Pavitra Rishta 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita getting happy hearing mom from Ashi’s mouth. Ashi says she came to know that Ankita is her mother and will be with her from now on. Ankita thanks Sunanda for getting Ashi to her and for coming back. Sunanda apologizes her that she left Rushali to ruin her life and says she and Naren both love each other and to think of reuniting with him and to take a decision soon.

Naren enters store room and starts searching thinks related to Ankita. He finds his wedding album and starts looking at pics. Sunanda comes there and asks what is he doing in store room. He shows her wedding album. She says he and Ankita look like Lakshmi/Narayan jodi and says when she came to this house, she did not like Ankita but later realized she is taking care of him and being tortured by Rushali a lot. Naren says I want to know about my past to take a future decision. He says Ashi wants to stay with Ankita now and he wants know how was their relationship. Sunanda says she will tell him about Ankita and his relationship.

Sunanda says Naren that he needed Ankita to be with her 24 x 7 and used to take help in everything and tells him about an incident when Ankita went to her parent’s house and he went and stood in front of her house in rain whole night. She then tells how Rushali tortured Ankita and Ankita even fought with her for him. She says even she sat in burning car for you and silently left when you wanted to marry Pari. He says Ankita sacrificed a lot for me. She says he can reunite with her. He says he saw Ankita taking care of whole family and even Ashi wanting to stay with her. She says he loves her a lot and cares for her. He says he just wants her to be happy. She says his concern is his love for her and says husband/wife’s relationship is unique and now you both are a baby’s parents. He says he does not have anything to give to Ankita. She says he can give back her self-respect and dignity and asks him to ask ankita once, she will happy accept you back. Naren’s inner voice talks to him and argue if Ankita still loves her or not and to give her self-respect, he has to marry her. His good inner-self asks him to remarry Ankita as she is his child’s father. Evil one asks him not to be a fool. He gets confused hearing both and asks them to stop saying he knows what to do. He calls someone and says he wants to meet her/him right now.

Pari meets Naren and apologizes him for her mistake, asks him to give her one more chance, now that they got back their house and company, they can start afresh, says now Ankita took back Ashi, they can adopt a child, says he can meet Ankita whenever he likes, etc. She asks him why is he silent, says she bought her bags and asks if Ankita left the house and if not she will go in some time. Naren says how can she be so selfish and wants only money while Ankita wants only people, it is Ankita’s house now and asks how can she separate his daughter from her, asks if she can live with him in a hut. She asks what does he mean. He gives her divorce papers and asks her to sign them.

Precap: Naren says Ankita that he wants to marry her again. She says she and her daughter does not need him now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  2. karma is a b*t*h

  3. Oh god ankita is damn rude she loves him but does not want to accept him and he never do any thing wrong and I mean he is divorcing pari , for ankita and ashi

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