Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana inviting Mansi to come for dinner with her siblings and Sashank. Mansi says she will come for sure. Archana asks Mansi about her father. Mansi says her father does not want to leave his old house and come here, so he did not come. Archana says it is difficult to leave the old place. She says she would have felt good if her father would have come to her dinner invitation. Mansi says Archana she knows she misses her son Soham, she will get back her son soon. Archana says Sashank is in press, he will help you find Soham. Sashank also asks her to give Soham’s pic to find him. Archana says she will give it and goes saying she has to prepare for tonight’s dinner. Mansi says Shashank that she did not get any news from Soham and he even did not pick the call. Shashank asks her no to worry, he will go and bring him here.

Shashank goes to Soham’s house and finds it locked. He calls him, but his phone is out of reach. Sashank gets worried and thinks where to find him. He asks the neigbhours where did Raghav Mhattre go. Neighbour says he did not come from 2 days after you people went.

Soham goes for bar hiding his face and asks the owner if police came again. Owner says they did not come. Raghav takes the cloth off his face and asks water to serve him alcohol. Owner asks water to serve him alcohol, if he does not give money, his rich damad Naren Karmakar will give. Soham starts drinking alcohol and remembers the incident of meeting Archana in Mandir. He thinks even now his mother loves him. He remember Ovi coming in search of him to his house and thinks why are all old relationships coming back, what is happening.

Shashank informs Mansi that he did not find Mansi in his house. Mansi asks him to check in the nearby bars and inform her. Shashank says ok. Soham is inebriated and sleeps on the chair after drinking alcohol. Shashank goes to the bar and takes with him.

Neena is preparing food and feels hot. Teju comes and asks her to put AC in kitchen. She asks her if she needs any makeup item from market. She says no. She thinks of asking Sachin to tell Archana that she does not want to stay in chawl. She passes by Manav/Archana’s room and hears Archana asking Manav to find Soham first. Manav says god is helping us, as we found Ovi, we will find Soham also. Archana says do not to divide the property until Soham comes as she does not want to do injustice to him and give him his share of property. Neena says she should do something before she loses her share of property.

Pari thanks Shekhar for helping her meet Ankita and says Ankita is very good. Shekhar says he will prepare her project papers soon and asks her to sign on some papers. He says he will go to Ankita’s house and get her signature. Pari says Ankita is in my home as Archana invited her and Naren for dinner today. Shekhar says she should go to dinner party then. Pari says she is not social and does not like mingling. She invites Shekhar to come for dinner as he can meet Manav. He says he would like to meet a person who made Pari such a good businesswoman. They leave to Pari’s house.

Naren is playing game on his tab. Ankita asks him to get ready. He says she takes 52 minutes, but he takes 4 minutes. He tells how she takes 52 minutes. Ankita says she will get ready in 4 minutes and opens the cupboard. Flowers fall as she opens the cupboard. She gets happy, Naren watches her. Sunraha hainaa tu….. song plays in the background. They both remember their romantic moments. Archana sees a gift pack and asks Naren what is this. He jokes it is a bomb and then says he bought her favourite Indian dress which used to wear in London. He shows the dress and asks if it is the same one like the London dress. She says it is nice and thanks him. She says she wants to go early for the dinner and help Archana. Naren says she is a guest, then why will she help. Ankita says Archana believes her as her daughter, so she will go and help. Naren says even he will help. She says he is damad and cannot help. Naren says double role aaji told damad is like a son, so even he will help her. Ankita asks him to go out as she wants to get ready. She forces him out to get ready.

Precap: Ankita waits for Pari.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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