Pavitra Rishta 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 16th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Mansi telling Prashant that she is tensed about Ankita. Prashant says he will not enter Ankita’s home and asks Mansi to go inside. Mansi comes to Karmakar’s house. Raunaq eyes Mansi as she is drenched in water. He asks her to be comfortable and says he will get coffee or tea. Mansi asks him to call Ankita and says she is tensed about her tai and jiju. Raunaq offers towel but Mansi says she is okay. Raunaq asks the servant to call Ankita. He asks Mansi, why you are scared and says I am your sister’s brother in law. Ankita calls Prashant and says they are fine. Prashant says we came to your home and Mansi is inside. Prashant says I am in the taxi. Ankita asks him to come inside but Prashant refuses and asks Ankita to send Mansi. Raunaq is speaking with

Mansi, Ankita comes and calls her. She tells that jiju is fine and Mansi to go. Raunaq says I will drop you. Ankita thanks him. Mansi leaves. Raunaq gives a flying kiss to Mansi. Ankita asks what is this nonsense and asks him not to look at her sister again. Raunaq says, he left her today with a compliment or else he would have decorate her in his room. Ankita asks him to be in his limits. Raunaq asks, what you will do? Mom will throw me out of this house…Ankita says yes. Raunaq says Mom can’t throw me out of the house as she has only one son and other son is…..Ankita asks him to shut up. Raunaq says, you looks beautiful in anger. Ankita asks him to stop.

Ankita tells Naren, you didn’t think once that you had left me at the temple and asks what do you think of yourself. Naren says Naren Karmakar. She says you can’t be careless. I searched you everywhere and your mom and dad scolded me. Your life is connected to me and my siblings. She says you came back home and reacted as if nothing had happened. She breaks his house. Naren says your broke my home. Ankita says, you are mad…Naren is shocked and says even my Ahana is saying I am mad. Ankita apologizes him. Naren says I am mad if you are saying. Ankita cries miserably. Naren wipes her tears and asks her not to cry. Ankita says sorry. Naren rests on her lap and asks her to take out her anger on him. He says I love you. Naren is holding her hand while the song Manzilein ruswa hain khoya hain rasta plays….

Arjun and Ovi goes for shopping. Ovi asks Arjun about his opinion. Arjun says I don’t know Pia’s choice. Ovi says Pia likes bright color. Arjun asks the salesman about the different collection. Purvi comes to the same showroom and asks for Anarkali suits. Saleswoman says I will show you. Purvi and Arjun doesn’t see each other while they were seeing the dresses. Ovi tells Arjun that I want your happiness. Arjun says I am finding a reason to be happy. I am feeling helpless after I came to know about the condition. Ovi asks him not to think that. Arjun says we will look at the dresses. Ovi sees Arjun and starts acting. Purvi looks at them. Ovi selects a dress for herself. Purvi recalls a past event. Arjun asks Ovi to wear the dress which he brought for her from UK. Ovi goes to try the dress. Purvi thinks this is the right time to talk to Arjun. Ovi comes and Arjun says you are looking beautiful. Purvi gets sad.

Shashank comes and says sorry to Prashant. Mansi and Prashant tells him that problem is solved by Naren. Someone brings couch, Prashant asks Soham, whether he has ordered it. Prashant is being told that it is sent by Naren. Soham asks that person to leave the couch here. Shashank says it is rich person’s traits. Soham insults Shashank and Shashank leaves in anger. Raunaq asks Naren that where were you? Naren says he went to Ahana’s home and tells everything that he slept on the floor, caught thief, filled the water, did kite flying and solved Prashant’s algebra problem. Raunaq asks, did not you do anything with Mansi. Naren praises her and then Ankita’s bottle gourd vegetable dish. Raunaq asks him to eat Mansi’s hand made food. He says, we will go to their home and asks Mansi to cook for us. Naren says if Ahana cooks well then I win otherwise you. Naren says he will convince Ankita.

Ankita asks Raunaq, from where he got Mansi’s number. Raunaq says Naren give the number and asked him to call Mansi and says we all are coming for lunch.

Update Credit to: H__Hasan

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