confused but Archaan tells him that just like her love changed her son to a better person , Jodha too changed her husband to be a better human being .

At his home , Arjun is getting ready for the party .He is worried about onir and Purvi so he calls them .Purvi is at Onir’s house .She is getting Pari ready ( Pari is wearing a lovely blue dress ) .Her mobile rings , Onir gives her the phone and tells her that it is Arjun .Purvi disconnects the phone .Onir wants to know why she did not talk to Arjun .Purvi tells him that she does not owe him any explanations about what she does or doesn’t .
Onir tells her that Shalini cannot come to the party .Purvi sarcastically tells him that he is a master at manipulating situations .She tells him that she is only concerned with her family and does not wants their truth to be revealed to them .

The party is going on .Archana is introducing Soham to everyone .She is telling them that he is her son and has just come now to live in Mumbai .Manav is watching Soham and Archana from a distance .Soham is really behaving himself and is very politely talking to the guests .
Gauri also comes . Manav greets her warmly and she tells him that this function is like her own family function as this case was the first big case for her as an intern …

A couple of very nice girls are talking to Soham .Gauri watches this from a distance and is shocked to see Soham all dressed up in a very nice black suit .
Sham also feels that Gauri is looking rather different today but he is still disgusted with her attitude and feels that her nose in stuck up right in the air …

Varsha comes with Sulochna .Manav greets Sulochna but he avoids talking to Varsha . Soham quickly comes to Varsha and she feels so happy to see him in a suit .Manav leaves when he sees her talking to Soham .Varsha tells Soham that today he is looking just like Manav .

Both Varsha and Soham tell each other how much they miss the other .

Arjun comes to the party He goes to Archana and wants to give her a bouquet of red roses .Archana is quiet to see him and then she walks away without taking the flowers .


Onir walks in with Purvi and Pari .Manav greets Onir but he also does not talks to Purvi .
Archana welcomes Onir to this party but she laso does not talks to Purvi though looks at her .Onir tells Archana that he was not going to miss this party as he is so happy that she is well again . Arjun is watching all this from a distance .He is confused why is Purvi putting up this act in front of her family .

Soham goes to Gauri and asks her about her phone . She is not interested to talk to him and walks away .There is a mobile phone where she was standing .Soham assumes that the phone belongs to gauri but she tells him that the phone is not hers .
Soham goes around asking people if the phone belongs to them .The actual owner of th mobile goes to Savita that her phone is lost .
Savita sees the mobile in Soham’s hand .She snatches the mobile from him and gives it back to this girl .After the girl leaves , she is angry at Soham that he was stealing at his own family function .Soham is really fed up that he gets blamed for things he has not done at all.He feels angry at Gauri that whenever she comes , he somehow gets in trouble .

Manav gives a little speech .He telsl the guests that Archana was in a coma for two months and those two months were very hard on him but now he has got his life back as Archana is well again .He thanks Bappa for giving him back his Archana and wanst to wipe those two months out of his life . He feels that now Archana is back and he feels connected to all his relations again and is ready to fight any trouble or any problem that ever comes his way .
Archana is very touched and she has tears in her eyes to hear Manav say this for her .

Everyone starts clapping and DK popps a champagne bottle …

All the couples are invited to the dance floor .Manav, Archaan …Teju Sunny and also Onir with Purvi go to the dance floor and start dancing .Manav and Archana are definitely the happiest couple there and they keep looking at each other happily .
Soham is a bit surprised to see that when Purvi is dancing with Onir , Arjun is looking at her sadly .
Later Soham sees Teju and Sunny together .He gets angry at Sunny that he is getting a little too close to his sister .Teju tries to explain and Sunny too tries but Soham is very angry and he drags Teju away from Sunny .

Arjun goes to purvi .She is reluctant to talk to him bu the wanst to know wh yis she lying to him and what is going on between Onir and Shalini as he saw them together when Purvi had lied about Onir sleeping at home ..Arjun keeps asking her to tel lthe truth .Purvi does not know what to say .Soham watches this from a distance .he is angry to see Arjun next to his sister so he calls purvi and tells her to come and stand with him …

Shalini comes to the party and she is greeted by Archana . Shalini is all smiles when she is talking to Archana ..she drops a bunch of keys to the floor …then Shalini walks away .Archana notices the keys on the floor and goes after Shalini to give it back to her but suddenly she is shocked to see Onir appear from somewhere and grab Shalini by her arm and taking her to a corner ..Archana goes after them because she wants to know what is going on .
Onir is angry at Shalini for coming to the party .Shalini says that she was invited to the party by Archana and soon everyone will now that they are husband and wife ..

A shocked Archana cannot believe what she heard just now …

No precap today..

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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