Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 14th January 2014 Written Update

Manav and Archana’s house in Canada

A very angry Pari shows Manav and Archana an Indian news paper that has the news of Arjun’s arrest .Both of them are shocked .Pari says that Arjun should have never been trusted and this is his real face .
Pari calls her mother in India .

In India , Purvi is with a couple of designers who are taking care of styling her for her upcoming wedding .Pari is very angry on the phone and tells Purvi that she will never let her marry Arjun .
Arhana takes the phone from Pari as she also wants to know about Arjun’s arrest .
Purvi tells Archana that Arjun had been framed wrongly and now he is out of jail .
She tells her that next month she is getting married and wants her parents to come to attend her wedding .
Archana feels that Purvi is trying to hide something but Purvi assures her that everything is undr control .Archana and Manav want to come to India to be with Purvi but Purvi tells Archana that she would rather have her mother with Pari in Canada so that Pari is taken care of .She tells Archana to come on the wedding day only .She also tells Archana to talk to Pari that Arjun is innocent .

Archana and Manav try to talk to Pari and tell her that her dad was not involved in any crime and he is now out of jail but Pari is dead against Arjun now .She can feel that this man is lying again and is going to hurt her mother .

Naren’s house .

Naren and Ankita come from Mansi’s engagement .
Sunanda , Shirish, Raunak and the Nadkarnis are waiting for hem at the hall .
Sunanda tells Naren to go to his room as she wants to talk to Ankita alone .When Naren leaves Sunanda starts shouting at Ankita .
She tells Ankita off because she feels that Ankita’s brother insulted Mrs . Nadkarni and said wrong things about her sanskaars .Sunanda tells Ankita off very badly because she cannot believe that Prashant dared to be rude to her samdhan .
Sunanda orders Ankita to apologise to the Nadkarnis as they had gone to Mansi’s engagement on Ankita’s invitation and there they got humiliated .
Sunanda again taunts Ankita that she comes from a chawl but now she has to behave properly as she is the bahu of a rich family .
Kinri starts smiling as she is loving the way Ankita is getting insulted .
Naren is also watching this whole scene from a distance .
Ankita apologises to the Nadkarnis with folded hands and tears rolling down her eyes .
Mrs. Nadkarni tells Sunanda that she should keep reminding Ankita of her aukaat all the time as Ankita comes from a poor family then maybe Ankita will start behaving properly .

Everyone leaves with Ankita crying alone . Naren comes down and he takes a crying Ankita to her room .

Naren’s room .

Ankita is still very upset .Naren brings her glass of water .He tells her that he knows that she is not at fault .He then apologises on behalf of Sunanda and the rest of his family .
He tells Ankita that if she wants he will do sit ups holding his ears to make her feel better .
Ankita starts smiling and tells him that there is no need for that .
Naren tells her that when she smiles he feels that it is Sunday .He is tired and asks Ankita to give him a head massage .

Naren is about to go to sleep with Ankita massaging his head when in his sleep he says that Ahana you make very good cheese pizzas .
Ankita gets confused as to when she made pizzas so Naren reminds her that she did in London .
Ankita thinks to herself that who is this girl Ahana and how much Naren loves her that in a state where he has forgotten everything , he still remembers her so much .

Soham’s home .

Mansi is working in the kitchen .She gets a text from Raunak. The text makes her angry as it says that she is hot and spicy and is showing him attitude …
Mansi is disgusted with Raunak but can’t do much as Raunak is Naren’s brother .
Raunak sends her another text that says that Mansi should be a good girl and text him back .
Mansi decides that she will talk to Ankita about Raunak .
In his room, Raunak is getting impatient as Mansi is not answering his texts .

Arjun’s room .

Ovi is taking care of Arjun and giving him medicins .He asks her if Purvi came to see him .Ovi cannot understand why now Arjun is asking about Purvi when he himself pushed her away from his life . Arjun tells Ovi that him and Purvi are destined to be away from each other for ever and if he had faith in his own life then he would have never let Purvi be away from him .
Ovi says that he should not feel so down .She says that he has to meet his daughter Pia as she really needs her dad in her life .
Arjun gets an invitation from the business council for a function to give award to the Business man of the year .

A Restaurant

Rishab and Purvi are having lunch .Rishab tells Purvi that now her responsibilities have increased and she has to look happy to show the world that she is happy in her relationship with Rishab .He tlls her that they are going to now start going out together for functions and the first such function is the Business Council awards where Rishab too is nominated for the Business man of the year .

Karmarkar Mansion .

Sunanda is telling Kinri that she expects Kinri to understand her responsibilities of being the bahu of the family . Sunanda tells off raunak that he is not giving Kinri any time and she orders him to show Kinri the house where Kinri will be spending all her life .
Both Kinri and Raunak look bored but have no choice but to do what they are told .
Raunak takes Kinri around to show her his home .
Kinri comes near Naren’s room where Naren and Ankita are playing a video game .
Kinri remembers her mother’s words that she should be careful of Ankita as Ankita is extremely cunning and as she is there , Kinri can never really have a strong position as the bahu of the family .If Kinri wants a strong hold in this family then she will have to make Ankita’s position weak in this family .

Precap : Kinri is telling Ankita that first Ankita had to apologise to her and her family and now she even has to leave her room …Kinri says that Ankita has to leave so much even though Kinri has not even entered this house as a bahu .
Ankita tells Kinri that she can never take her place as Ankita is Naren’s wife …

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