Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 12th June 2013 Written Update

Purvi and Onir’s house
Purvi wants to know the truth about Onir and Shalini’s relationship .Onir gets angry with her that she is suspecting him of an affair .He tells her that she is the one who brought Shalini to their house otherwise he did nto know her at all.
Purvi is not convinced , she is crying and very angry with Onir .She tells Onir that she heard him talk to Shalini and wants him to tell her the truth .
Purvi puts Onir’s hand on Pari and tells him to tell the truth now , gives him Pari’s kassam .
Onir cannot lie anymore and he tells Purvi that before marrying Purvi, he was married to Shalini .
Purvi falls down with grief and is crying a lot .
Onir admits that he has been very unfair to her .
Purvi keeps crying and she tells

him that today she is glad that she never got close to Onir even though he is her husband because Onir has broken her trust .She tells him that she trusted him more than anyone in the world but today their relationship has been totally shattered by his betrayal .
She tells Onir to leave the hosue immediately and when he tries to console her she tells him never to touch her .
Onir leaves quietly .
Purvi hugs Pari and she cries for her mother .She says that she really needs her mother but cannot even go to her and today everything is over for her …

She keeps crying that she needs her mother very bad right now …

Karanjkar House
Soham is in a bad mood .He is angry with Varsha that she went to talk to Manav .He says that Manav is a kind of person who has no respect or value for his relationships …
Sulochna comes in the room .She is shocked to hear Soham talk this way about his father .
Soham apologises for using strong words but then he tells Sulochna all about what happened in the Deshmukh chawl and how Manav and sSchin behaved with him .
Soham says that Archana is his mother but Manav can never be his father .
He says that he was decorating the place for his mother but Manav just believed Sachin and insulted him by calling him a Gunda .No matter how hard he tries , Manav will always misunderstand him .Sulochna tries to talk to him and tell him that one day manav will see good in him but Soham says that he is not interested in Manav and all he needs is his Mai ( Varsha ) and his Aie ( Archana’s ) love .
Soham leaves in an angry mood .Sulochna is feeling helpless. She says that she keeps praying to God to send someone who will help father and son ‘s relationship to get better .
Varsha says that she is here …Archana is now going to improve this relationship between Manav and Soham …

Outside Deshmukh Chawl
Manav’s car comes in the compound .Manav and Archana come out of the car .There are lots of ladies there who are welcoming Archana back .Archu is looking lovely in the green saree that was gifted to her by Manav . She happily looks at the Chawl that was decorated with flowers to welcome her .Manav holds her hand and takes her to their home , he is also looking very happy today .

Outside Onir’s house
Purvi is walking out of this house .She I holding Pari and has a small bag with her .Onir tries to stop her but she refuses to stay .she says that this home is not hers and he should bring the rightful owner of the house ( Shalini ) back to his house . She says that she is not going to live with a stranger ( Onir ) . Onir is worried about Pari and he asks Purvi where she will go with thislittle baby as she cannot go back to her Aaji’s house , neither can she go back to her mother’s place .
Purvi answers back that their fate will guide them .She tells Onir that if he ever respected her then he should let her go ..
Onir watches helplessly as Purvi walks away alone with the baby .

Manav and Archana are walking towards their home .Manav tells Archana that because of her coming back , everything about his home looks different .Archana says that now they are going to start their life all over again ..
She looks in her house from outside .
Sachin and Teju are decorating the house and Savita is cooking .

Teju and Savita do a little pooja and then Archana enters her home . Archu takes ashirwaad from her in laws .Savita says that this home has come alive again now that Archana is back .
Teju has made kandapoha for Archana and Savita has made bhajias …Archana eats the kandapoha first and tells teju that is is delicious .
Archaan then tells Manav that the whole family is here except for …
Manav thinks that she is talking about Ovi but Archana says that not just Ovi, even Soham is not here and she wants them to go and bring him to live in his home with them .
Manav tries to evade the topic but Archana keeps saying that they must go and get Soham .
Manav then tells Archanathat Soham is not allowed to come to this house .

Archana cannot believe what Manav said .
She wants to know why Soham cannot come to this house as he too is a son of this house just like Sachin …She is confused because she thought that Manav had accepted him but now knows that Manav was putting up an act .
Manav says that he is not going to give any rights of a son to Soham ..
Archana is not accepting this at all and she is talking back to manav and wants to know why he is doing this .
Manav gets angry and tells Archana that Soham is a Gunda and will always stay like that only .

In a restaurant
Purvi is sitting in a restaurant with Pari and having tea .She is very disturbed as she is thinking about all that happened between her and Onir .
Arjun too is in the same restaurant as he had some business meeting with someone .He sees Purvi and comes to her .He is happy to see Pari and takes little Pari in his arms .He asks Purvi what she is doing here .Purvi says that she has come to see a friend ( does not tell him the truth ) .
Arjun offers to drop Purvi back home as it is raining and baby Pari is with her ..
Purvi has no choice but to agree …

The Deshmukh House
It is late at night and Archana is sitting alone in the lounge .Damodar comes in and he gives her a Ganpati murti as a gift .Archana who was feeling down , feels happy to see Ganpati bappa .Damoda says that he has give her this Ganpati because Archana is going to start a new phase in her life and everything will be all right in her life .
Archaan is feeling very desperate as she wanted to bring Soham back I nthe family but she just could not do anything . She says that both Manav and Soham are strong individuals and have their own thinking process .She just do not know how to resolve this issue .
damodar says that if she wants then she will make this happen as well, just follow the path that Ganpati Bappa will show her …

Precap :
Archana is in the Karanjkar house .She says that she has come to take Soham home .Varsha and Sulochna are very happy but Soham is shocked and he cannot believe her .
Sulochna asks Archana if Manav is OK about this as well…Soham too wants to know the answer to this question .

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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