Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with people apply turmeric on Ankita as per rituals. She thinks she is marrying Ranvijay, but her first love would be Naren. Ranvijay comes there. Neelima asks him to go from there and says he cannot talk to Ankita before marriage. Ranvijay thinks he will tell his feelings for Ankita today at any cost.

Ranvijay sees Ankita standing near the window and thanks her for agreeing to marry him and become Vaishnavi’s mom. He says he is happy that she will take care of Vaishnavi and knows she will take care of her even if he is not alive. Ankita asks her not to talk like that. He says he will not force himself towards her and will wait until she is ready and asks her to be Vaishnavi
s mom. Someone calls him and he goes saying he wants to talk to her more and will come back. Ankita gets ready for her marriage. Archana calls her and says she and her Azoba are sending her some gifts and says Azoba wants to talk to her. Manav picks phone and says her marriage will change her life now and it will be new beggining of her life. Ankita thinks he is telling right and reminisces her marriage with Naren and thinks he is going away from Naren and did not think she had to part ways with him like that.

Ranvijay calls Ankita and asks her to come out as he wants to talk to her. She says she cannot come out like that before marriage. Vaishnavi comes and says she will take her out.

Pari sees Ashi pouring water on her laptop and starts scolding her, says her important data will be lost. Naren asks her to stop scolding Ashi, he will repair her laptop. Pari throws laptop and angrily walks out. She gets into a taxi and leaves. Naren follows her in his car.

Ranvijay waits for Ankita outside and practices to say “I love you” to Ankita. He gets tensed how to say it, thinks he really wants to tell her that he loves her and his love will not fade away. Vaishnavi takes Ankita out. Ankita resists and says something wrong may happen. Vaishnavi says nothing will happen, she is going to become her mummy soon. Ankita agrees.

Naren overtakes Pari’s taxi and stops her, he tries to console her. She angrily gets into his car and starts driving it. She crashes Ranvijay. Ranvijay falls down on the ground and sees Naren coming out of car. Naren checks if Ranvijay is alive. Pari asks him to leave him and run from there, but Naren picks Ranvijay and takes him in his car to hospital.

Vaishnavi says Ankita that her papa wants to tell her I love you and asks her to please accept it. Ankita sees Naren carrying Ranvijay in his car and leaving and runs towards car. They see blood on floor and Ranvijay’s watch.

Panditji asks another pandit to give discount. Someone drops water in havan kund and everyone gets tensed. Kavita informs them that Ankita and Ranvijay are not at home. Neelima says something bad is going to happen and worries. Paditji asks her to be courageous and leaves to find Ranvijay and Ankita.

Naren brings Ranvijay to hospital and asks doctor to operate him. Doc says it is accident case and until police registers case, he will not operate him and asks how did accident happen. He does not reply anything and asks doc again to operate as even court orders to operate patient first. Doc agrees and takes Ranvijay into operate.

Precap: Ankita asks inspector who made this accident. Inspector says he does not know, but has taken statement of people who brought him. Pari who is standing behind does not see Ankita and thinks she is Ranvijay’s family member.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. boring!! plz writers do some gud in dis show or plz air off

  2. What pari will see ankita then she will try to take naren away from her. And she and her family will go back to mumbai

  3. pls bring ankita and naren back ,the emotional blackmail of ranvijays family will not help matters,pari doesnt love naren as much as ankita does and by now naren too should know that the marriage between them is on faulty grounds

  4. I think Ranvajay is going to die or become paralyazed or brain dead.

  5. Plzzzz let ranvijay die n let those two true lover get back together n throw pari the hell out of naren life she sucks at being a wife n friend

  6. I hate this stupid show

  7. I like what asshi is doing pari

  8. Good job Ashi! You did good.

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