Pavitra Rishta 13th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th November 2013 Written Update

Naren and ankita come back to the meeting.. and naren gets back to his normal self n gives a great presentation, ankita is at his side all through it..and evryone is impressed.. ankita smiles at him..
ankita then comes to rushali’s room to give a file.. she then asks her why naren named her ahana, and not ankita.. rushali brushes it off n says he is just disoriented n just mixed up her name.. she aslo says that, one of his friend had met with an accident, and when the light flashed from the projector, he must have just recalled the incident.. rushali says he is absolutely fine now.. ankita nods andleaves..

raunaq in his room and wondering that, by now the meeting would be thro and nafren would have messed up totally leaving his parents no option but to get him back to office.. right then Mr.Sharma calls n says they have signed the deal, raunak is shocked.. the guy says naren gave an amazing presentation n they went ahead with the deal..and that they will meet him at the diwali party..raunak cuts the calls n is totally annoyed.. he says that naren has always been an headache..

ankita gets home.. mansi is making sweets.. ankita then tells them and she got the diwali bonus.. she gets gifts for everyone.. badminton racket for pranav, colors for shonu, bangles for mansi n calculator for prashu.. they ask if she got a gift for herself.. she says she wanted to but but had to catch the train.. the kids feel bad, that she didnt get anything for herself..

at karmarkar house.. sherish says he is happy that naren is back to normal and that the meeting went well.. rushali tells him that they almost had a major drama at the office..

they then FB to a scene where sherish n rushali are at a doc.. the doctor is telling them, that their son is a genius, but is stuck in some incident of his past.. and that there is a girl involved..rushali says she doesnt know any girl in his life.. the doc says maybe he met someone during his stay in UK.. rushali says, yes he had been to UK for an entrepreneurship course.. doc says he has met a girl there who has influenced him at lot.. but rushali says she just wants her son treated n back to normal..the doctor says there must be a lady who will have the same effect as ahana..

back to present, rushali says that for the first time, she heard naren call another girl.. Ahana.. she says that ankita is the solution to the problem.. she tells sherish.. that when ankita stood next to him, he was able to give the entire presentation wonderfully.. but sereesh protests n says why would ankita help naren, knowing his condition.. rushali gives a sly smile.. shereesh says how can she keep ankita in the dark.. rusahli says she needs her son to be fine..

ankita and the kids are putting rangoli at the entrance, and make plans for the next day.. just then rushali calls n tells ankita to attend the diwali party.. ankita says she wont be able to come.. but rushali gives her a strict order.. ankita then sadly tells the kids that she has to attend office party n all their plans cant happen..

Ruanak is drinking i his room, he decides to expose Naren’s crazy side in front of evrybody at the party n [rove that he only is the best..

Arjun is thinking to himself at home.. tani comes there n talks to him.. she asks him, what he is thinking.. he tells her, he is wondering if a friend of his will attend the party tomorrow..he tells her there was a misunderstanding with this friend many years back n now their relationship is gone sour.. tani says, that he had only told her that nothing is greater than friendship n that no misunderstandings can last so long.. she tells him that his friend will surely attend.. arjun smiles..

on the other side, archana and purvi talk to each other,archana tells purvi to attend the party and also to see pia.. and tells her how she looks and how they are.. purvi is reluctant but agrees..

next day ankita is searching for some good clothes to wear for the party.. just then the four of them come n tell her to wear the salwar siut they bought for her.. ankita is surprised to see them holding a brand new salwar suit.. sge asks them where they found so much money.. shonu says she had some in her piggy bank, pranav says he saved his lunch money, mansi says she had almost 300+ Rs n had saved from their monthly expenses.. prashu says he had saved up his salary to buy her a gift.. ankita is very touched..

soham is talking to his friend, and tells him that he is need of money and asks him to make arrangements.. his friend asks why he needs so much money.. soham thinks to himself that he wants to take his kids n move to a different town.. he is angry that ankita is working ion arjun’s company!

just then someone says that Ramesh Bhai has come.. soham’s friend says that its his lucky day, cos this ramesh is a very nice man n helps people in need.. they walk towards where he is.. sohams’s friend says that they can ask for some work also, esp working at a party.. where they’l be food and drink also.. then they talk to ramesh.. soham says he is ready to do anything..this ramesh says that there is a big party and they need men to work.. he asks soham if he knows english.. soham says yes! his friend teases him.. soham recalls the time when he used to talk to gauri in english.. ramesh then asks him to says a few lines quickly.. soham says ‘excuse me’ ‘how may i help u sir’.. ramesh says thats good enough.. his friend is shocked to hear him talk in english..

PRECAP:ankita comes to the party dressed in her new dress.. she tells rushali its a great party n asks if there is aome work for her.. rushali says, no work.. but asks her to go to Naren’s room n check if he is ready for the party…

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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