Pavitra Rishta 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Teju hosting the sangeet ceremony of Pari and Shekhar and introduces them as the would be couple. She asks Mansi, her siblings, Gaurav, Pushti all kids to come on stage and dance. They dance on song Iski uski…. song. Shekhar says Pari that she is luck to have such a lovely family. Pari says she is marrying him to keep her family happy. Teju then asks Damodar to perforrm on stage. Damodar comes on stage and starts his speech by describing the meaning of marriage. He says there are two types of marriage, one is Archana and Manav’s and another is his and Savita. He critices/jokes about his marriage to Savita and recites poetry about Savita. Savita goes on stage and starts joking about Damodar and recites poetry about him. Teju consoles Savita and takes them back to their seats. Archana then asks Archana to say something about Pari on stage. Archana goes on stage and praises Pari in her own words. She says she did not realize when Pari grew up and prays god to give Pari happiness of whole world that she should not remember her Azoba and Aaji. Teju then asks Pari and Shekhar to come on stage. Pia thinks Pari is suffering with this marriage and should speak her heart out.

Pari and Shekhar come on stage and dance on song Love you sona… Ankita gets nauseous and runs to the bathroom. Ovi asks Ankita if she is okay. Ankita says she ate roadside food today, so she has stomach infection and sayss she will go home now. She goes to doctor. Doctor checks her report and informs that she is pregnant. Ankita gets happy and thanks doctor. Doctor asks her to take care of her health and asks her to bring Naren so that she can inform about precautions, etc.

Pari goes into flashback about the time spent with Naren/Aman. Archana asks her if she is fine. Pari says she is fine. Archana says with marriage, one gets tired easily. She says we are with you, but Shekhar is alone except Ankita. She asks why did Ankita leave the hall so early. Ovi informs that she had stomach upset, so went home early. Archana says she will call her and check. Ovi asks her to call her in the morning as it is already midnight.

Kinnari talks to her phone and informs about Sunanda getting injured and Ankita going out for her friend’s marriage. Ankita comes and hugs her from behind happily. She says she is very happy today. She goes to her room and speaks to Naren’s pic happily. She says she wants to convey him a big news. She just then gets Naren’s call who asks her if she is missing him. She says how does he know. He says even he is missing her and heard her voice there. He asks why is she missing him so much. She says that she wants him to come back soon and attend marriage with her. He says he will come tomorrow morning. She asks about Sunanda. Naren says she is fine now and he will take care of her. Ankita says she wants to convey him a news. He insists her to inform, but she says she will tell him personally. They both say I love you to each other and cuts the call. Rushali comes there and asks Naren to come with her to Sunanda’s room. He says Ahana/Ankita wants to tell me something. She asks him to go and check and she will talk to Ahana later. She thinks Ankita has made her son a puppet.
Pari is on bed and remembers Ankita’s words of letter her meet her husband Naren karmakar. She gets up from bed and takes Aman’s gifts and then says she will destroy Aman from her memory as she hates him a lot.


Ankita informs about her pregnancy to Naren who gets happy. Naren then looks at Pari and goes into flashba.

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  1. Oh God !! Naren will leave Ankita for sure….just like Purvi and Ovi with Arjun

  2. like i said all zee soaps gone tru

  3. pari goes to die in upcoming episode

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