Pavitra Rishta 16th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 16th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with court onir -purvi comes out frm court room. Press & reporters comes asks question to them. Purvi says my husband is honest with his work. He is innocent & he did great job for poor ppls.

At mittal house his room is totally mess up. Mittal is thinking where CD has gone.. He calls DR kudan & asks to make new duplicate CD but kudan says i destroy all things. Mittal is worried then he asks punni to bring that CD bcoz she had gone yesterday her house so may be that CD will there in ur house. He gives warning to punni.

At deshmukh house manav is standing & he is upset. Savita comes & requesting to manav to eat something. She says i knw that ur worried for archu. But when archu will return then if she will ask u about ur health. Manav says he does nt want to eat. One chawl women comes asks savita about kalash. She want to kalash for mahashivratri puja. Savita gives kalash & manav remember last time puja with archu. Manav says for archu’s health he will do mahapuja in chawl. Savita tells after that puja we will go in tribhuvan chawl.

Karajkar house ruchi is talking to manju about zee new Show badalte rishto ki dasatan.
At karanjkar house outside varsha comes & punn see varsha. Varsha says i realise my mistakes. I never became a gud mother as well as sister. Varsha says i want to pray for archu tai. So i come here. But purvi says it will better that she will away frm them & pray for archu.

punni & mittal arrives deshmukh house. He is in his car. He tells punni that i m nw going karanjkar house for checking that CD. He tells if any one comes karanjkar house plz inform me.

sulo, manju, vinod r standing. Vinod says manav went hospital.. Sulo says ok. 2day he want to do mahapuja for archana. Punni comes. Manju asks about mittal. Punni says that he is busy in working. Sulo yells punni regarding mittal.punni asks about purvi & onir. Punir is busy in doing puja preparations.

ajit comes in chawl. Vandu is happy to see ajit. He says i came for mahapuja & for my dear manju tai. Ajit tells vandu nt to force him to meet manav & manav’s family bcoz he is nt interested in them.

purvi is walking. Teju is with pari. She says pari is crying so she gives pari to arjun. Arjun comes near purvi & asks her why she is going away frm pari. Arjun want to give pari to purvi but ovi comes & take pari to saying that pari is hungry. She leaves.

manav is praying for archana.

teju & aniket on stage. They announce one pair. They start doing dance. Onir is looking at purvi & lost in dreams. He & purvi are doing dance on dabbang song. Other site mittal comes in karanjkar house & start searching CD.

teju announce other jodi yogesh & madhu. She says their jodi is same as my aai & baba. They start doing dance. Ovi imagine as she & arjun doing dance on khuda jane kya huha song.[what a lovely dance performance by shruti & RD.. Missing sushita]. Ovi comes back in present. Teju announce next performance & says it will superb bcoz we all are do dance. Teju. Aniket, sunny, sachu, ruchi doing dance on Jhoom Bara Bar..

panditji is start mahashivratari mahapuja… Other side mittal is searching CD. Then paditji says nw mahapuja arati will start & we all are praying for archnaji. Everyone do mahapuja. Epi ends.

precap: arjun is enjoying dance with tribhavan chawl kids.

Update Credit to: Naresh

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