Pavitra Rishta 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi picking Pari’s call. Pari asks, whether she met that man. Purvi says she has no other option, she has to meet him regarding work. Pari says she don’t want to hurt her or argument with her. She says sorry for her sayings and doings. She asks Purvi not to get effected by his words. She says we aren’t related to him anymore and says I don’t differences to come between us. Purvi says she will not let anything happen between them and says he doesn’t matter to her. Purvi says you are my life important part and I can’t hurt you. Arjun hears everything sadly. Purvi asks the driver to stop the car. Arjun says he will drop her at home. Purvi says she will go and says our ways are different. Arjun asks, why you came here. Purvi says she came to know about Soham dada. She says she don’t mixes her professional and personal lives. She gets down the car and starts walking on the road. Arjun is left sad.

Arjun tells Naren that he was talking to Mr. Bajaj and he wants him to do the presentation. He says he talked to Ankita about it. Naren says he likes Pune. Peon comes and gives hot water to Naren. Arjun says it is very hot, why you are drinking hot water. Naren says it is good for health and asks peon to get it for Arjun sir also. Naren says it is good for digestion and it will open vocal cord. Arjun thinks to talk to Rushaali. He tells Rushaali that it is unbelievable, how to take him. Rushaali says it is impossible for her. How we will handle him. She says she heard only Ahana’s name, she ruined Naren. She says she searched for that girl but didn’t find her. Arjun wonders what might have happened between them. Rushaali hopes that Naren gets fine.

Ankita looks at her tiffin box and thinks she brought this bottlegourd vegetable dish for sir but why he will eat from my tiffin. She thinks she will lose her job. Naren asks her to come to her cabin. Ankita comes and reads the file. Naren says something wants to be change in food. He asks, do you remember? Ankita says yes. Naren asks, what? Ankita is speechless. Naren says lauki lauki and asks her to bring bottlegourd curry. He calls the peon and asks him to get Ankita’s tiffin. He starts eating. Ankita starts reading. Naren asks for a change in the quotations. He says vegetable is good, and appreciates her cooking skill. Naren says he will eat lauki with tea. Ankita wonders why? He says it is strange but he likes it. He asks her to go. Ankita thinks he is very strange.

Raunaq meets his business associates and says that his brother is mad and he will attend a meeting today and will show his true ways. They believes him and thinks it is going to be dramatic. Raunaq says Mr. Arjun, your Naren will be out of business.

Purvi’s friend Sheetal tells her that she didn’t know that she is seperated from Arjun. Purvi says it is her life bitter truth. She says she has moved on and didn’t want to think about her past. She says she came for Soham dada and tells Sheetal to look for Soham at the place where Sheetal saw him.

Sheetal tells Purvi that she saw Soham here. Purvi recalls and says she came here before. She says Ankita too stays here. They asks the passerby about Soham. Sheetal says don’t be upset, we will find him. Ankita thanks Arjun to giving her bonus. Arjun asks her to be with Naren during the presentation. Ankita thanks him. He asks her to give the file to Naren. Ankita comes in his cabin and finds him rehearsing the presentation. Naren drinks water and asks Ankita to say hi to his best friend i.e, plant.

Ankita says Arjun sir gave this presentation file. Naren tells her that this plant is given to him by Ahana and since then we stays together. Naren comes for the presentation. Naren asks Ankita to sit as well. Rushaali asks him to start the presentation. Naren starts the presentation. He asks to start the projector. He gets afraid with projector light and ask to stop the car as Ahana is in it. Everyone stands up and looks shocked. Naren shouts to stop the car. He leaves the cabin and goes to other cabin.

He says I lost you Ahana. I told you not to walk on the road but you didn’t listen to me. Ankita comes and Naren says thank god, nothing happened to you. He says he can’t believe that she is alive. Ankita is shocked while the song sunraha huna main… plays in the BG. He hugs her. He tells about the blast. Rushaali says he is fine, take him to the meeting. Rushaali asks Ankita to convince him. Naren asks Ankita, whether she is with him. Ankita says clients are waiting for you. Naren says I am fine and says, if you are with me I can do anything. Ankita says yes, I will be with you.

Rushaali tells Shirish that they got that girl. Naren met many girls but didn’t react this way. He calls Ankita by Ahana’s name. She says she is sure that this girl is medicine for Naren’s illness and says she saw a glimpse of it.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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