Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with… mittal telling evry1 that onir committed a mistake during the delivery n gave purvi’s baby to ovi, to cover up for his mistake.. mittal tells he wanted to keep it a secret but had to tell it today coz onir is hurling accusations at him… all r shocked… arjun is furious n questions onir , tells him to come out with d truth… evry1 is shocked with d revelation.. mittal insists.. but before onir cud say sumthing, manav says, that onir needn’t give any explaination… and every body supports onir including ovi, ajee.. arjun says, just coz onir has exposed mittal, he has cooked up this tale just shows how guilty he is.. mittal is pretty cool, he says, nevermind, onir mite be ur fav damaad, but i will prove this in court n then he’l see who is on onir’s side…

onir n purvi are worried..

at home punni is recollecting all the events.. she sees mittal keeping a cd in his cupboard.. she questions mittal why he had to create such a big scene at home n insult her fly members.. mittal tells her she is as stupid as her family.. he goes on to tell he doesn;t care what others think n he will expose onir.. punni tells him not to speak ill of her fly members, she then asks him, if he is behind the organ trafficking.. mittal is stunned.

mittal brushs it away, he says that rubbish.. she then mentions dr kundan n says looks like onir was rite.. mittal says he has no idea abt it, n tells her to mind her bussiness n leaves.. punni thinks to herself, that surely there is something to do with this scam n she will find out..

purvi n onir n totally worried, purvi wonders what proof might he have that he is ready to go to court? purvi says she shouldn’t have kept this frm the fly.. onir says that they had done this for ovi, n for a moment he was ready to tell every1 the truth, but when he saw that all at home are so supportive of him he had to keep mum.. they r worried of that proof that mittal has.. onir then tells purvi to be strong n keep the secret or else evry1 at home will breakdown with this revelation esp ovi for whom they had done all this..

ovi, arjun are in the car with savita ajee.. ajee assures ovi that mittal is bluffing n not to worry n that they completely trust onir.. even arjun says that mittal is just blaming onir to take d suspicion off him.. ovi says she feels ppl are trying to snatch her pari frm her,, but arjun assures her..on the other side manju n sulo ajee r arguing over mittal n onir.. ajee says if onir had made some mistake he would have accepted his fault n told every1..

jail scene.. varsha is released frm d jail, but she is very sad, the cops tell she must be happy..varsha says her fly wont accept her, but the cop says no her family will forgive her.. varsha recalls how sulo had yelled at her in d past n is skeptical if they will forgive her..

punni at home is recollecting how mittal reacted when she mentioned kundan’s name..ovi comes to meet punni… ovi says she has to keep her husband away frm her fly n stop this nonsense,.. punni says her coming here is proof enough as to what she thinks of mittal’s accusations.. she says which mother wud give away her baby.. why wud purvi do such a thing.. punni says, probably even purvi didn;t knw.. she also tells that purvi has br*ast fed the child, also how the child stopd crying when she with purvi.. ovi gets worried but tells punni that her baby is alive n with her, n its purvi’s child that has died.. punni tells whatever said n done.. mittal looks confident n has some proof against onir n will present it in court…

varsha is out frm jail n is wondering if her family will ever forgive her n take her back.. balan comes there, n taunts her that so long in jail n she still is the same.. varsha lashes at him, n says she has changed n she will never ever want to do anything with him.. he is the reason her sis archu is ina coma n son back in jail.. balan tells her not to forget what all he has done for her.. but varsha leaves.. balan says, her family will never take her back…

soham in jail is crying n recalling all that happened to archana, recalls the hospital scene with manav n with purvi , n is silently shedding tears..

PRECAP: onir is talking to mittal n says,yes indeed he has committed a mistake.. mittal says yes, yes go on.. tell me.. onir replies, the only mistake i have made is not complaining to cops immediately when he got to knw abt the scam.. punni is eavesdropping.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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