Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita reaching hospital and seeing Ranvijay being operated. Inspector asks who is she. She says she is marrying Ranvijay and Vaishnavi is her daughter. Pari sees her from behind and thinks she must be Ranvijay’s wife and pities for her. Ranvijay’s family reaches hospital and Kavita starts scolding Ankita for her bad fate. Neelima asks her to stop bad mouthing. Doctor come out from OT and they ask about Ranvijay. Doc says he is still unconscious and his condition may get critical if he does not gain consciousness in 24 hours. Neelima prays god to save her son.

Pari starts packing bags at hotel. Naren asks her not to worry and says they won’t go until than main regains his consciousness. Gopal worries for Ranvijay and asks Vishnu to tell Shivji to make Ranvijay fine and punish the guilty. Vishnu cries.

Vaishnavi tells Kavita that nothing will happen to her Papa. Kavita says ok. Nurse comes and asks for the person who brought Ranvijay to the hospital. She says, they need his signatures and asks Ankita to go and bring him. Ankita asks for the address.

Naren and Pari are about to check out from the hotel. Inspector comes and stops them. He tells them that he was convinced that they was not involved in the accident, but they are the ones who did the accident. Naren says no. We haven’t done the accident. Inspector calls Ashok and asks him to say. Ashok gives statement that he had seen them hitting Ranvijay. Naren asks, how can you blame us. Inspector says, you are lying and says we have another proofs. We have CCTV camera footage as the site is accident prone. He asks them to come.

Ankita comes to the hotel and asks the waiter about Naren’s room number directions. She opens the room door and sees Naren and gets emotional. Naren asks the Inspector to do something as he is ready to settle the case. Inspector agrees to dismiss the case with the bribe. Ankita hears everything and gets shocked. Naren asks him to do something and solve the case. Ankita gets angry.

Ankita comes and asks Naren where are you? She tells him that she thought he has changed, but he didn’t. She tells him that Ranvijay was her to be husband. Inspector says, what are you saying and threatens to arrest her. Ankita tells him that she wants to file an FIR. Naren tells Ankita that she didn’t know about the man and he didn’t do the accident intentionally. Ankita tells him about the condition of Ranvijay’s family. She asks him, why he came back to her life again. She tells him that her baby is dead and cries miserably. Naren is shocked. He tries to console her. Ankita asks him to stay away from Ranvijay and promises to get him punished.

Gopal asks Vishnu to drink tea. He refuses. Neelima is tensed. Gopal asks her to drink tea. She cries and worries for Ranvijay. Vishnu asks her not to cry. Neelima cries. Vishnu tells Gopal that he sent all the relatives back. Gopal asks Vishnu to take Kavita and her baby home. Vishnu agrees. They leaves. Neelima asks Gopal, did he check Ankita’s kundli properly? Gopal asks him not to doubt Ankita. Ankita hears them and gets sad. Gopal says, she is not at fault. Ankita thinks she is at fault as Naren is responsible for Ranvijay’s condition. She thinks she can’t tell them as they will hate her. She thinks, why Naren did Ranvijay’s accident. She thinks Naren is trying to save himself. How can he be so selfish. Gopal asks her about the person who brought Ranvijay to the hospital.

Naren tells Pari that he knew that she would never leave them. Ranvijay’s lawyer comes to Naren’s house and tells him that Ankita has filed a case against Naren. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Yeah!!all of u r right,,the drectrs r totaly out of their mnd,,this srial hav no strylne they shuld stop this crap,,bt i still wndering where has arjun nd purbi gone???r they dead??actually in the middle i hav missd sme epi,,smeone tell me,,plz

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