Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Savita and Sulochana getting ready for Ganapati pooja. Savita sees Teju getting ready wearing a saree and asks how did she wear saree without help. She says she took Archana’s help via phone.

Savita sees Ashi trying to wake up Ankita for getting her ready and says she will get her ready. She says Sulochana that Ashi has same qualities like Ashi and praises her. Rushaali hears that and says both are different and her Ashi is completely different from Ankita, starts badmouthing about Ankita. Savita gets irked hearing that and asks her to shut her mouth. Pari comes out and asks about Naren. Savita says he went out in the morning.

Naren speaks to inspector and says his brother is dangerous and to catch him first.

Ashi and Vaishnavi see Ankita’s hand shaking and inform about it to Naren. Naren tries to wake her up and whole family also start waking her up. Ankita reminisces her and Naren’s marriage in her dream and wakes up. She asks how did she come here. He says police rescued and brought her here. He says her hand is injured with a bullet and she will get well soon. Ankita thinks Naren is not happy seeing her alive. Naren thanks god for waking up Ankita. Sulochana asks her if she will perform aarti. Naren says she will.

Legendary actor Jeetendra, Ankita, and Naren perform aarti with whole family and neighbours joining them. Raunakh enters the venue disguised as a labourer and escapes police security. Inspector asks him to go.

Rushaali gets a call from someone. The man happens to be Doctor who gave Ankita’s baby to Rushaali. He tells Rushaali that he is going to Mumbai. Ankita goes to have water and hears them. Rushaali asks them to end the matter in Banaras itself. Doctor says, he couldn’t sleep since he did that. Ankita thinks about Rushaali’s connection with Banaras. She thinks something is wrong. Rushaali asks, do you need more money. Doctor says, he wants to lower his guilt and coming to her house. He says, he wants a mother to meet her daughter before the Ganapati Visarjan. She disconnects the call.

Ankita asks Rushaali, with whom you were talking to? Ankita says, may be you have something to do with the accident case. Ashi comes and calls her mummy. Rushaali asks her not to call her mummy. Ashi says she likes to call her mummy. She asks Ankita to come. Rushaali thinks I have snatched your daughter from you. I have to hide it. Kinnari and Neena announce the dance performance of Abhi and Pragya. Pragya and Abhi dance on the song Ajeeb Dastan Hain Yeh, Ghandi baat and Hum Tere Bin Reh nahi sakte……………while everyone look at their dance performance.

Ankita imagines Naren and her dancing on the song Tum Hi Ho…………….Ankita looks good in black dress and so is Naren. Everyone applaud for the performance. Ankita looks at Pragya and Abhi. Ashi goes to Naren and calls him dada. Ankita suspects Naren and couldn’t believe her love. She thinks how can she love him. Teju asks, what are you thinking. Ankita says nothing. Teju asks her to keep smiling and says happiness came back. Ankita says, she is feeling weak and will go inside.

Ashi says, today our Bappa will return to his home. Sulochana asks who is she? Ashi says she is Darpan. Darpan says, I came to ask something from Bappa. Sulochana asks her to pray and take the aarti. Darpan promotes her show. Ashi introduces Vaishnavi to Darpan. Darpan says, she have to go home to welcome her brother.

Ankita thinks Rushaali is hiding something from her and thinks she is connected to accident case. She thinks to find out and sees sindoor on her forehead. She thinks what is happening to her. Why her maang is filled by Naren. She asks God to show her the path. She sees a shadow and calls Mansi. Naren and Purab dance on the song Palat, Ram Ji Ki Chaal Dekho…………..

Raunaq comes to Ankita’s room and puts hand on her mouth. He asks her to keep quiet and says what did you think that you are safe. Your death is certain. I will be happy on your death. Prashant brings the ration. Naren says, did everything came. Labourer tells Naren that two bags came. Naren says we have ordered one only. He gets suspcious and runs to Ankita’s room. He opens the door and sees Raunaq suffocating Ankita. Ankita hides behind Naren. Naren tells Raunaq that he will get him arrested. Raunaq thinks I will get Ankita against you. He thanks Naren for saving him and runs outside. Naren falls on Ankita. Ankita misunderstands Naren and asks him not to act. Police comes. Naren goes to catch Raunaq.

Neena tells Kinnari about Tandav. Kinnari asks, why you are saying this. Neena says, Tandav dance is presented by Sid and Roshini. Sid dance as Shiv. Roshini dance on the song Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka………Kids listen to Shiv and Parvati’s story. Kids perform on Ganesha song.

Mansi thinks about Raunaq’s threats and gets tensed. Shashank comes and asks her to come out. Mansi says, she will come. Shashank asks, what happened. Mansi says, nothing. She will just be back. Shashank says ok. Mansi thinks and cries. She says, she can’t tell anyone. She can’t choose between Ankita and Priya. Neena and Kinnari announce the next dance Lavani. Savita tells Teju that they are praising the lavani dance. someone dance on the song. Sanam joins her in the dance for the song Chikni Chameli……….

Naren looks for Raunaq. Pari comes and asks what are you searching. Naren tells her that he is searching for Raunaq. He is hiding here. Raunaq asks Mansi to mix poison in the milk and asks her to give it to Ankita. Mansi cries. Raunaq holds Priya’s captive and asks her to make Ankita drink it. Ankita thinks she has some relation with Ashi. She thinks, she feels good when she calls her mumma. Doctor comes near the chawl and enquires the neighbours about Rushaali. They say they don’t know her name. Then he asks about Ankita. Some lady explains him the address.

Mansi comes to Ankita’s room. Ankita gets up taking Raunaq’s name asks Mansi to take care of her. Mansi thinks I know how dangerous Raunaq is. Raunaq looks at them. Ankita is talking to her while Mansi gets sad. Ankita asks, why you are sad. Mansi tells her that she missed her very much when she was kidnapped. She says, I was scared of Raunaq. Raunaq hears them and smirks. Mansi blames herself. Ankita says, I know you can’t do anything wrong. She asks her to give milk while she takes the medicines. Mansi hugs her emotionally and asks her to drink milk surely. Ankita nods. Raunaq smiles. Manav does the aarti of Ganesha, followed by Shashank and others.

Ankita drinks the milk and calls out to Mansi. Mansi turns and is shocked. Raunaq smiles. Ankita feels suffocated and pain in her neck. Savita and Sulochana come there. Raunaq tries to go while holding Priya. Shashank sees him. Raunaq asks them to go far else he will kill Priya. Savita comes and asks him to leave Priya. Raunaq tells them that he will kill Priya, just like Mansi killed Ankita. Everyone get shocked. Shashank asks, what are you saying? Shashank asks him to leave Priya and tells that she is your daughter. Everyone are shocked at the revelation.

Raunaq asks, are you trying to fool me. Shashank says, this girl is yours. I am saying the truth. Please don’t do anything. Raunaq says, she will save me today. Ankita comes and splashes colour on his face. Raunaq closes his eyes and then tries to escape. Police comes and arrests him.

While Ganapati is taken for Visarjan, Doctor comes and calls for Ankita. Rushaali holds him and takes him to a corner. Ankita turns and see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. superb episode !!!

  2. I hope all lies comes out by this week….Ankita needs to know why she is so attached to Aashi and Naren needs to know what kind of mother he is. And I am sure if Rushali schemes get found out she will tell all about Pari too….she doesn’t seem to be able to accept defeat lol

    1. ya seems to be getting better slowly

  3. omg lovingg back this show now hope they don’t do any craziness again

    1. omg ikr!

  4. Omg, today episode was super cool, I enjoy it, hope all the truth come out soon, plus we need to know who was ankita mom

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