Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with courier boy handing over reports to Archana instead of Ankita. Archana reads that reports is of Ankita, she comes to Ankita’s house and gives it to her. Shashank takes the report and checks that Ankita is pregnant. Shashank congratulates Ankita and asks why did not she inform them about it. Ankita says Naren does not even recognize and accept her, then how can she inform about her pregnancy to everyone and says when Naren starts accepting and loving her, she will inform it to everyone. She asks Shashank to promise her not to inform it to anyone. Shashank promises.

Mansi sees Ankita tensed and asks her why does she work so much and get tensed. Ankita says she has to work anyhow. Ankita gets nausea. Mansi says let us go to doctor. Ankita says she ate pani puri today, so she is feeling nauseated. Mansi says she will have to take an extra tiffin from tomorrow and not eat outside food. Ankita agrees.

Rushali and Sirish are on the breakfast table. Pari comes and meets them. She informs that she and Naren are going to Poona today. Rushali says they should enjoy like this before marriage and asks Pari to go up and help Naren in packing. She says Sirish that once Naren comes back, he will ask him to marry PAri soon.

Naren and Pari are in a car. Naren gets busy with his laptop. His laptop hard disk crashes, so he calls Ankita and asks her to come with the business data to poona in another car. Ankita says she will reach poona. Pari gets angry on Ankita. Naren asks her not to feel insecure and to believe in Ankita. He says her I love you and hugs her.

Ankita packs her clothes to go to Poona. Mansi asks Ankita to rest and send pendrive via courier. Ankita says she has to go personally. Mansi asks her to send Prashanth instead. Ankita says Prashanth will not come soon from his college. Mansi agrees to let Ankita go and asks her not to eat street side food.

Shashank comes home and gives doctors prescription and tablets to Mansi and asks about Ankita. Mansi says she has gone to Poona. Shashank says it is not good for her to travel as she is not well.

Ankita joins Naren and Pari. Naren says it is good she came with pendrive, else he would not have handled the meeting. Pari gets angry and asks driver to switch on music. Tum ho paas mere… song plays. PAri says it is their favourite song and hugs Naren. Ankita remembers Naren hugging her on this song.

Mansi checks Ankita’s cupboard and is shocked to see that Ankita is pregnant. She tries to call Ankita, but her phone is out of reach. She remembers Ankita vomiting and thinks it was her pregnancy and not food poisoning.

Naren, Pari and Ankita finish business meeting and start traveling back home. Naren praises Ankita for her presence of mind during meeting and says she handled meeting well. He says today it was like a vacation and he liked the food, especially lauki sabji. Pari says he did not like lauki sabji before. Naren he did not, but started like after Ankita prepared it, in fact his chef wanted to learn from it. Their car stops in the middle of road. Naren asks driver why he stopped the car. Driver says car broke down and asks them to check nearby village until he repairs car. All three start walking and see a hut. Naren remembers that he had come to this hut before. Manzilen ruswa hai…. song plays in the background. Pari and Naren go into hut to check it while Ankita waits outside. Pari hugs Naren romantically. Naren says hope their car breaks down again there, this place is even better than 5 star hotel.

Precap: Rushali comes to Archana’s house with Naren alliance for Pari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. update really quickly

  2. hate u pari………..

  3. Wen dis serial wil hav an end

  4. Hey where R Arjun & purvi

  5. Now getting bored with”Pavitr Rishta” end this show fast

  6. i hate u pari i need ankita and naren jodi back on screen

  7. plz dnt drag dis shw anymre. m tired f dis shw. nthngs lft 2 shw nw. mk naren realise his luv 4 ankita n mk pari get married 2 shekhar. unite d luvers n end d shw.

  8. Its really amazing at how redundant Ekta Kapoor has become Such a shame to do this. What has happen to our culture, values and respect. Since when did it became okay to marry umpteen times to different people? Pari is proving to be exactly like her aunt. People do get carried away when in love but Pari should remember that Ankita is the only wife of Naren and she has been pure in every way unlike Pari who started out lieing.

  9. pari should just rest her ugly stupid self and go and find another man and leave naren for ankita this series is beyound stupid just like the director and producer ekta u should go and find a man cause like u like to break up couples lives u b*t*h

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