Pavitra Rishta 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 13th January 2014 Written Update

Soham’s house

Raunak comes with Kinri and Kinri’s parents to Mansi’s engagement . All of them are behaving in an extremely snooty manner .Kinri is constantly on her mobile and is talking to her friends .She tells her friends that she is annoyed that she had to come to this dirty chawl in her best attire .
Her mother is no less , she too keeps complaining .

Ankita and Naren greet them at the door .Kinri’s mother complains that she had t owalk a lot as the street was too narrow and their car would not fit there . Naren tells her that she needed the walk as she has put on weight

The Nadkarnis go to Shashank’s family .Ankita wants Shashank to be introduced to them but Kinri keeps talking on her phone .Naren claps loudly and that makes Kinri jump

and then put off her mobile .

Ankita brings Mansi from the room .Mansi is looking gorgeous in traditional wear . Shashank looks happy when he sees her .Another guy who looks mesmerised to see Mansi is Raunak .He goes to her and tells her ( in a quiet tone ) that she is looking very hot and he cannot take his eyes off her .
Raunak tells Mansi that she should start working in his company as his fianc Shashank is on low income and she would need the money .
Shashank comes to them and he tells Mansi that he has no problems with Mansi taking up a job in Naren’s company but as long as there is this one gross employer there ( he is clearly talking about Raunak ) who keeps giving the female staff a hard time , Mansi will not work in that company . Raunak is very angry and tells Shashank to be careful as to whay he is saying .
Shashank says that he is a journalist and knows very well about such social problems …
Shashank takes Mansi away from there leaving a fuming Raunak behind .

Soham gets thirsty and he wants to have some alcohol .He goes to the kitchen as he might have hidden some there. To his bad luck, Naren follows him to the kitchen …
Soham tries his best to tell Naren that he is in the kitchen for some food and drinks but Naren wants him to be out and talk to guests .
Finally Soham tells Naren that he wants some alcohol and if Naren can arrange some for him ..
Naren tells Soham off that he wants to drink when his daughter’s engagement is going on .Soham gives up and he himself goes in the main hall

Naren wants to serve drinks to guests .Ankita tells him not to do all this but he does not listen to her .He even makes her have a rink as she looks tired .She too makes him have some as he too has been working a lot .

Kinri and her parents decide to leave as they are feeling bored .They go to say good bye to Mansi and Shashank .Kinri leaves her mobile on a chair .
Pranav and Sonu find this mobile .They start playing games on this mobile .
When Kinri comes back to her chair she starts looking for her mobile but she can’t find it .She immediately goes to Ankita and complains that her expensive mobile has been stolen .
Kinri’s mother says that Mansi’s father must have stolen it .
Raunak too joins in and starts threatening the guests that he will only ask for the mobile once and if it is not returned then he will take serious action.
Raunak dials the number of Kinri’s mobile .
The phone starts ringing and to Ankita’s horror it is in Pranav’s pocket .
Ankita strictly asks Pranav what this phone is in his pocket .
Pranav and Sony say that they did not mean to steal it .They found the phone on the chair and were only playing games then all this fuss happened and they got scared and did not speak up .

Ankita gets embarrassed and this gives Kinri now a chance to humiliate her even more .Kinri just goes on and on as to how Ankita’s siblings would like to have an expensive phone like this and she will arrange on for them because they should not steal if they want something so bad .She says that one day these kids too will turn out like Soham .

Prashant cannot take this anymore as his tai is getting insulted .
He tells Kinri that she should not insult his sister as Ankita has taught her siblings how to live with self respect and she has given them good sanskaars . He says that their sanskars are much better than the ones found with some rich families .
Kinri’s mother takes this as a direct insult to her family .She tells off Ankita for inviting them to her house and then insulting them so bad .The Nadkarnis want to leave .Naren ( he was not in the room when all this happened ) comes in from the kitchen .He tries to stop them but they are being very haughty and just leave .

Thnakfully their pathetic behaviour does not stops anyone from having fun at the party .When they go , the engagement ceremony takes place .Shashank and Mansi exchange rings .
Naren now wants everyone to dance …
Ankita dances with her siblings and Naren dances with Soham …
Shashank makes Naren and Ankita dance together ( he even gives them a thumbs up ) .Naren makes Shashank and Mansi dance together .It is a very happy atmosphere and everyone is having a lot of fun .

Naren’s car .

Naren and Ankita are going back to their home after the engagement .Their driver ram Singh is driving .Ankita keeps looking at Naren .He notices this and tells her that he knows that she is in love with him now .He says that she must be in love with him as he is such a handsome looking fellow but as Ram Singh is in the car as well , she should check on the way she is staring at him …he says that once they go in their room they will look at each other as much as they want .
Naren tells Ram Singh not to look at them while driving and then Naren snuggles up to Ankita .
He puts his head on Ankita’s shoulder and tells her that again he felt the current . He tells her that he is tired .Ankita strokes his face and closes his eyes …

Precap :
Sunanda is screaming at Ankita that she humiliated the Nadkarnis .She demands an immediatel apology from Ankita on this .The Nadkarnis are there and from a distance .Naren too is watching this .
Ankita is quiet , she wants to speak but as always a very haughty Sunanda is not letting her ….

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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