Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th June 2013 Written Update

It’s raining hard outside and Purvi, Arjun, Pari are in car. Arjun tells her there was a time when you used to love rain. They remember their flashback when they used to enjoy in the rain. Back to present, Purvi says things change with time and Pari will get cold too. Pari starts crying. Both try to calm her down and their hands touch each other. Arjun asks Purvi if he can… Purvi gives Pari to Arjun and he starts playing with her.

Arjun then asks Purvi if she found anything about Kinsukh and Shalini. Purvi says no. She then says in her mind, I found a lot.. and I wish I could you that everything is over for me. They reach Purvi’s house. Arjun asks her if he wants her to drop her to home, but Purvi says, I will go by myself. She stops and once car leaves, she wonders where to go this late with Pari. Purvi calls Gauri and asks her if she can stay in her house for couple of days. Gauri asks if anything happened with Onir. Purvi says, I will tell you everything later. Gauri happily says yes.

Sulo tells Soham, she made food of Soham’s choice, but Soham says he is not hungry. Archu comes there and says, I came to take Soham home. Soham is surprised. Sulo asks Archu if she asked Manav. Archu says, it’s Soham’s house as well, he can come there anytime.. he doesn’t need any permission. Varsha tries to justify, but Archu says, no need. I know Soham can do no wrong. She says, now Soham will stay with me in my house. Soham says, I won’t come. Archu says, please don’t say like that.. I waited for this day since long time.. it’s my dream that you come and stay with me. She requests him. Soham says, you don’t need to request me. He agrees now, but tells Archu, if that Manav deshmukh says anything.. Archu says, I will handle everything.. you just come home. Soham gives ahug to Varsha and takes blessings from Sulo before leaving.

Purvi tells Gauri about Onir having another wife. Gauri says, how can he do that? Was he just acting till now? Purvi says, I don’t know.. I just cannot believe this is same Onir whom I met to in Kolkata. Whom I used to take as my husband, is someone else’s husband. He was betraying me till now. Gauri says her to go to Archu’s house and tell her everything. Purvi says, I don’t want to give another shock to her. You know what happened other day. Purvi tells her, once I find a job, I will leave from here.

Everyone is worried at Manav’s house. Archu comes. Manav asks her where did you go? I am trying to call you since so long. Soham comes behind Archu and whole family is shocked. Archu asks Soham to come saying it’s his house. Archu tells Manav, I know I went against you and took this decision.. which is wrong.. but try to understand me. Manav leaves. Savita tells Archu, you shouldn’t have gone against Manav. Archu says, Soham has changed and everyone knows it, but doesn’t want to accept it. Today I am with you all because of Soham. I brought him here so I can change him. And more importantly, he wants to change and that is why he is here. She asks Savita, if Manav does anything wrong, would you leave him on his own? I want to give him a chance to change. I want my family to accept him because he’s son of this house. Savita says, I can understand your desperation and love for him, but I can’t support you. I can’t take gangster like him as my grandson. Savita and Sachu leave. Manav’s tells Archu, don’t pay attention to all this, if you think you are right, then keep fighting. In end you will win. And I am with you in this fight. Archu and Soham are happy. Teju does Soham’s arti and says, welcome home dad. Manav’s dad also welcomes him in.

Archu comes to Manav and holds his hand. She apologizes him. Manav asks, sorry for what? Archu says, I know you’re upset with me. Manav says, it’s not about being upset. You came out of the coma after 2 months.. you got a new life. In front of that happiness, other things don’t matter to me. Archu smiles. Manav continues, no matter how good we behave with Soham, he won’t change.. especially after what happened today. I was going to take some decision for soham’s case, but before that.. you brought him here. Soham is just not capable of being part of this family. Archu says, no one comes with such capability. Their parents make them capable. Soham needs his parents love and I want our family to be together. Manav says, okay.. he can stay here, but whenever I see him, I get very angry. And I can’t talk properly to him. That’s why I didn’t want him to come here. Archu says, I can understand you very well.. but it’s true that Soham has changed a lot.. he is not like before. And I believe Soham should have right on this house and family members, just like other children. Manav says, but no one has accepted him that well in this house. You saw how aai reacted and Sachin just doesn’t want to see his face. He has done very wrong with our family, so I don’t think anyone will accept him that easily. Archu says, I know he has made many mistakes, but he should get chance to correct those mistakes. We will give him that chance.. his parents. I want him to get one chance. I know aai, Sachin are angry with him, but Teju calls him dada and she has accepted him. Just like Teju, aai and Sachin will also accept him.

Archu says, we got separated because Soham went away from us.. and today he wants to come back to us. I want your support and if you are with me, then everything is possible. Manav says, I don’t want to talk about Soham anymore, but yes.. if you want to change him, then I will support you. And even after that, he doesn’t change.. then I will never accept him in whole life. Never. Manav leaves.

Precap: Archu comes to Onir’s house and Onir is shocked. Archu smiles. Onir doesn’t know what to say. He welcomes her in. And then Archu sees Shalini and is shocked

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